Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Shelving

Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Shelving

Are your kitchen cabinet shelves bowing from too much weight from your dishes, pots and pans or serving dishes? Most builder grade kitchen cabinets come with 1/2" particle board cabinet shelves that over time start to bow or the laminate starts to peel away as water damages the finish. Cabinet Doors 'N' More offers a sturdy 3/4" replacement cabinet shelf for both framed base and wall kitchen cabinets. Our replacement shelves are constructed of a piece of pre-finished natural finish veneer applied over a 3/4" plywood core which will better protect your shelving and last you for the long haul.  

  • ¾" plywood core for added strength
  • Grade A natural finish veneer applied over plywood core 
  • Edge-banded on the front side only for easy installation
  • Available for 9” to 48” wide base and wall kitchen cabinets
  • Cut to size
  • Does not include shelf clips

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  • I need 2 but my measurements I don't see above. They are: 28 inch length and 9 1/2 inches deep 22 inch length and 9 1/2 inches deep Can you make these?

    The sizes listed on our site are the only sizes available. We do not make custom size shelving.

    CDNM Customer Support