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October 17, 2019

New MDF Component Offering  

Based on feedback from our valued customers, Cabinet Doors 'N' More would like to announce a new product offering of 3 new cabinet door and 4 drawer front styles made from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). MDF is a perfect option if you want to paint your replacement cabinet doors or drawer fronts. Painting cabinet doors or drawer fronts gives you an endless palette of colors to choose from.

** Note - These new cabinet door and drawer front styles are pre-finished white laminate on the back of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

New Cabinet Doors

        Naples                      Daytona                  Marathon

cabinet door replacement     cabinet door replacement      cabinet door replacement


New Drawer Fronts

       Naples Slab                   Naples                          Daytona

mdf slab drawer front  mdf raised panel drawer front  mdf raised square drawer front


mdf beaded shaker drawer front

An engineered wood product made of broken down wood fibers, wax and resin, MDF was originally introduced as an alternative to solid wood products in the 1980's. Unlike hardwood and softwood, MDF resists the natural expansion and contraction from changes in humidity, weather, and temperature. Since it is resistant to these fluctuations, it is less likely to become distorted, warped or bow over time. The reliability in the production of MDF results in a dependably smooth and blemish free surface that allows for uniform paint and adhesive absorption across all Cabinet Doors or Drawer Fronts.

cabinet door replacement

Not only is MDF strong and expansion and contraction resistant, it can eliminate the problem of poor consistency and defects, but it is becoming increasingly environmentally responsible. The interest in MDF products sees no sign of slowing down, and what started as a trend looks like it is here to stay. With advances in environmental sustainability, higher quality and faster production methods and new styles and combinations, we can’t wait to see what the future of this brings. 

MDF is chosen for durability, affordability, appearance, or any combination of the three. The stability of MDF has a significant advantage especially in kitchens and baths, which commonly endure dramatic and swift changes to temperature and humidity.

Pre-Primed Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

Cabinet Doors 'N' More now offers white primer as an option for your replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts. If you are ordering paint grade hard maple or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) cabinet doors or drawer fronts you can easily add this option to every component you order. Cabinet Doors 'N' More's priming capabilities allow you to save money and the time consuming process of prepping and priming your Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

User-Friendly Ordering

After taking the measurements, the process of ordering replacement cabinet doors from Cabinet Doors ‘N’ More is simple. Our easy-to-navigate platform is divided into five steps:

  1. Select your products
  2. Enter your measurements
  3. Place your order
  4. Receive a confirmation
  5. Wait for delivery

What’s more, each product is custom made to your exact specifications, ensuring you receive premium kitchen cabinet doors for your DIY project.

Tips for DIY Cabinet Door Installation

Ease of installation is one concern that many DIYers face before beginning a cabinetry project. Since Cabinet Doors ‘N’ More delivers a customized product that is DIY-ready, installing your Cabinet Doors will require little work. And, while most cabinet door styles follow the same installation steps, keep in mind that customized features – such as veneers and cabinet mouldings – could complicate the process. Contact Cabinet Doors ‘N’ More Today!

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Partnering with Cabinet Doors ‘N’ More for your DIY kitchen cabinet project is one decision you won’t regret. We are an industry leader in online kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, providing a variety of customized cabinet components to help you complete your remodeling project quickly and easily. Order as little as one cabinet component for a quick repair or order multiple cabinet doors for a large-scale renovation. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy free shipping on all orders, a fast delivery, and exceptional customer service. Learn more about our products by contacting Cabinet Doors ‘N’ More today, or start your ordering process now.

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