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Painting your kitchen or bath cabinets? Need to know what color paint to use to best match the color of your cabinets, cabinet frames, cabinet doors and drawer fronts? Cabinet Doors 'N' More has visited some home improvement retailers including Home Depot, Lowe's, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paint dealers. We took the actual RTF materials we use on our products and had them scanned to try and best match a color sample to a paint color/code.

If you recently ordered cabinet doors from us or you're planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, now is a great time to start looking at paint colors for cabinets. Every type of wood and finish is unique, so it's important to know how certain paint types and colors will interact with our designs and materials. We'll do our best to help match your cabinets to paint colors so you can create beautiful décor that lasts.


At Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we have a variety of styles and options to choose from. Whether you're looking to blend simplicity and contemporary appeal with the shaker style or you'd rather add a touch of classic elegance with raised panels, we can customize a solution to fit your requirements. 

We offer many of our products with paint-grade materials. We'll provide high-quality cabinet doors that are ready for priming and painting upon delivery. You can choose from multiple types of material, including:


  • MDF:¬†MDF doors are well-suited for priming and painting applications. MDF is a sturdy and cost-effective material that's perfect for applying smooth, even coats of paint. Another advantage is that it's free of knots, splinters and other imperfections, which often make solid wood surfaces harder to paint.¬†
  • Paint-Grade Hard Maple:¬†When you work with us, you can order cabinet doors and drawer fronts made of paint-grade hard maple. Hard maple is one of the hardest types of wood, which makes it a sturdy and durable option for kitchens and bathrooms. It's economical and easy to maintain, and it offers a crisp, clean appearance that's ideal for a variety of paint types.

If you choose MDF or paint-grade hard maple for your cabinet doors, you also have the option to add white primer to your order. This helps save time so you can start painting and finish your remodeling project sooner.

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Our primers are post catalyzed, acid cured and compatible with many high quality topcoats. There are many finishes available to paint residential cabinetry. While many of these products may work in combination with our primers, we recommend only acid cured conversion varnish topcoats. Testing for compatibility and adhesion between primers and customer’s finish materials should take place on a test door prior to finishing any large items or multi-piece projects. Customers should scuff sand the primer using 280-grit sandpaper no more than 24 hours before applying any finish. All surfaces must receive this sanding step to achieve a mechanical bond.

If you're looking for a type of paint that fits your needs, you can choose from any of the options we have listed below. Compatible paints are easy to find at stores like Home Depot, Lowe's Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paint dealers. The satin paints we've listed are durable and lustrous, which adds a long-lasting shine.

By searching these retailers, we found the following paints:

Home Depot - Behr Premium Cabinet & Trim Satin

Lowe's - Valspar Cabinet & Furniture Satin

Sherman Williams - Pro Classic Satin

Ace Hardware/Benjamin Moore Dealers: Benjamin Moore Advance Interior - Cabinet/Doors/Trim

Although color can vary slightly depending on the paint type and the design of your product, these are some of the options most likely to meet your specifications.

Note: There are numerous paint types that each retailer offers including flat, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, eggshell etc. The examples below are all satin paints. Cabinet Doors 'N' More will not fully guarantee that these paint types/colors will match your cabinet components 100%. The wood species or lamination of your cabinets will vary and all will take primer and/or paint differently. Painting prep and the painting materials vary as well. These are strictly our best suggestions to try and match these specific paints to our RTF cabinet components. If you want to verify paint colors before purchasing paint, we recommend ordering a RTF color sample (above) and take that sample into one of these retailers to verify the paint match.

Use the table below to match your paint with our RTF product colors. Click on an image to make it bigger. 

 Retailer Paint White RTF White High Gloss Antique White RTF Stone Grey RTF Smoke Grey RTF
Home Depot Behr Premium Cabinet & Trim Satin
Lowe's Valspar Cabinet & Furniture Satin
Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Satin
Ace Hardware/BM Paint Dealers Benjamin Moore Advance interior - Cabinets/Doors/Trim



We're here to help make your remodeling project a success. If you have questions about how to match your cabinets to paint colors, contact us today.


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