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Custom Thermofoil Cabinet Drawer Front Styles

If you want to replace or update the drawer fronts in your home, apartment or other living space, thermofoil cabinet drawer fronts are the solution you need. They are available in many design options, yet are low-maintenance and cost-effective. These qualities mean that you can easily get new drawer fronts throughout your home that match your ideal aesthetic for less.

Cabinet Doors 'N' More is one of few companies in the United States that manufactures thermofoil cabinetry solutions, so we are your go-to destination for new drawer fronts. We make each drawer front custom to your measurements and in your specified design and color.Read More...


The base material for our custom cabinet drawer fronts is medium-density fiberboard (MDF). MDF is an engineered wood product that is made from dry sawdust and shavings mixed with a resin and wax and formed into a solid panel. After heat treatment and sanding, you are left with a material that is:


  • Affordable. MDF has a lower cost than other manufactured woods, making it a cost-effective solution for new drawer fronts.
  • Easy to work with. If you plan on priming and/or painting, MDF is a great product to finish your drawer fronts.
  • Smooth. MDF naturally has no grains or knots, so the smooth finished surface is perfect for rigid thermofoil.
  • Durable. MDF is denser than other manufactured woods and will resist damage better. It also will not warp or crack for long-lasting drawer fronts.
  • Consistent. Because of the way MDF is made, it is consistent throughout the board. The edges of your drawer front will be smooth and free of splinters.



Rigid thermofoil (RTF) is a type of cabinet finish that contains no foil, unlike the name suggests. It is made using heat and pressure in a large vacuum press to apply a vinyl laminate coating to the MDF core. This process makes sure the thermofoil is secure and shows the drawers styling details. There is an adhesive that is applied to the MDf so the vinyl layer adheres to the MDF.

Thermofoil drawer fronts can have various designs and finishes, which is ideal if you would like to match your existing cabinetry. You can also make the space aesthetically pleasing or match your entire home with our kitchen cabinet accessories such as shelving, veneer and end panels.



RTF drawer fronts are becoming increasingly popular in American homes as a beautiful and functional solution for cabinetry in any space. The advantages of this material include:


  • Polished appearance:The smooth and even finish of RTF is attractive, making it an ideal drawer front material in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Nonporous surface:Thermofoil is seamless and will protect the MDF base material from water because it resists liquids.
  • Easy to clean:Thermofoil can be wiped clean, with no scrubbing or cleaning agents required, because it's nonabsorbent and resistant to stains. It's easy to keep your drawer fronts looking like new.
  • Easy to match: Your custom cabinet drawer fronts will come finished, so you can match your existing cabinets. Color samples are available.
  • Cost-effective: Thermofoil is inexpensive, so you can replace all the drawer fronts in your kitchen or bathroom for less.
  • Long-lasting: RTF will not chip or crack as long as the laminate coating is intact. This feature keeps your drawer fronts in their best shape for a long time.


If your existing drawer fronts have any damage or the material isn't moisture-resistant, thermofoil drawer fronts are the best solution. Due to their versatile design and color options, thermofoil drawer fronts can be used in many different places in your home:


  • Kitchen: You can wipe RTF material down to easily clean up spills and splatters.
  • Bathroom: These drawer fronts can withstand high humidity levels while providing functional storage.
  • Workshops and hobby rooms: RTF is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, making RTF drawer fronts ideal for workspaces.
  • Laundry: Like bathrooms, laundry rooms can be moist and humid, so RTF drawer fronts will last.
  • Garage and storage areas: Thermofoil drawer fronts can provide a sleek storage solution in garages and similar areas.



Cabinet Doors 'N' More has many drawer front styles available in our thermofoil line. Whether you want a drawer front that is simple or detailed, flat or beveled, modern or classic, we have a design that will match your preferences.

Our thermofoil drawer front styles are:


  • Naples Slab. The Naples slab design features a smooth drawer front with a slight edge detail.
  • Naples Shaker. The Naples shaker has a clean straight border on the outside with a recessed center panel. Our most popular thermofoil design.
  • Marathon Beaded Shaker. Like the Naples shaker, the Marathon beaded shaker has a straight border and recessed panel, while the center panel has a vertical line design.
  • Venice Shaker. The Venice shaker is a simple and smooth slab drawer front.
  • Naples Raised Square. With a Naples raised square drawer front, the center panel has rounded-off corners and edge detail.
  • Daytona Raised Square. The Daytona raised square has a squared-off raised center panel with edge detail.

Our variety means that you can find the exact drawer front you want without compromise. Choose a drawer front design that matches your existing cabinetry or opt for a new look to refresh the room.



Color is an important factor when purchasing drawer fronts, and the RTF drawer fronts at Cabinet Doors 'N' More are available in many color options. Our color possibilities mean that you can match your existing cabinet color or try a new shade. The thermofoil finish on our custom cabinet drawer fronts takes on one of our many drawer front shades. Due to thermofoil's smooth surface, the color will look consistent across the drawer front.

The color options we offer include beautiful neutrals that can coordinate with any space.


  • White: The classic white looks polished and perfect.
  • Antique White: Antique white is a warmer white shade that provides a cozy charm.
  • Smoke Grey: Our darkest grey shade, smoke grey, is warm and inviting in any space.
  • Stone Grey: Stone grey is a lighter grey to go with other bold colors in the room.

The backside of your custom cabinet drawer fronts will be prefinished with white laminate.

Choose your cabinet drawer front style below:

*Drawer boxes sold separately

Shaker Style Thermofoil Drawer Fronts

Replacement Shaker Style Thermofoil Drawer Front

Naples RTF Shaker Drawer Front

replacement beaded shaker thermofoil drawer front

Marathon RTF Beaded Shaker Drawer Front

Replacement Wide Panel Cabinet Drawer Front

Boca Thermofoil Shaker Drawer Front


Raised Panel Thermofoil Drawer Fronts

Replacement Raised Panel Thermofoil Drawer Front

Daytona RTF Raised Square Drawer Front

Replacement Raised Square RTF Thermofoil Drawer Front

Naples RTF Raised Square Drawer Front


Slab Panel Thermofoil Drawer Fronts

replacement white rtf slab cabinet drawer front

Venice RTF Shaker Slab Drawer Front

Replacement Thermofoil Slab Cabinet Drawer Front

Naples RTF Slab Drawer Front



At Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we make thermofoil drawer fronts to your unique specifications. Our made-to-order system means that you will need to take precise width and height measurements of your existing drawer fronts, so we can make new ones that will work perfectly in your kitchen or laundry room.

Measuring your drawer front requires three simple steps:

  1. Measure the backside of the drawer front for the width to the nearest 1/16-inch.
  2. Measure the backside of the drawer front for the height to the nearest 1/16-inch.

For further instructions on how to measure drawer fronts, review our online measuring guide. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your custom cabinet drawer fronts, so we will help you ensure each measurement is correct.

RTF cabinet drawer fronts:

  • Standard 3/4" thickness
  • Seamless, durable finish and construction
  • Offered in slab, raised panel and shaker style designs
  • Available in White, Antique White, Stone Grey and Smoke Grey
  • Matching cabinet door styles are available
  • Made in the USA


Getting new RTF drawer fronts in your kitchen, garage or bathroom is the perfect solution for sprucing up your cabinet system or replacing a damaged component. Cabinet Doors 'N' More has more than RTF drawer fronts. For several years, we have worked on many cabinetry projects, from homeowners doing a large full-kitchen remodel to those just wanting to update their cabinets. Whether you order drawer fronts or another solution, you will receive a product that has been produced in our U.S.-based factories and is made to last.

If you want to change the appearance of your cabinet system, order these other cabinetry components:

  • Cabinet doors: New cabinet doors can update your cabinetry's style or simply replace a broken door. Cabinet Doors 'N' More has 12 door options available in various styles — from traditional to contemporary — in many wood species, such as hard maple and red oak.
  • Drawer boxes: Our drawer boxes are made of solid birch wood that looks beautiful and is stronger than particleboard and plywood. They are ideal whether you are remodeling your cabinets or need a stronger drawer.
  • Shelving: If your factory-made shelving is bowing under the weight of kitchen appliances or you need more shelves for additional storage, order our replacement shelving. It is made of a 3/4-inch plywood core with a natural wood veneer for a product that is strong and looks nice in any cabinet.
  • Veneers: Our poly back veneer sheets are made of real wood yet are flexible and adhere to your cabinet face. They are unfinished, so you can stain them to match your cabinetry.
  • End panels: End panels will replace your existing cabinet box with a new pliable wood grain material that has a hard maple, red oak or cherry veneer. This solution is ideal for updating your cabinetry system, replacing damaged components or refacing cabinets.



Thermofoil drawer fronts are sleek, cost-effective solutions that are made to last, available in many styles and colors, and can be installed in several areas of your space. Cabinet Doors 'N' More will make custom cabinet drawer fronts to fit your exact needs using our easy-to-use ordering process. After you send us your measurements, we will make and ship your drawer fronts to your home or work site within 20 business days (faster shipping option now available for a small surcharge). Shipping is always free, and there are military discounts available as well as a bulk order discount of 10% off your order of $750 or more.

No matter the color or style you select, your drawer fronts will come ready to install, look attractive and last for years. If you would like assistance in choosing a drawer front style or taking measurements, complete our online contact form or call us at 844-915-1150.