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October 08, 2020


Cabinet Doors 'N' More now offers 48" W x 96" H 3D Laminate Thermofoil Veneer Sheets with a non-adhesive phenolic back. This is a great option for cabinet refacing and can be used on cabinet face frames and end panels. This is same type of thermofoil material we use for our cabinet doors and drawers and is available in four finishes: White, Antique White, Stone Grey and Smoke Grey. They will match perfectly!

3d laminate   

The non-adhesive phenolic backing provides a barrier between the thermofoil and the glue. We recommend contact cement to be used for product application. 3D Laminate is for inside use only and do not recommend use for outside applications.

Cabinet refacing is the process of replacing all Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts and then applying a new wood veneer or 3D laminate finish to all exposed parts including cabinet frames and end panels. Instead of replacing all of your cabinets in your kitchen, you can reface your cabinets. Cabinet refacing saves a lot of money, labor and time. Most cabinet refacing projects can be completed is 2-5 days. 

There are many benefits to cabinet refacing:

  • Economical - Cabinet refacing can cost about 50% or less than the amount of money you would spend on new cabinets, tear-out and installation. In most cases, your cabinets are in good condition so why tear down and throw them away? If you're happy with the layout of your kitchen but just want a new look and feels then cabinet refacing can be a great low-cost solution.¬†
  • Less Complicated - A full kitchen remodel is considered a "major" remodeling job - higher costs, long installation times (4-6 weeks) and something most people don't think about or plan on: your kitchen becomes non-usable. Countertops are ripped out, sink is pulled out, appliances might have to be turned off and you cannot use your kitchen for weeks or even months.
  • Finishing Options - There is a huge variety of options when choosing cabinet refacing - real wood options like maple or cherry in different stains, lower cost options like laminate or thermofoil doors and drawers are offered in numerous colors and textures. If you have a kitchen island, consider doing this in a different color to offset the color of your cabinets.
  • Other Design Opportunities -Deciding to do cabinet refacing and save money opens up other possibilities to update your kitchen. New countertops and sink, maybe a new faucet, or possibly new flooring or even something as small as new cabinet hardware can make an impact on your new kitchen. Don't forget that this might be a good time to replace and upgrade your cabinet drawer boxes. There are endless possibilities!!
  • It's Green!! - If you replace your cabinets, even though they might be in good condition, they will most likely end up in a dump or landfill. By replacing just your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, you'll have a lot less materials to throw away. in some cases these parts can be recycled for other areas of your house.¬†

cabinet refacing


    Cabinet Doors 'N' More has all of the products you need to start your cabinet refacing project - whether doing it yourself or hiring a local contractor to help you. For new, replacement Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, Drawer Boxes and all of your cabinet remodeling needs, turn to the leader in the online kitchen cabinetry industry. You can order as little as one cabinet door front for a quick repair, or multiple cabinet components for a larger-scale project. Get started today!

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