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January 22, 2020

Thermofoil (RTF) Cabinet Components - How Are They Made?


"RTF" or "Rigid Thermofoil" cabinet door and drawer fronts are a durable and high quality option when wanting to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or any room in the house. RTF products feature seamless construction, color consistency and resist staining. RTF products are very easy to maintain and clean. In most cases, RTF cabinet doors and drawer fronts are a lower cost remodeling option than buying solid wood components.

Here are the steps:

  • RTF cabinet doors and drawer fronts start with a piece of laminated 3/4" piece of medium density fiberboard (MDF). MDF is used as the core of the product due to the fact its a very durable product and is easy to route out the pattern or style of the Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts. The reliability in the production of MDF components results in a dependably smooth and blemish free surface.
mdf cabinet components


  • Once the MDF panels are cut to the size of the cabinet doors or drawer fronts that are required, they go to high-end (normally made in Germany or Italy) routing machines that are pre-programmed and can route multiple components at the same time. Each routing cycle takes only minutes so its very efficient and can produce thousands of parts every day.  

rtf cabinet components
  • Once the finished components come off the routers, they go through a couple more processes. The components run through another machine that clears all of the dust and particles from each component and then are lightly sprayed with a thin coat of glue that will help adhere the foil to the Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts.
  • Once the components dry, they are taken to the presses where the foil is applied. Multiple cabinet doors and drawer fronts are laid out on the platform for maximum coverage and efficiency. The foil is then laid over all of the components and sent into the press. The press clamps down over the components for several minutes and adheres the foil to each component. Below shows how the components look after coming out of the press. 

rtf cabinet doors

  • The final step is to trim off the excess foil from each component and complete the final inspection of each component. 

rtf cabinet doors


See how you can transform your kitchen or bath with new RTF cabinet doors and drawer fronts!!

white shaker cabinet doors


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