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Replacement Solid Wood Drawer Boxes

Replacement Solid Wood Drawer Boxes

Choose a drawer box height to get started:

Our drawer boxes are the perfect complement for any cabinet remodel, replacing the "builder-grade" particle board or plywood boxes standard to most installed cabinets with drawers made from solid wood. We use beautiful birch wood sourced from sustainable suppliers, chosen for its natural resistance to scratches, dents and wear. Strong and durable dovetail construction and 1/4" encapsulated plywood bottom panel provides each drawer box a lasting and reliable product.  

At Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we manufacture replacement drawers built for decades of use. Our birch boxes are excellent for replacing damaged and worn drawers or giving your space a complete upgrade. We produce and ship most orders, from a single item to a bulk request, within 10 business days. Note: If ordering just drawer boxes, we can ship those in 7 business days!


Birch wood is a hardwood that is extremely strong and durable. This hardwood is dense and durable, suited for the hard use of high traffic kitchen cabinets. Birch is also attractive, with an elegant grain pattern lending a clean appearance to any set of cabinetry. Our birch boxes ship with a clear coat applied, protecting the wood from moisture, UV rays and surface damage while enhancing the wood grain. 

We source our birch wood from sustainable suppliers committed to eco-conscious harvesting techniques, ensuring healthy forests and quality lumber supplies for years to come. 


replacement cabinet drawer box


    • 5/8" natural, solid birch
    • All drawer boxes are shipped assembled - no extra charge
    • Classic dovetail construction for long term durability 
    • 1/4" plywood veneer bottom panel for added strength
    • Entire drawer box finished with clear UV finish
    • Height: Minimum 2" - Maximum 12"
      • Available in 1/2" increments
    • Width: Minimum 3" - Maximum 46"
      • Available in 1/16" increments
    • Depth: Minimum 3" - Maximum 31"
      • Available in 1/16" increments
    • Drawer box options available:
      • 1 3/8" notch & bore for undermount glides (min. width - 6")
      • Scoop hand pull for front of drawer box (min. width - 8")
    • Note: CDNM does not sell drawer glides 


      Solid wood drawer boxes are supremely versatile and perfect for upgrading kitchens, baths or virtually any interior space. If you have existing cabinets in place, consider upgrading your current drawers with solid birch wood replacement drawers. Birch drawers are thicker, stronger and more attractive than plywood drawers or particle board drawers that are laminated with a thin piece of colored laminated paper. They look fantastic against any backdrop, from a traditional home setting to a modern luxury apartment. Our cabinet drawers are perfect for:


      • Replacements: If you have worn, damaged or missing drawer boxes, replace them with new ones made to your exact dimensions.
      • Renovations: Upgrade from plywood or particle board during your renovation and enjoy stronger, thicker drawers with improved functionality and a better look.
      • Remodels: Remodel a single set of cabinets anywhere in the home, or place a bulk order for remodeling kitchens and or baths for an entire apartment building.


      When made to the right dimensions, your replacement kitchen drawer box will insert into your cabinetry for smooth operation and a snug fit. We make measuring easy whether you have an existing drawer box size you need to replace or by measuring for a new drawer box by measuring the opening. To ensure you measure your replacement drawers correctly, check out our tips for measuring drawer boxes and for step-by-step instructions on how to place your order. All we need is the height, width and depth! As always, be sure to measure twice! 


      Get all the cabinet refacing products you need fast with our streamlined ordering process. Once received, our factories get to work producing your drawer boxes to your specifications, down to 1/2" heights and 1/16"  for widths and depths. We manufacture drawer boxes from 2 inches up to 12 inches in height in 1/2" increments, can make them up to 46 inches wide and 31 inches deep. All are made from 5/8" solid birch sides, dovetail construction for lasting durability and a 1/4-inch encapsulated plywood veneer bottom panel for added strength.

      • Enter your height: Use the scroll down menu to select a height for your drawer boxes.
      • Enter width and depth: Selecting a height opens the options to enter width and depth. 
      • Enter your quantity: Entering an amount calculates your base order cost and delivered cost in real-time. 
      • Customize your order: Check the options you'd like to add and proceed to checkout. 

      Prepare your cabinet drawer kit for installation for undermount glides with the notch and bore option, or install a scoop hand pull using our customization options. For ordering multiple drawer boxes in different sizes, please repeat the steps from the beginning. Once we've received your order, we produce your boxes fast, with most orders shipping within 10 business days. 


      Find the exact size drawer you are looking for with high-quality drawer boxes made to measure from Cabinet Doors 'N' More. When you order from us, you're receiving a product manufactured with skilled craftsmanship right here in the U.S. Our solid wood drawers ship assembled with a clear coat applied, ready for installation right out of the packaging. 

      All orders ship for free to your home or business. If you're a contractor, send your order right to the job site and save time and money transporting materials. Whether you need a single drawer or enough to remodel the kitchens, baths and living spaces for dozens of apartment units, you can count on the same high level of quality in every item we manufacture. Bulk orders of $750 or more are eligible for 10% off and automatically taken off at checkout.

      If you're ready to place an order with Cabinet Doors 'N' More, but need or would like some help or have a question about our products, please call 844-915-1150 or contact us today!


      Price for this product

      • 2" $0.58 per square foot
      • 2.5" $0.58 per square foot
      • 3" $0.58 per square foot
      • 3.5" $0.60 per square foot
      • 4" $0.60 per square foot
      • 4.5" $0.63 per square foot
      • 5" $0.63 per square foot
      • 5.5" $0.63 per square foot
      • 6" $0.63 per square foot
      • 6.5" $0.65 per square foot
      • 7" $0.65 per square foot
      • 7.5" $0.58 per square foot
      • 8" $0.65 per square foot
      • 8.5" $0.67 per square foot
      • 9" $0.67 per square foot
      • 9.5" $0.67 per square foot
      • 10" $0.67 per square foot
      • 10.5" $0.73 per square foot
      • 11" $0.73 per square foot
      • 11.5" $0.73 per square foot
      • 12" $0.73 per square foot


      Ask a Question
      • Do the drawer boxes have a clear coat finish?

        Yes; All drawer boxes comes with a clear coat UV finish.

      • What if the height of my drawer box is 3 and 3/4 should I order 3 and 1/2 height

        You're exactly right...our drawer boxes come in 1/2" increments so you always measure down to the closest 1/2"

        CDNM Customer Support


        No;  Our cabinet Drawer Boxes heights come in 1/2" increments so we could do 2" or 2/1/2". We always round down so our recommendation would be to go with 2" height. CDNM Customer Support

      • I may wish to cut a taper in the sides (and have the front be lower than the back) for a rollout drawer. Would it be possible to have the drawers shipped unassembled so that I could more easily modify them?

        All of our drawer boxes are shipped assembled.    

      • Is the notch you do for Blum undercount glides and if so,do you offer the glides as well? Also, do you offer any glides to use your boxes as pullouts that are affixed to shelves of cabinet bottoms?

        Yes...We recommend using the Blum model number 563h for our cabinet Drawer Boxes. We do not sell any side mount or undermount drawer glides at this time.
        CDNM Customer Support

      • I am building some cabinets for use in a woodworking & automotive shop, is the 1/4" bottom panel adequate? Is there a less expensive material for the sides considering the use?

        The 1/4" plywood veneer bottom on our Drawer Boxes should be more than adequate for your needs...the bottom panel is dadoed or "captured" into all 4 sides of the drawer box for added strength. Cabinet Doors 'N' More only offers one type of drawer box material at this time...solid birch. 
        We hope this helps

        CDNM Customer Support


        Yes, We take non-commercial orders. The majority of our orders are for retail customers who are looking to replace Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts and Drawer Boxes. We have no order minimums so you can order 1 piece at a time and all of our order ship for free in 10 business days.
        CDNM Customer Support

      • Your drawer measuring instructions only mention side mount hardware. Is it correct to only deduct 3/8" from opening width if using Blum 563h ?


        That is correct if using the Blum563h undermount drawer glides for our cabinet Drawer Boxes.
        Opening Width - Deduct 3/8" from the opening width
        Opening Height - Deduct 3/4" from the opening height then round down to the closest 1/2"

        CDNM Customer Support

      • How quickly will my replacement drawer box ship?

        All of our orders, including Drawer Boxes, will ship in 10 business days (14 calendar days).

        CDNM Customer Support