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48" W x 96" H Phenolic Backed 3D Laminate Sheets

48" W x 96" H Phenolic Backed 3D Laminate Sheets


Cabinet Doors 'N' More now offers 48" W x 96" H 3D Laminate Thermofoil Veneer Sheets with a non-adhesive phenolic back. This is a great option for cabinet refacing and can be used on cabinet face frames and end panels. This is same type of thermofoil material we use for our cabinet doors and drawers and is available in four finishes: White, Antique White, Stone Grey and Smoke Grey. They will match perfectly!

The non-adhesive phenolic backing provides a barrier between the thermofoil and the glue. We recommend contact cement to be used for product application. 3D Laminate is for inside use only and do not recommend use for outside applications.

Phenolic Backer Thickness: .55mm (1/32 + or -)

Thermofoil Thickness: 1/16 to 1/32 depending on the color

    All colors are offered at $149.00 per sheet. 

    Tools & Materials needed to install laminates:
    • Tape measure
    • 150 grit sandpaper or sanding block
    • Utility knife
    • Table or Circular Saw
    • Router (if available)
    • J-Roller/Wood scraper
    • Tack cloth
    • Mini-Vac
    • Hammer
    • putty knife
    • 3’ straight edge
    • Contact cement or adhesive

    Installation Tips

    Critical: Laminates should be placed flat and allowed to acclimate for 48 hours before installation.

    Surface Prep: Fill in any voids on the surfaces with wood putty. Lightly sand any surfaces you plan to cover. Clean the area and wait for the it to thoroughly dry. Do not use a power sander. Use a tack cloth to remove excess dust.

    Cutting: Use a veneer/laminate slitter, rotary cutter, or sharpened utility knife/straight edge to cut the laminate. Cut the laminate strips ½” wider and 2” longer than the area you plan to cover (stiles/rails). We recommend doing the stiles first and then the rails. Apply the laminate strips to one opening at a time.

    AdheringWe recommend contact cement to be used for product application. 

    Finishing: Use a razor knife to remove the excess material and finish with a hand file or 150 grit sand block to trim the excess material.


    Choose a Wood type to Get Started
    Wood Specie
    White RTF
    Antique White RTF
    Stone Grey RTF
    Smoke Grey RTF


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