Naples Thermofoil Shaker Custom Cabinet Doors

Naples Thermofoil Shaker Custom Cabinet Doors

Step 1: Choose a Color to Get Started
White Smooth Satin RTF
White Smooth Satin RTF
White Textured Matte RTF
White Textured Matte RTF
Antique White Smooth Satin RTF
Antique White Smooth Satin RTF
Stone Grey Textured Matte RTF
Stone Grey Textured Matte RTF
Smoke Grey Textured Matte RTF
Smoke Grey Textured Matte RTF
MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
Step 2: Enter Your Custom Measurements Here

Please enter a width of at least 7 1/4 inches.
Please enter a width less than 48 inches.
Please enter a height of at least 7 1/4 inches.
Please enter a height less than 83 inches.
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If you're hoping to revitalize your kitchen with a new set of cabinet doors, Cabinet Doors 'N' More offers the clean style and design you're looking for. We make our White RTF Shaker Custom Cabinet Doors with high-quality materials and a strong Rigid Thermofoil finish to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal. Thanks to the timeless Shaker style and sleek appearance, these cabinet doors are worthy additions to almost any kitchen. All of our cabinet doors are proudly Made in the USA.

  • Standard 3/4” thickness
  • 2 3/8" framing stiles and rails
  • Popular shaker style design
  • Durable MDF core construction
  • Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) finishes available - White Smooth Satin, White Textured Matte, Antique White Smooth Satin, Stone Grey Textured Matte and Smoke Grey Textured Matte 
  • Naples MDF shaker cabinet doors are for priming and painting only 
  • White Primer option not available on this MDF cabinet door style
  • Back side of cabinet doors have a white laminate finish
  • Measure width and height to closest 1/16"
  • Width: Minimum 7 1/4" - Maximum 48"
  • Height: Minimum: 7 1/4" - Maximum: 83"
  • Cabinet doors with a height of 36" or less will receive two hinge bores 
  • Cabinet doors with a height of 36" - 60" will receive three hinge bores (Doors that are 8" - 13" high have hinge boring 2" from top and bottom of door; all other sizes are 3" standard from top and bottom.) 
  • Cabinet doors with a height of 60" - 83" will receive four hinge bores
  • Hinge boring available (left or right) is 3" from top and bottom of cabinet doors (no custom hinge boring available) All hinge bore holes are drilled for any standard European concealed hinges
  • Hinge boring will always be on the height side of the cabinet door
  • Manufactured in the USA

Note: Due to the nature of photography, lighting and screen color settings we cannot guarantee that the color you are seeing on your screen will match the cabinet component exactly. Color swatches are available for all RTF colors so before starting a larger project, please ask us to mail you a color swatch. The backside of all Naples shaker cabinet doors have a white melamine finish. 



Our custom cabinet doors are smooth, sturdy and easy to maintain. Each product is designed with MDF core construction along and multiple customizable features.

We adjust our hinge boring process for our cabinet doors depending on the size you need. If you order doors that are 36 inches or shorter, we'll provide them with two hinge bores. Doors between 36 and 60 inches receive three hinge bores, while larger cabinets up to 83 inches tall receive four hinge bores.


When you order cabinet doors from Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we can customize the product according to your needs. All you have to do is enter the width and height measurements of your cabinets, and we'll design doors that fit your exact specifications. We have a variety of width and height options for you to choose from. You can also choose between left, right or no-hinge boring for your doors.

Whatever the size of your kitchen or bath cabinets, we can build brand-new doors that make the whole room shine. Choose your finish and measurements today to get started, or contact us online if you have any questions.

All orders ship in approximately 15 business days.




Price for this product:

  • White Smooth Satin RTF: $40.32 per square foot
  • Antique White Smooth Satin RTF: $40.32 per square foot
  • Stone Grey Textured Matte RTF: $40.32 per square foot
  • Smoke Grey Textured Matte RTF: $40.32 per square foot
  • MDF: $31.68 per square foot
  • White Textured Matte RTF: $40.32 per square foot

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  • If I have cabinets with 2 doors and one kinda overlaps the other a bit with a small lip? How do I order to replace those? Thanks

    Here's some information on our site on how to measure...there's a section for double doors

    We hope this helps

    CDNM Customer Support

  • Hi-i have ordered several doors form you guys! Awesome. I need the paint code for the RTF white Naples. I need to paint some items to match


    Here is a link to the paint codes on our site to match the cabinet doors:


    CDNM Customer Support

  • Besides the shaker doors can I order draw panels?


    Yes...we do have matching shaker drawer fronts for the Naples shaker doors. Here is the link:


    CDNM Customer Support

  • How much does it cost to have a door drilled for hinges

    It's $4 per door (minimum of 2 hinge bores per door)

  • Hello, are you able to provide samples of your door colors such as stone grey? Or is there a paint color at Home Depot that would be comparable?

    Here is a link that answer both questions:

    We do provide thermofoil samples that we can mail to you and have paint color ideas that match our thermofoil colors.


    CDNM Customer Support

  • Do the cabinets come with hinges?

    Our cabinet doors do not come with hinges...we do not offer or sell hinges

    We recommend european concealed hinges for our cabinet doors. They can be found online at Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's or other online retailers.

    We hope this helps

    CDNM Customer Support

  • Does the shaker style cabinet doors also have ones which can include glass for the upper cabinets

    Yes; We do offer a shaker style mullion cabinet doors to match our standard shaker cabinet doors.

    Click on the link below for more information. We offer our mullion cabinet doors in 1, 4 and 6-lite options.

    shaker mullion cabinet doors

  • Do you bore holes for hinges do you sale hinges?

    Yes; we bore the hinges for the cabinet doors.

    At this time we do not offer hinges.

    CDNM Customer Support

  • Do you have wooden cabinet doors

    Yes...we have a broad selection of wood cabinet on link below

  • I want to paint my cabinet bases and order new doors and drawer fronts, but I will want the finish to match exactly. Does the white finish on your Naples skaker cabinet doors and drawers coordinate with a particular paint manufacturer and name?

    We are not aware of an exact match to a specific paint manufacturer or name... Recommendation: We can send you a color swatch of our white rtf material we use for our Cabinet Doors. You can then take to any paint shop or home improvement retailer who has color matching services in the paint department. We hope this helps CDNM Customer Support

  • I have old cabinets with outside hinges I want to replace with inside hinges how do I measure the opening to get an accurate measuring for my new doors

    We would suggest using our Cabinet Door Configurator

    This allows you to measure the cabinet door or drawer front, select the overlay you want to get the correct door/drawer front sizes.

    We hope this helps

    CDNM Customer Support