Shaker Replacement Cabinet Doors

Shaker doors are popular across the market, offering a versatile and elegant design option to match your preferences. Investing in this classic cabinet door design lets you update the entire look of your bathroom, kitchen or other room without replacing the whole cabinetry. 

Shaker doors feature clean lines, recessed square center panels and un-beveled rails that can enhance traditional and modern home aesthetics. With a long heritage of simple elegance and reliability, this timeless American furniture style could be the ideal complement for your renovation or replacement project. Explore how offerings from Cabinet Doors ‘N’ More can fit what you're envisioning.

Shaker Cabinet Door Designs:

Replacement Shaker Recess Panel Cabinet Door

Wilmington Shaker Cabinet Door

Replacement Wide Panel Shaker Cabinet Door

Newton Shaker Cabinet Door

Replacement Beaded Shaker Cabinet Door

Belmont Beaded Shaker Cabinet Door

Replacement White RTF Shaker Cabinet Door

Naples RTF Shaker Cabinet Door

replacement white shaker cabinet doors

Marathon RTF Beaded Shaker Cabinet Door

Wide Frame Replacement RTF Cabinet Door

Boca Thermofoil Shaker Cabinet Door



Shaker cabinet doors have a history that goes back over 200 years, and they're a classic addition to a range of home aesthetics. Their simple, clean design makes them ideal for multiple types of cabinets and aesthetic preferences.

You can use our Shaker cabinet door selections for a range of applications around the house, such as:

  • Bathroom vanities.
  • Garage cabinets.
  • Storage cabinets.
  • Laundry room cabinets.
  • Kitchen cabinets (except for Lazy Susans).
  • For any interior location where you need a high-quality replacement cabinet door designed to fit your style.

When you're ready to order, ensure you provide the exact specifications for your cabinet. That way, we can provide the best possible fit.


To provide the best results for your needs, we source the highest-quality raw materials to deliver long-term beauty and performance. We source sustainably and manufacture each order to fit your specifications within 1/16". Our fully customizable selections are available in several types of materials.

Explore the available options to match your remodeling or replacement cabinet door needs:

Unfinished solid wood shaker cabinet doors:

  • Standard 3/4" thickness
  • 2 5/16" framing stiles and rails
  • Red Oak, Hard Maple and Cherry cabinet doors feature an unfinished solid wood frame with 1/4" plywood veneer insert panel.
  • Paint Grade Hard Maple shaker cabinet doors feature an unfinished solid wood frame with 1/4" MDF insert panel
  • MDF shaker cabinet doors feature an unfinished MDF frame with 1/4" MDF insert panel
  • Paint-Grade Hard Maple and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) shaker cabinet doors are intended for priming and painting only. 
  • White primer option now available on paint grade hard maple and MDF shaker cabinet doors 
  • Matching cabinet Drawer Fronts are available for each cabinet door style
  • Hinge boring available (number of borings will vary by door height; cabinet doors are bored for number of hinges needed)
  • Standard hinge boring is available in 3" and 3 3/4" from top and bottom of cabinet doors (no custom hinge boring available)
  • Any wood shaker cabinet door over 26" wide or 48" high will be made with a double panel
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Disclaimer: CDNM recommends drilling pilot holes for all hinges prior to attaching to cabinet door. If not the cabinet door could crack/split. CDNM is not responsible if not installed properly.

RTF shaker cabinet doors:

  • Standard 3/4" thickness
  • Naples/Marathon cabinet door styles - 2 1/8" stiles and rails 
  • Available in White, Antique White, Stone Grey, Smoke Grey
  • Durable finish with seamless construction, a smooth finish, and color consistency throughout
  • Very easy to maintain and clean
  • Matching cabinet Drawer Fronts are available
  • Hinge boring available (number of borings will vary by door height; cabinet doors are bored for number of hinges needed)
  • Standard hinge boring is 3" from top and bottom of cabinet doors (no custom hinge boring available)
  • Made in the USA


We offer natural hardwood Shaker doors in cherry, red oak or maple to fit your preferences. Each door has a 1/4" plywood veneer insert pane and a solid wood frame. If you'd like unfinished Shaker styles, you can select paint-grade hard maple to optimize your own painting. You can order the stain or finish you want to ensure it's an ideal match for your current cabinets.


Our medium-density fiberboard solutions are made of engineered wood materials, including wax, resin and wood fibers. This option is resistant to natural contraction and expansion from temperature and humidity, keeping its shape over time in kitchen and bath environments. Environmentally responsible, our MDF options are smooth and blemish free, allowing for consistent paint and adhesive absorption.


With rigid thermofoil Shaker cabinet doors, you get a highly durable solution built with a routed MDF core and vacuum-formed vinyl finish. This popular Shaker material type comes in Smoke Grey, White, Stone Grey and Antique White. Enjoy smooth door surfaces and color consistency, plus easy maintenance and cleaning with RTF solutions.


Use our versatile and high-performance Shaker cabinet doors for:

  • Kitchens: Update your kitchen with a new, refreshing style with high-quality replacement cabinet doors — all without performing an expensive renovation.
  • Bathrooms: Give your vanity cabinet a new lease on life with replacement Shaker cabinet doors.
  • Laundry: Improve your laundry space with painted or stained Shaker cabinet doors.
  • Garages and storage rooms: Store your belongings in style with replacement Shaker doors for garage and storage room cabinets. MDF replacement cabinet doors are a perfect low-cost option to enhance these household spaces.

When you choose our Shaker doors, you can enjoy several key benefits, including:

  • Convenient ordering process: We strive to keep ordering as simple and hassle-free as possible with a three-step process.
  • Easy upgrades: Ordering custom-fit doors for your current cabinets makes it easy to update your home for less.
  • Cost-effective: Our offerings are a cost-effective and fast way to move along with your remodeling or renovation projects.
  • Custom fit: We build each cabinet door to your precise dimensions so that you can get an ideal match for your cabinets.

Before you place your order, refer to our convenient measuring guide and ensure you provide the exact height and width specifications for your order.


Whatever your project goals, trust Cabinet Doors ‘N’ More to help you accomplish your dream renovations. You can find everything you need with our options for single cabinet doors, bulk orders and everything in between. Enjoy free deliveries from our factories, and get a fast turnaround to keep your projects moving.

We'll start on it promptly when you order, and you can expect us to ship your order in about 20 business days. We can also provide 10-15 business days' shipping for a small additional fee. You can rely on us for the high-quality, long-lasting cabinet doors you need for your home. To place your order, call us at 844-915-1150 or reach out to us online today.

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