September 03, 2020

Maybe you want to replace all of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts to bring a new exciting look to your kitchen or bathroom. Attaching new Cabinet Doors to your cabinets, especially if you are using the same hinge style that you had previously used, is pretty straight-forward and a relatively simple installation. Attaching your new Drawer Fronts to your current or new drawer boxes make take a little more time but we'll try and make that easier for you today and make sure you DIY project is a success!

replacement cabinet drawer


There are a couple of methods that can be used to install new drawer fronts and to make sure your drawers line up with your cabinet doors. We're going to share what most professional installers do that make installation simple and easy. You might be surprised how easy this turns out to be!

Double Face Tape

According to most experts and installers this is the method they use the most because its simple, fast and reliable. 


  • Double Face Tape
  • Spacers/Shims
  • Drill/Drill Bits
  • Wood Screws or Adjustable Drawer Front Screws
  • Level
  1. Pre-drill two holes about 3/4" - 1" from the outside edge of your drawer box. Drill from the inside of the drawer box to the outside. This is where you will eventually attach the drawer box to the drawer front. 
  2. Cut 4 pieces of double face tape and apply to the front side (toward outside edges) of your current or newly installed drawer box. 
  3. Attach your drawer front to your drawer box by first eyeballing the alignment for both top and bottom and side to side so it lines up with the other Cabinet Doors or Drawer Fronts. If you have a bank of drawers, you might want to use spacers/shims on the bottom of the drawer to make sure they align properly. Hint: Most drawer fronts have a 1/2" overlay on the cabinet frame. You can pre-measure that might make alignment easier. Take a piece of masking tape and place on the horizontal and vertical frames and then mark 1/2" from the edge of the cabinet opening. This way you'll have specific marks on both sides to properly align the drawer front. 
  4. Use a level on the top and side edge of the drawer front to make sure your alignment is good. Once aligned, press the drawer front onto the drawer box and hold until secure.
  5. Critical: Make sure you use the proper length screw.  Before you attach the drawer front make sure you measure the thickness of both the Drawer Boxes and drawer front. You do not want to drill through the front of your new drawer front!! Most drawer boxes measure 1/2" to 5/8" and most drawer fronts are 3/4" thick. Note: If you have a shaker or recess panel drawer front, double check to make sure you are hitting stiles (vertical frame) of the drawer front so you do not go through the recess panel of your new drawer front! You might want to angle the holes you drill to make sure you are hitting the stiles properly.
  6. Take two screws and drill them through the two holes you made in the drawer box to attach the drawer front. 
  7. Open and close your new drawer front to make sure it works properly and is aligned correctly.
  8. If you using your old cabinet hardware or a new style, you can now attach this. Make sure you measure properly depending on using a knob or pull.


drawer fronts


Some other ideas/tips:

  • There are also drawer front "jigs" that can be bought online that also make installation easy. Several companies offer jigs that attach to the drawer box. You then slide your drawer front into a guide that allows you to align it properly, tighten down the knobs for perfect placement (we still suggest using a level) and then drill your screws to secure the two parts.
  • You can find "adjustable drawer front screws" online that allow you to make small adjustments to the alignment of your drawer front. 
  • You could also follow steps 2-4 and then install some thin metal corner brackets to the side of the drawer box to back side of the drawer front. Again, make sure your screw size fits your application.

There are several ways to install new drawer fronts but from what we have researched, the double face tape method seems to be the most common and the most efficient way to install. 

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