October 24, 2018

The custom cabinet door styles you choose will make a big impact on your kitchen or bath and the look you want for years to come. From traditional to contemporary, there’s a cabinet door style to suit any design. There are many custom cabinet door designs to choose from: traditional raised and recessed panels, shaker recess panel, contemporary slab designs are just some of the more popular cabinet door styles. With numerous cabinet door styles, edge profiles, stains and paints to choose from you'll be able to customize your kitchen or bath.

    Natural wood species such as maple, cherry or red oak that show a wood grain is a frequent choice. Stains are usually dark, so as to be more resistant to showing damage and wear but paint options are becoming more popular. Inset recessed doors, where you’ll see the frame around doors and the doors are set flush with the frame, are also very popular in traditional cabinet styles.

      replacement raised panel kitchen cabinet doors

      white raised panel kitchen cabinet doors


        Shaker cabinet doors designs offer the ultimate in flexibility. This classic collection pays tribute to basic styling with clean lines and square corners lending itself to nearly any décor. Shaker cabinet door styles feature simple, clean lines and functional design. This door style features recess or flat paneled cabinet doors in natural wood species like hard maple, paint grade hard maple, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) - which are great options for painting - and popular paint finishes like white or gray. Shaker kitchen cabinet doors are a popular trend in today’s kitchens because of the classic and casual look they lend to any kitchen style, from transitional to contemporary.


        replacement shaker kitchen cabinet doors

        custom made shaker kitchen cabinet doors



        Simple and stylish, with clean lines and minimal detail, Contemporary or Slab cabinet doors can be crafted from solid wood, veneers or foils. These are known for modern design and cost effective solutions. Slab cabinet doors often go hand-in-hand with contemporary design, but they can come with an even more modern look. This custom cabinet door style is characterized by its simple design and low-maintenance appeal. Slab cabinet doors are relatively inexpensive to make since they require less material and labor, and they’re easy to clean since there are no nooks, crannies or corners for spills or dust to collect. Contemporary cabinets generally feature flat surfaces, minimal ornamentation and simple hardware, giving your kitchen a clean look. 

        custom made slab kitchen cabinet doors

        custom made slab kitchen cabinet doors

        There are some other cabinet door styles that might fit your design as well including Country, Rustic, Craftsman and Glass Front designs.

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        Whatever suits your taste you should be able to find the right combination of cabinet door styles, wood species, stains or paints, and other accessories to make your dream kitchen or bath!

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