Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Veneer Installation Tips

  • Important: Veneers should be placed flat and allowed to acclimate for 48 hours before installation.
  • Surface Prep: Fill in any voids on the surfaces with wood putty. Lightly sand any surfaces you plan to cover. Clean the area and wait for the it to thoroughly dry. Do not use a power sander. Use a tack cloth to remove excess dust.
  • Cutting: Use a veneer/laminate slitter, rotary cutter, or sharpened utility knife/straight edge to cut the veneer. Cut the veneer strips ½” wider and 2” longer than the area you plan to cover (stiles/rails). We recommend doing the stiles first and then the rails. Apply the veneer strips to one opening at a time.
  • Adhering: Poly Back Veneers are best applied with roller grade adhesives. Be sure to cover both the veneer and substrate surface with adhesive to ensure proper adhesion and performance.
  • Finishing: Use a razor knife to remove the excess material and finish with a hand file or 150 grit sand block to trim the excess material.

End Panel Installation Tips

  • Surface Prep: Make sure the End Panelsand cabinet surfaces are free of dust/dirt before applying.
  • Cutting: Use a router to cut the end panel to fit the cabinet height/width; then hand file or use 150 grit sand paper to make a smooth edge. If the counter top is already installed then you’ll need to cut the end panel to the correct size using a table or circular saw. Use a straight edge and scoring the panel with a utility knife before cutting. Otherwise, install the entire end panel and cut it to fit once installed.
  • Adhering: Use contact cement on both the end panel and the surface you’re applying the end panel. If you’re using construction adhesive or wood glue allow for proper curing time (see manufacturer’s recommendation) before cutting or trimming the end panels. See your Lowe’s associate for selection of contact cement/adhesives. Finishing
  • Fastening: nails/brads are optional.
  • Finishing: Make sure the panel is flush the cabinet front and bottom. Apply pressure using a 4-5” J-Roller/Wood Scraper. (Note: Start in the middle of the panel and apply pressure in the direction of the grain.)
replacement kitchen cabinet shelving

Cabinet Shelving

cabinet veneer


cabinet end panels

Cabinet End Panels


If you’re a true "Do-It-Yourself-er" and want to take on a bigger project like kitchen cabinet refacing, we have the all of the materials, including Veneers  and End Panels, to help you bring a totally new look to your kitchen!

Cabinet Shelving

  • ¾" veneer plywood over veneer core
  • Grade A veneer applied over veneer core with pre-finished natural birch finish
  • Edge-banded on front side only for easy installation
  • Available for 9” to 48” wide base and wall cabinets
  • Cut to size
  • Does not include shelf clips


  • 1/32” unfinished pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) polyback veneer.
  • Features pre-glued adhesive with peel-away cover for easy installation
  • Vertical grain pattern to match cabinet door grain patterns
  • Available only in 24" x 96" sheets
  • Available in maple, oak and cherry
  • Can easily be cut to size
  • Ready for sealing, stain or paint

End Panels

  • 1/4" unfinished plywood panel with MDF core
  • Available in the following sizes (W x H):
    • Base Panel: 24” x 36”
    • Wall Panel: 12” x 30”
    • Wall Panel: 12” x 42”
  • Vertical grain pattern to match cabinet door grain patterns
  • Available in maple, oak and cherry
  • End panels accept stains/finishes.
  • Can easily be cut to size
  • Proudly Made in the USA