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If you are replacing your current cabinet door(s) and plan on using the same hinge size and overlay then you can measure your current doors for width and height (to the nearest 1/16"), then you will not have to use the cabinet door configurator. You can go to our cabinet door page, select your style and species and plug in your width and height dimensions to place your order. Make sure to measure twice!

The below cabinet door configurator will help you configure your replacement cabinet door size only if you know these two things:
  1. Cabinet opening width and height  in inches and fractional size. Example - 16 1/4" W x 24 1/2" H)
  2. The cabinet door overlay is how much you want the cabinet door to "overlay" on the cabinet or cabinet frame and determines the size of the hinge you'll use. The most common overlays are 1/2" for partial overlay cabinet doors and 1 1/4" for full overlay cabinet doors. If your current cabinet door overlays the cabinet opening 1/2" on all four sides and you plan on using the same overlay or current cabinet hinges, then select 1/2" overlay on that section. If not, then you can select a different overlay size. Just remember, the size of the overlay = the size of the overlay hinge. (1/2" overlay = 1/2" overlay hinge)

cabinet door overlay

fractional sizes

For more information on measuring for replacement cabinet doors and double cabinet doors for one cabinet opening, please visit our "How to measure for cabinet doors and drawer fronts" page.
Cabinet Opening & Overlay Measurements
Cabinet Door Size Needed
Cabinet Opening Width (In)
Cabinet Opening Height (In)
Cabinet Door Overlay (In)
Width (in)
Height (in)

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