Replacement Solid Wood Drawer Boxes

Replacement Solid Wood Drawer Boxes

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When you're refacing your cabinetry, drawer boxes are a vital aspect of a revamped cabinet system. At Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we simplify your cabinet system remodel with our dovetail drawer boxes. With customizable sizes, durable construction and additional product options, you can make your drawers fit your current system in no time.


replacement cabinet drawer box


    • 5/8" natural, solid birch
    • All drawer boxes are shipped assembled - no extra charge
    • Classic dovetail construction for long term durability 
    • 1/4" plywood veneer bottom panel for added strength
    • Entire drawer box finished with clear UV finish
    • Height: Minimum 2" - Maximum 12"
      • Available in 1/2" increments
    • Width: Minimum 3" - Maximum 46"
      • Available in 1/16" increments
    • Depth: Minimum 3" - Maximum 31"
      • Available in 1/16" increments
    • Drawer box options available:
      • 1 3/8" notch & bore for undermount glides (min. width - 6")
      • Scoop hand pull for front of drawer box (min. width - 8")
    • Note: CDNM does not sell drawer glides 


      Our solid birch dovetail drawer boxes offer durability and customization for your cabinet system remodel. The dovetail construction, paired with the solid birch wood, provides strength for lasting use. A plywood veneer bottom ensures your drawer can handle heavy items, and the clear UV coat keeps the wood from fading over time.

      If you're interested in a dovetail drawer, you have two additional construction options — a scoop hand pull and a notch and bore for undermount glides. The scoop hand pull keeps the box's sleek profile and eliminates the need for a drawer front or additional hardware. With the notch and bore option, you can conceal your drawer slides under the box.

      Manufactured in the USA, these custom cabinet drawer boxes ship to you fully assembled at no extra cost. Trim down your remodeling time with completed drawer boxes and install slides, fronts and hardware as needed. We also recognize the need for customization when it comes to size. With a wide range of height in 1/2" increments, width and depth options up to 1/16" increments, you can order the exact dimensions you need.


      You deserve well-constructed, customizable drawer boxes for your cabinet system remodel. With Cabinet Doors 'N' More, you get the durability and accuracy you need for your refacing project. 

      Find the dovetail drawer boxes that fit your cabinetry and enjoy fast turnaround times and free shipping with every order. Plus, when you spend $750 or more, we'll give you 10% off. You can place your order online or over the phone. If you have any questions about our custom cabinet drawer boxes, get in touch with us today.


      Price for this product

      • 2" $0.58 per square foot
      • 2.5" $0.58 per square foot
      • 3" $0.58 per square foot
      • 3.5" $0.60 per square foot
      • 4" $0.60 per square foot
      • 4.5" $0.63 per square foot
      • 5" $0.63 per square foot
      • 5.5" $0.63 per square foot
      • 6" $0.63 per square foot
      • 6.5" $0.65 per square foot
      • 7" $0.65 per square foot
      • 7.5" $0.58 per square foot
      • 8" $0.65 per square foot
      • 8.5" $0.67 per square foot
      • 9" $0.67 per square foot
      • 9.5" $0.67 per square foot
      • 10" $0.67 per square foot
      • 10.5" $0.73 per square foot
      • 11" $0.73 per square foot
      • 11.5" $0.73 per square foot
      • 12" $0.73 per square foot


      Ask a Question
      • I currently have old school glides on my box. Will doing the Blum undermount chance the width I would need?

        Here is some information from our site on how to measure for undermount glides:


        CDNM Customer Support

      • What is typical delivery time on an order

        Most orders ship in 10 business days.

        Depending on where you live it would take 1-4 days to arrive via Fedex Ground.

        We hope this helps

        CDNM Customer Support

      • Do the drawer boxes have a clear coat finish?

        Yes; All drawer boxes comes with a clear coat UV finish.

      • What if the height of my drawer box is 3 and 3/4 should I order 3 and 1/2 height

        You're exactly right...our drawer boxes come in 1/2" increments so you always measure down to the closest 1/2"

        CDNM Customer Support


        No;  Our cabinet Drawer Boxes heights come in 1/2" increments so we could do 2" or 2/1/2". We always round down so our recommendation would be to go with 2" height. CDNM Customer Support

      • I may wish to cut a taper in the sides (and have the front be lower than the back) for a rollout drawer. Would it be possible to have the drawers shipped unassembled so that I could more easily modify them?

        All of our drawer boxes are shipped assembled.    

      • Is the notch you do for Blum undercount glides and if so,do you offer the glides as well? Also, do you offer any glides to use your boxes as pullouts that are affixed to shelves of cabinet bottoms?

        Yes...We recommend using the Blum model number 563h for our cabinet Drawer Boxes. We do not sell any side mount or undermount drawer glides at this time.
        CDNM Customer Support

      • I am building some cabinets for use in a woodworking & automotive shop, is the 1/4" bottom panel adequate? Is there a less expensive material for the sides considering the use?

        The 1/4" plywood veneer bottom on our Drawer Boxes should be more than adequate for your needs...the bottom panel is dadoed or "captured" into all 4 sides of the drawer box for added strength. Cabinet Doors 'N' More only offers one type of drawer box material at this time...solid birch. 
        We hope this helps

        CDNM Customer Support


        Yes, We take non-commercial orders. The majority of our orders are for retail customers who are looking to replace Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts and Drawer Boxes. We have no order minimums so you can order 1 piece at a time and all of our order ship for free in 10 business days.
        CDNM Customer Support

      • Your drawer measuring instructions only mention side mount hardware. Is it correct to only deduct 3/8" from opening width if using Blum 563h ?


        That is correct if using the Blum563h undermount drawer glides for our cabinet Drawer Boxes.
        Opening Width - Deduct 3/8" from the opening width
        Opening Height - Deduct 3/4" from the opening height then round down to the closest 1/2"

        CDNM Customer Support

      • How quickly will my replacement drawer box ship?

        All of our orders, including Drawer Boxes, will ship in 10 business days (14 calendar days).

        CDNM Customer Support