How To Measure and Order Drawer Boxes

How To Measure Drawer Boxes

To start, we are going to need the height, width and depth of the drawer box.

Remove your Drawer Boxes first to make measuring easier. If you want to replace the exact same size drawer box and plan on using your existing drawer glides, we need you to measure the outside dimensions of the drawer box (height, width and depth). Only measure the drawer box dimensions and do not add the dimension of the drawer front or drawer glides.

You'll need to measure to the nearest 1/16" for both width and depth and 1/2" for the height of the Drawer Boxes.

How to measure for replacement cabinet drawer boxes

If you do not know the exact dimensions or need a new drawer box, the following steps will help you through the process of measuring properly for your order. Remember, always measure twice to make sure your measurements are correct.

  1. Measure the cabinet opening width (inside frame to frame) and subtract 1” from the width of cabinet frame opening.Typical side mount drawer glides take up 1/2" on each side of the drawer box. You may need to subtract more depending on the glides you choose.
  2. Measure the cabinet opening height (inside frame to frame) and subtract at least 1/2” from the opening height. If your measurement comes to 3 3/4" then you need to round down to a 3/12" drawer box (We offer all drawer boxes in 1/2" increments from 2" to 12" height. 
  3. Measure the depth of your cabinet, being certain to check for obstructions like water or gas pipes. Typical kitchen base cabinet depth is 24”.

How to measure for replacement cabinet drawer boxes


replacement cabinet drawer box dimensions

Drawer Box Options:

Scoop Hand Pull

scoop hand pull for cabinet drawer boxes

  • Minimum box width allowed is 8”
  • Hand pull is 5-1/4” wide and 11/16” deep, centered on front of drawer box.

Notch and Bore for Undermount Glides

notch and bore for undermount cabinet drawer boxesnotch and bore for cabinet drawer boxes

  • Minimum box width allowed is 6”
  • If you plan on ordering undermount glides (CDNM does not sell) for your new Drawer Boxes, we recommend using the Blum 563h model. When measuring for this undermount glide please account for the following:
    • Opening Width - Deduct 3/8" from opening width.
    • Opening Height - Deduct 3/4" from the opening height then round down to the closest 1/2".


  • After measuring for your replacement cabinet drawer box, select the height. Drawer boxes are available in heights from 2" - 12" in 1/2" increments. 
  • Enter your measurements:
    • Enter Width  (example: 15 & 1/2" (increment chart will pull down once you click space)
    • Enter Height  (example: 24 & 3/4" (increment chart will pull down once you click space)
  • You will see a base cost for drawer box measurements you provided.
  • Enter your quantity.
  • Select your options: notch and bore for undermount glides or scoop hand pull.
  • Add to Cart.
  • If you want to add more components click on continue shopping. If done, hit checkout.
  • Type in your personal and shipping information, review your order one last time and pay.
  • Once completed, you will receive a confirming email from CDNM.
  • Your order will ship in 10 business days (will normally take 1-4 days from to shipment to arrival). 


    If you have any questions about ordering any components, please call us at 844-915-1150 or email us at