June 21, 2018

An engineered wood product made of broken down wood fibers, wax and resin, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) was originally introduced as an alternative to solid wood products in the 1980's. Unlike hardwood and softwood, MDF resists the natural expansion and contraction from changes in humidity, weather, and temperature. Since it is resistant to these fluctuations, it is less likely to become distorted, warped or bow over time. The reliability in the production of MDF results in a dependably smooth and blemish free surface that allows for uniform paint and adhesive absorption across all Cabinet Doors or Drawer Fronts.

replacement MDF cabinet doors and drawer fronts

Not only is MDF strong, expansion and contraction resistant and can eliminate the problem of poor consistency and defects, but it is becoming increasingly environmentally responsible. The interest in MDF products sees no sign of slowing down, and what started as a trend looks like it is here to stay. With advances in environmental sustainability, higher quality and faster production methods and new styles and combinations, we can’t wait to see what the future of this brings. 

What is MDF?

MDF (Medium density fiberboard) is a type of man-made wood product that is created by breaking woods down into fibers, mixing wood pulp with resin, and then using high temperatures and pressure to compress and bake the fibers into a strong, new panel.

replacement mdf cabinet doors

replacement mdf cabinet components

When and Why do we use MDF?

MDF is chosen for durability, affordability, appearance, or any combination of the three. The stability of MDF has a significant advantage especially in kitchens and baths, which commonly endure dramatic and swift changes to temperature and humidity.

custom made mdf cabinet doors

MDF is a perfect option if you want to paint your replacement cabinet doors or drawer fronts. Painting cabinet doors or drawer fronts gives you an endless palette of colors to choose from. Unfinished MDF Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts come in a array of different styles including traditional raised square and recess panel, a more modern and cleaner shaker style and a contemporary slab design.
replacement MDF Cabinet Doors   MDF Replacement Cabinet Drawer Fronts
Where MDF truly shines and appeals is in solid colors, most notably white which is the hottest color still after all of these years. While natural wood grain affects the absorption of colors and cause an uneven look or fades over time, MDF’s uniform texture and finish makes it not only a sturdy base, but also an even canvas. For classic looks such as a white kitchen or bath, a MDF cabinet door with a painted finish or rigid thermofoil surface can not only get you the look you’re going for, but is also a better value.  
White Rigid Thermofoil Components:
White RTF Replacement Cabinet Doors   White RTF Replacement Cabinet Drawer Fronts
Painted MDF Cabinet Components:
MDF cabinet doors and drawer fronts     MDF cabinet doors and drawer fronts


So whether your priority is appearance, strength, cost or durability, MDF is a great option to consider for remodeling your kitchen or bath. Check out Cabinet Doors 'N' More's wide range or MDF or RTF  Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts.

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