Venice Thermofoil Shaker Slab Custom Cabinet Doors

Venice Thermofoil Shaker Slab Custom Cabinet Doors

Step 1: Choose a Color to Get Started
White Smooth Satin RTF
White Smooth Satin RTF
White Textured Matte RTF
White Textured Matte RTF
White Smooth High Gloss RTF
White Smooth High Gloss RTF
Antique White Smooth Satin RTF
Antique White Smooth Satin RTF
Stone Grey Textured Matte RTF
Stone Grey Textured Matte RTF
Smoke Grey Textured Matte RTF
Smoke Grey Textured Matte RTF
Step 2: Enter Your Custom Measurements Here

Please enter a width of at least 7 inches.
Please enter a width less than 48 inches.
Please enter a height of at least 7 inches.
Please enter a height less than 83 inches.
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When you're refacing your old cabinet system, you want your cabinet door to offer style and functionality. This flat panel thermofoil cabinet door front provides durability and versatility for your remodeling project. With its slab design and shaker square edge profile, it offers a sleek and contemporary appearance with a sturdy rigid thermofoil (RTF).

  • Standard 3/4" thickness
  • Contemporary slab design
  • Shaker outside profile design
  • Durable MDF core construction
  • Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) finishes available - White Smooth Satin, White Textured Matte, White High Gloss Smooth Satin, Antique White Smooth Satin, Stone Grey Textured Matte and Smoke Grey Textured Matte¬†
  • Back side of cabinet doors have a white laminate finish
  • Measure Width and Height to closest 1/16"
  • Width: Minimum: 7" - Maximum 48"
  • Height: Minimum: 7" - Maximum: 83"
  • All hinge bore holes are drilled for any standard European concealed hinges
  • Hinge boring (left or right) is 3" from top and bottom of cabinet doors (no custom hinge boring available)
  • Hinge boring will always be on the height side of the cabinet door
  • Cabinet doors with a height of 36" or less will receive two hinge bores (Doors that are 8" - 13" high have hinge boring 2" from top and bottom of door; all other sizes are 3" standard from top and bottom.)¬†¬†
  • Cabinet doors with a height of 36" - 60" will receive three hinge bores
  • Cabinet doors with a height of 60" - 83" will receive four hinge bores
  • Manufactured in the USA

Note: Due to the nature of photography, lighting and screen color settings we cannot guarantee that the color you are seeing on your screen will match the cabinet component exactly. Color swatches are available for all RTF colors so before starting a larger project, please ask us to mail you a color swatch. The backside of all Venice slab cabinet doors have a white melamine finish. 



RTF material offers durability and ensures consistent color and easy cleaning and maintenance. Choose from four finishes to find the best look for your space. We cannot guarantee that the color seen on your screen will match exactly, so make sure to ask for color swatches before you start your project. Whatever finish you choose, you can expect lasting color and excellent condition from these USA-made drawer fronts. 

The medium-density fiberboard (MDF) inner construction keeps this product strong to its core. All flat panel thermofoil drawer fronts have a standard 3/4" thickness, and the other dimensions are available for customization. Make your front panel as narrow as 7" or as wide as 48". The height can be anywhere from 2 1/2" to 83". Whatever your cabinet system looks like, we have the size for you.

If you're not sure how to get the best measurement for your drawer front, check out our measurement guide for helpful tips. We're here to make your refacing and remodeling project easy, so you can count on us to complete your cabinet system. 



With Cabinet Drawers 'N' More, cabinet system remodeling is fast and easy. We have quick turnaround times and free shipping, so you can get started on your project right away. If you have questions about this product or want to request color swatches, get in touch with us today!

All orders ship in approximately 15 business days.



Pricing for this product:

  • White Smooth Satin RTF: $33.12 per square foot
  • White High Gloss Smooth Satin RTF: $38.88 per square foot
  • Antique White Smooth Satin RTF: $33.12 per square foot
  • Stone Grey Textured Matte RTF: $33.12¬†per square foot
  • Smoke Grey Textured Matte RTF: $33.12 per square foot
  • White Textured Matte RTD: $33.12 per square Foot

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  • What is the sheen on the Thermafoil? High Gloss, Gloss, Matte,etc.?

    We refer to our "sheen" as a Matte finish. If you would like to see a sample just click on this link and we'll mail you one.

    CDNM Customer Support

  • Do RTF doors come in different colors or do we have to paint them

    All of our RTF Doors are offered in white only... Painting RTF doors can be quite difficult so if you do plan on painting we would recommend ordering our MDF or paint grade Cabinet Doors. Thanks for reaching out... CDNM Customer Support    

  • the Slab RTF door, is the initial door solid wood? I love the SLAB door. thank you.

    The slab white RTF Cabinet Doors is actually made with MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and then a piece of vinyl is then vaccum-formed on top of the's some info on MDF and different ways we manufacture cabinet doors...we're very confident in the material and it provides a lower cost to solid wood...which benefits our customers!

    CDNM Customer Support

  • Is it possible to get samples of doors? If so, may I have a sample of VENICE RTF SLAB CABINET DOOR in white? My name is Joshua Morris, 3649 Warren St. NW, Washington, DC 20008.

    Thanks for reaching out Joshua...unfortunately we do not offer free sample cabinet doors but we do plan on offering sample cabinet doors in the near future. You'll be able to order any cabinet door style we offer in any of the wood or white rtf species we offer. You can certainly order a small Venice cabinet door on our site or we can send you a small sample of the white RTF material.


    CDNM Customer Support

  • what is thermo foil how durable and do and do you only apply it to wood doors?

    Rigid Thermofoil is a thin piece of vinyl that is heated and then applied to a piece of medium density fiberboard (MDF) to form the cabinet door. Thermofoil is very durable as it is "stamped" or vacuum formed to the cabinet door so the vinyl is seamless. These doors are very easy to clean with soap and water, will not chip or peel like paint and are highly scratch resistent. This particular door style also features a matching white edgebanding on all 4 sides of the door.

    We hope this helps...

    CDNM Customer Support