If you're performing a kitchen remodel, consider upgrading your cabinet boxes with new cabinet end panels in several attractive natural wood grains. At Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we manufacture new cabinet end panels that are simple to install. Our products are made using pliable materials and fit the most popular cabinet sizes. 

New end panels are an excellent way to take outdated cabinets and give them a fresh and elegant look with veneer panels sourced from responsible suppliers. New end panels are ideal for:

  • Updates:¬†End panels are the perfect addition to any refacing project, helping you complete your kitchen update and tie similar wood species and grain patterns throughout your cabinets.
  • Concealment:¬†If you have damaged cabinets, conceal the flaws with new end panels for a like-new appearance. These panels quickly cover scratches, dents, marring and more.¬†
  • Transformation:¬†Change the look of your kitchen cabinets with new end panels. Our end panels are ready for stain or clearcoat to complete your cabinet transformation.¬†


Our cabinet end panels are available in three pre-cut sizes customizable to your precise dimensions using simple tools and supplies. Wood species selection matters even if you plan to stain, as different species accept stain colors with varying effects. If possible, we always recommend using similar wood species for a matching look. 

Our end panels have a core made from medium-density fiberboard, most often referred to as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). MDF is a durable composite material that stands up to moisture well and will never rot. On the exterior, we use plywood veneers ‚ÄĒ thin slices of hardwood selected from premium cuts of lumber. These surfaces create the appearance of a solid piece of wood you can use to enhance virtually any kitchen design.


When ordering, you can select from three types of wood grain for your end panels, including:

  • Hard Maple:¬†Maple lumber is bright in color and, with a clear coat, lightens any kitchen space. This wood has a tight grain, requiring a little more patience for achieving an even layer of stain.¬†
  • Red Oak:¬†Red oak is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets due to its natural appearance and ready acceptance of stain. With a clear coat, red oak creates a natural warming glow that will brighten the area.¬†
  • Cherry:¬†With a clear finish,¬†cherry offers rich, warm undertones suited for a range of styles, from a modern kitchen to a classic turn-of-the-century design.


To order new end panels for your project, select the cabinet panel that best matches your dimensions and cabinet position. You'll be able to cut your replacements to size, and we have the steps, tips and tools you need in our online measuring guide. Choose your preferred wood species, adjust your quantity and you're ready to order!

All our products are manufactured in the USA and ship in approximately 20 business days free of charge to any of the 48 connected states. To learn more about our panels or any of our cabinet refacing products, send us a note or call 844-915-1150.