Thermofoil Replacement Cabinet Doors


Rigid thermofoil (RTF) cabinet doors are cost-effective, versatile and low maintenance. These qualities make them a favorite among homeowners looking to replace the cabinet doors in their homes. 

Manufacturers create thermofoil doors with engineered wood, which makes them less expensive than the average solid wood cabinet door. RTF replacements come in a variety of colors and finishes, including satin colors that complement a room's existing aesthetic. When you need to clean them, you can wipe away spills without using harsh cleansing agents. Plus, at Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we customize each replacement door to your size specifications. Read More...


Rigid Thermofoil cabinet doors have a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) core. MDF is used because of its durability and ease to route out the cabinet doors patterns or style. RTF refers to the "vinyl" material that manufacturers use to apply to the MDF's surface. Manufacturers apply the thermofoil material to the MDF pattern and bond the pieces with heat and pressure. The bonding process is key to RTF's durability. 

The thermofoils flexibility means it's compatible with flat, beveled or embossed cabinet door designs. It comes with a smooth finish and slightly textured surfaces, so you can match your replacement door to your existing cabinets. We also sell RTF cabinet drawer fronts and other accessories to match your replacement cabinet doors. These details can help you pull your kitchen, laundry room or bath together aesthetically. Some homeowners even choose to match replacement doors to cabinets throughout their entire home. 


An MDF core is a composite of wooden fibers from hardwood, plywood, wax and resin, which acts as a bonding agent. MDF is an engineered wood, so it differs from natural wood in a few ways. Unlike solid wood, the wooden fibers in MDF are so small and broken down that it has no textures or blemishes left from its raw state. That means MDF is a smooth, uniform surface perfect for coating. 

MDF has no natural grain, and its density makes it heavier than comparable objects made of solid wood. Whereas solid wood expands and contracts as environmental conditions change, MDF withstands temperature and humidity fluctuations. MDF's lack of grain means that it's less likely to sustain hairline cracks. MDF is also less likely to bow or warp over time. 


Thermofoil is moisture resistant, so it's a great option for areas with high humidity that may have damaged previous cabinets. That quality makes RTF cabinet doors an attractive replacement solution for old cabinet doors in the following areas of your home:  

  • Kitchen.¬†Unlike wood or other materials, the vinyl coating on an RTF door is nonporous, so you can easily wipe away spills and splatters.
  • Bath.¬†When you need storage and deal with high humidity levels, thermofoil cabinet doors are the best solution available.¬†¬†
  • Laundry.¬†Thermofoil cabinet doors have a long life span when treated well, even in a humid laundry room.¬†
  • Garage.¬†Cost-efficient and scratch-resistant, these doors are perfect for workspaces such as garages.
  • Storage space.¬†RTF replacement doors can brighten and unify any space where you store your belongings.¬†

One hallmark of RTF cabinet doors is their low-maintenance, nonporous surface. This is perfect for the places in your home where spills and splatters abound. You can use a damp rag to remove almost any mess from your cabinet doors without scrubbing or applying harsh chemicals. RTF is perfect for families who want to clean their homes with natural products and spend less time wiping up spills. With low-maintenance cabinet doors, you can stop worrying about stains and other cosmetic defects.

RTF cabinet doors are easily customizable, making them great options for any home. They can be flat, beveled, simple or detailed with recessed panels and raised beading. Color matters too, and these cabinet doors can come in four great colors including White, Antique White, Stone Grey and Smoke Grey. 


Custom thermofoil cabinet doors are growing in popularity due to their incredible value in family homes, apartments and other living accommodations. Their durable, easily cleaned surfaces come in handy for homeowners with children. Laminate doors cannot be repaired, but replacing them is cost-effective, so building managers can update them between tenants if necessary. Their versatility makes RTF doors a long-term solution to outdated, damaged or stained cabinetry. 

When you choose new cabinet doors, you should have access to the same styles and finishes you love without sacrificing quality or longevity. Cabinet Doors 'N' More offers thermofoil cabinet doors that combine aesthetic appeal and functionality into a beautiful, high-quality replacement door. 


Once you've chosen the best material for your cabinet door, it's time to select a style that matches your vision and complements your home. How do you want your home to look when you finish the project? Thermofoil cabinet doors come in a variety of styles, so you can get a design you like without sacrificing cost-effectiveness or durability. Some basic style elements our RTF cabinet doors take inspiration from include: 

  • Naples Shaker:¬†The popular shaker door style¬†is a five-piece door with recessed panels. Shaker doors can be elaborate or simple.
  • Naples:¬†These raised panel doors have rounded corners.
  • Venice:¬†Venice panels are simple, flat slabs.
  • Daytona:¬†Daytona styles have a raised panel and squared-off corners.¬†
  • Marathon Beaded Shaker:¬†Beaded doors have a detailed inset that creates a secondary frame within the cabinet doors frame.
  • Mullion.¬†These doors have¬†one panel or multiple panes of glass¬†instead of a solid wood front.¬†


The curated selection of cabinet doors at Cabinet Doors 'N' More features models that combine stylistic elements to give you the doors you want. Choose an option based on considerations such as how many panes of glass you'll need space for or whether you want to clean the bevel around recessed panels. 

Thermofoil Cabinet Doors:

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Naples Thermofoil Raised Square Custom Cabinet Doors

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Daytona Thermofoil Raised Square Custom Cabinet Doors

replacement Thermofoil cabinet doors

Naples Thermofoil Shaker Custom Cabinet Doors

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Marathon Thermofoil Beaded Shaker Custom Cabinet Doors

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Venice Thermofoil Shaker Slab Custom Cabinet Doors

Wide Frame Replacement RTF Cabinet Door

Boca Thermofoil Shaker Cabinet Door


Thermofoil Mullion Cabinet Doors

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Naples Thermofoil Mullion Custom Cabinet Doors - 1 Lite/Frame Only

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Naples Thermofoil Shaker Mullion Custom Cabinet Doors - 1 Lite/Frame Only

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Daytona Thermofoil Mullion Custom Cabinet Doors - 1 Lite/Frame Only

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Naples Thermofoil Mullion Custom Cabinet Doors - 4 Lite

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Naples Thermofoil Shaker Mullion Custom Cabinet Doors - 4 Lite

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Daytona Thermofoil Mullion Custom Cabinet Doors - 4 Lite

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Naples Thermofoil Mullion Custom Cabinet Doors - 6 Lite

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Naples Thermofoil Shaker Mullion Custom Cabinet Doors - 6 Lite

Replacement Thermofoil Cabinet Door

Daytona Thermofoil Mullion Custom Cabinet Doors - 6 Lite



The smooth, seamless nature of thermofoil cabinet doors means their color looks consistent across the door's surface. We offer four neutral finishes to complement any space, regardless of its interior design. All our thermofoil cabinet doors come in these colors: 

  • White:¬†A true white, this traditional finish makes your space look clean and polished.
  • Antique White:¬†Warm and inviting, this antique white complements cozier homes.
  • Stone Grey:¬†This light grey color adds depth to your home without incorporating bold colors.¬†
  • Smoke Grey:¬†Darker shades of gray such as this one act as statement pieces in your home.¬†

The backs of all RTF cabinet doors and drawer fronts from Cabinet Doors 'N' More are prefinished with white laminate.


When you buy from Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we make each cabinet door to the dimensions you specify in your order. That's why you should gather precise measurements for your replacement cabinet doors width and height. If you're replacing a door and using the same hinges, please leave out any measurement from the cabinet frame's opening. For these orders, we only need the dimensions of the door you need to replace. We do offer to bore your cabinet doors for hinges as an option to make your installation easier.

Your measurements must be exact for the best fit possible. If you need more information on measuring your current cabinet doors to order replacements, you can visit our convenient online measuring guide or call us at 844-915-1150. The team at Cabinet Doors 'N' More has the experience to help you through the process, so you can get the exact cabinets you want. 


At Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we work with anyone replacing cabinet doors. We're happy to connect with homeowners who want to know more about refacing a single door or contractors planning an in-depth remodel. All our factories are located in the U.S., and we ship your order straight from the manufacturing facility. The advantages of ordering from Cabinet Doors 'N' More are vast, but you'll enjoy a user-friendly process to place orders, free shipping and high-quality craftsmanship that lasts for years to come. 

The team at Cabinet Doors 'N' More can recommend more than replacement cabinet doors. We also carry other cabinetry components, such as:

  • End panels.¬†End panels are the decorative pieces¬†that mask the end of a cabinetry system. Giving the exposed end of your cabinets a finished look makes the entire space more appealing.¬†
  • Veneers.¬†Veneers are thin materials¬†used for refacing cabinets. Using veneers lets you choose the aesthetic you want and apply that material to your existing cabinets.¬†
  • Drawer boxes.¬†Drawer boxes are a storage solution that helps you keep your cabinets organized. We make¬†our durable replacement boxes¬†with birch wood and apply a clear coat for moisture resistance.¬†
  • Drawer fronts.¬†Like decorative cabinet doors, a¬†finished drawer front¬†makes your space look more finished.¬†
  • Shelving.¬†Shelves begin to bow after years of use.¬†Our replacement shelving¬†comes with a veneer finish and clear coat.¬†


Start the cabinet door replacement process today by gathering measurements and placing your order online. You can also make your remodeling project more efficient by taking advantage of Cabinet Doors 'N' More's convenient ordering process and delivery to your home or work site in approx. 20 business days. We now offer the option of faster shipping in 10-15 business days for a small surcharge. When you receive your order, you'll find your replacement cabinet doors are ready for installation. 

We design and manufacture your cabinet doors and other accessories to last for years. If you need an expert's help to decide on the best model for your home, please contact us online or call 844-915-1150.