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Shaker Replacement Cabinet Doors

An American Classic: Shaker Cabinet Doors

The versatile design of shaker cabinet doors has made them one of the most popular cabinet styles on the market. Characterized by plain, un-beveled rails and recessed square center panels, their timeless design makes them a perfect complement to traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles. These five-piece cabinet doors have a long history and reflect an enduring American furniture style because of their simplicity, durability, and utility. Read More...

Growing Popularity in the American Home

Thanks to its clean and simplistic look, shaker cabinet doors can fit in with virtually any interior design. Popular for traditional and modern/contemporary cabinetry designs alike, these cabinets tend to avoid gaudy embellishments in favor of an overall basic, functional look. In short, they are a staple, go-to cabinet design for many American homes.

Our Shaker Replacement Cabinet Doors

At Cabinet Doors ‚ÄėN‚Äô More, we believe in sourcing the best raw materials that have time and again proven to provide the best, top-quality products in the industry.¬†ensuring decades of flawless performance and beauty. Our shaker replacement cabinet doors can be customized with regard to size, style and are available in many materials including:

  • Natural wood species in oak, maple, paint grade hard maple and cherry
  • Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) in white, antique white, stone grey and smoke grey¬†
  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

You can also pair your shaker cabinet doors with matching replacement cabinet drawer fronts ‚Äď perfect for correlating designs between cabinets throughout a given room, or even throughout your entire home.

User-Friendly Ordering Process

We believe in simplicity when it comes to online ordering and offer an easy three-step process to help you streamline your DIY home remodeling project. Plus, with our no-minimum free shipping policy on all orders, you can purchase the highest quality cabinet components that you want without the headache of added costs. If you’re ready to buy our replacement shaker cabinet doors for your home or business, explore our design options and start the ordering process today!

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Shaker Cabinet Door Designs:

Replacement Shaker Recess Panel Cabinet Door

Wilmington Shaker Cabinet Door

Replacement Wide Panel Shaker Cabinet Door

Newton Shaker Cabinet Door

Replacement Beaded Shaker Cabinet Door

Belmont Beaded Shaker Cabinet Door

Replacement White RTF Shaker Cabinet Door

Naples RTF Shaker Cabinet Door

replacement white shaker cabinet doors

Marathon RTF Beaded Shaker Cabinet Door

Wide Frame Replacement RTF Cabinet Door

Boca Thermofoil Shaker Cabinet Door


Our replacement cabinet doors are perfect for the following applications:

  • Kitchen cabinets (except for lazy susan's)
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Storage cabinets
  • Garage cabinets
  • Laundry room cabinets
...and other interior locations where you need a high-quality replacement cabinet doors that's designed to fit your style.

Make sure when ordering your new custom cabinet doors that you provide the measurements you need. See our  "How to measure guide" for more information.

Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker cabinet doors are one of the most popular cabinet styles on the market today. Their appearance offers unmatched versatility for kitchens, baths, furniture cabinets and more. Upgrade the look of any set of cabinets with the modern appearance of shaker cabinet doors. Find a new set of replacement cabinet doors or one to match existing cabinetry by calling Cabinet Doors 'N' More today at (844) 915-1150.

Shaker Cabinet Doors: An American Classic

Shaker cabinet doors are the perfect complement for transitional and contemporary styles. While suited for modern applications, shaker cabinet doors have a history dating back over 200 years. These popular styles are an American classic, appropriate for remodels and renovations across the board. While these cabinet doors were traditionally made from pine or cherry, we manufacture five-piece shaker doors from a selection of durable hardwoods and composite materials. 

Shaker cabinet doors have a clean look, suitable for virtually any interior design. A minimalist design with clean rails and stiles and recessed square panels offer versatility. Shaker cabinet doors make an excellent match for transitional and contemporary designs, suited for cottage themes or a luxury home or apartment remodel. These cabinet doors combine function with today's minimal design preferences. Send us a message for more information!

Unfinished solid wood shaker cabinet doors:

  • Standard 3/4" thickness
  • 2 5/16" framing stiles and rails
  • Red Oak, Hard Maple and Cherry cabinet doors feature an unfinished solid wood frame with 1/4" plywood veneer insert panel.
  • Paint Grade Hard Maple shaker cabinet doors feature an unfinished solid wood frame with 1/4" MDF insert panel
  • MDF shaker cabinet doors feature an unfinished MDF frame with 1/4" MDF insert panel
  • Paint-Grade Hard Maple and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) shaker cabinet doors are intended for priming and painting only.¬†
  • White primer option now available on paint grade hard maple and MDF shaker cabinet doors¬†
  • Matching cabinet¬†Drawer Fronts¬†are available for each cabinet door style
  • Hinge boring available (number of borings will vary by door height; cabinet doors are bored for number of hinges needed)
  • Standard hinge boring is available in 3" and 3 3/4" from top and bottom of cabinet doors (no custom hinge boring available)
  • Any wood shaker cabinet door over 26" wide or 48" high will be made with a double panel
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Disclaimer: CDNM recommends drilling pilot holes for all hinges prior to attaching to cabinet door. If not the cabinet door could crack/split. CDNM is not responsible if not installed properly.

RTF shaker cabinet doors:

  • Standard 3/4" thickness
  • Naples/Marathon cabinet door styles - 2 1/8" stiles and rails¬†
  • Available in White, Antique White, Stone Grey, Smoke Grey
  • Durable finish with¬†seamless construction, a smooth finish, and¬†color consistency throughout
  • Very easy to maintain and clean
  • Matching cabinet¬†Drawer Fronts¬†are available
  • Hinge boring available (number of borings will vary by door height; cabinet doors are bored for number of hinges needed)
  • Standard hinge boring is 3" from top and bottom of cabinet doors (no custom hinge boring available)
  • Made in the USA

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

At Cabinet Doors ‚ÄėN‚Äô More, we believe the finest finished products begin with the best raw materials. We source beautiful hardwoods from sustainable suppliers, ensuring sturdiness and visual appeal. Our shaker cabinet doors are manufactured to last for decades in your kitchen or bath, or keeping things fresh looking in your storage or laundry areas.¬†¬†All shaker style cabinet doors are built to your specs and manufactured to within 1/16". Carry your shaker cabinet door design throughout your cabinetry with matching shaker or shaker slab replacement cabinet drawer fronts.¬†

You can customize your shaker cabinet doors with different materials to match surrounding cabinets or create an updated look for your home.

Attractive Natural Hardwoods

All of our solid wood red oak, hard maple and cherry shaker cabinet doors are built with a solid wood frame with a 1/4" plywood veneer insert panel. Paint grade hard maple doors are made with a solid wood frame with a 1/4" MDF panel. Find the right match with a variety of wood species to choose from. We offer our select unfinished shaker cabinet door styles in red oak, hard maple, paint-grade hard maple and cherry. Be sure to select a paint-grade hard maple shaker cabinet door if you plan on painting. Our shaker cabinet doors ship ready to accept your desired stain or finish, helping you achieve the look you want. 

Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product made of broken down wood fibers, wax and resin. Unlike hardwood and softwood, MDF resists the natural expansion and contraction from changes in humidity, weather, and temperature and is excellent for use in kitchen and bath areas. Since it is resistant to these fluctuations, it is less likely to become distorted, warped or bow over time. MDF cabinet doors offer a smooth and blemish free surface that allows for uniform paint and adhesive absorption across all Cabinet Doors. Not only is MDF strong and expansion and contraction resistant, it can eliminate the problem of poor consistency and defects and is becoming increasingly environmentally responsible.

White Rigid Thermofoil (RTF)

Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) shaker cabinet doors are made from a routed MDF core and finished with a heated vacuum-formed vinyl material that is very durable and will last for years to come. Our shaker RTF cabinet doors are very popular based on their simple design and clean look and available in White, Antique White, Stone Grey and Smoke Grey. Rigid thermofoil cabinet doors are seamless, smooth to the touch and have color consistency throughout. All thermofoil cabinet doors are stain-resistant and very easy to maintain and clean.

Shaker Cabinet Doors for Kitchen, Bath and More

Save money and time on remodels and renovations. Ordering new replacement shaker cabinet doors can upgrade the look of your cabinets while keeping your existing cabinets in place. Shaker cabinet doors are suited for virtually any interior cabinet, including high-use areas. Replace old and worn cabinet doors or transform a room with new cabinet doors made made with highest standard quality craftsmanship. Our replacement shaker cabinet doors are perfect for:

  • Kitchens:¬†Update¬†your kitchen with a new refreshing style with high-quality replacement cabinet doors.¬†
  • Bathrooms:¬†Give your vanity cabinet a new lease with replacement shaker cabinet doors.
  • Storage:¬†Add light and warmth to a storage area with attractive cabinet doors.¬†
  • Garages:¬†Store in style with replacement shaker doors for garage cabinets. MDF replacement cabinet doors are a perfect lower cost option for garage cabinets.
  • Laundry:¬†Improve the look of your laundry space with shaker cabinet doors you can paint or stain.

Made to Measure Shaker Doors

We build every cabinet door to the precise dimensions you order. Before placing your order, be sure to gather accurate width and height measurements. If you are just replacing an existing cabinet door and using the same hinges, we just need the exact measurements from your current cabinet door. Please make sure you do not provide the measurements for the opening of the cabinet frame. For more information on how to measure for new replacement cabinet doors and getting your exact measurements, use our handy online measuring guide or give us a call at (844) 915-1150.

Order Replacement Shaker Doors Online

Whether you need a single replacement or a large quantity of cabinet doors for an extensive remodel, find everything you need at Cabinet Doors 'N' More. We manufacture all of products in the USA and ship directly from the factory to you. Get the advantage of quality craftsmanship, a simplified ordering process and free delivery to your doorstep. For contractors, ship your completed cabinet doors direct to the job site and save time.

Place your order online today, and we will get to work. We ship most orders complete and ready for installation in approx. 20 business days. We now offer the option of faster shipping in 10-15 business days for a small surcharge. Reface all of your cabinetry using our line of products, including cabinet drawer fronts, new Drawer Boxes and Veneers and End Panels. Streamline your next remodeling project with fast ordering and rapid delivery of products built to last for decades to come. For help finding the right cabinet doors for your cabinets, send us a message or call (844) 915-1150 today.

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