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October 02, 2018

Drawer Boxes - Pullouts vs. Rollouts

The world of kitchen storage solutions is wide and can sometimes be a little confusing. The terms 'pullout' and 'rollout' are great examples of words that are used to describe different types and function of kitchen cabinet storage. 

Let's try and clear this up...if you have to ‘pull’ a Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts or hardware/handle, it’s a pull-out, and if it is a rolling or moving drawer box or "shelf" that is behind and not connected to the door then its a roll-out.

'Pullouts' are attached to a drawer front, generally with a handle.

  • This is what most people are accustomed to...most people have multiple Drawer Boxes within their kitchen for utensils, small tupperware, dinnerware and if you are like cords, scissors, tape, stamps and 
  • Make sure you order 'pullouts' that are durable and will hold the weight of whatever you place in them. 4-sided drawer boxes are much stronger than 3-sided drawer boxes. Look for such features as dovetail construction (vs. stapled or pinned), solid hardwood material (vs. particle board).   

replacement cabinet drawer boxes

replacement cabinet drawer boxes

 'Rollouts' are a rolling shelf or sliding drawer box

  • Rollouts maximize all of space available, are great for larger pots and pans and give you complete access to everything within the cabinet. 
  • Scoop hand pulls are a great option for these type of drawer. 
  • Undermount or side mount glides can be used
  • If using undermount glides please make sure you order a drawer box that has a notch and bore option so that the glides install properly.

custom made replacement cabinet drawer boxes

replacement cabinet drawer boxes


Space-savers that enhance usability bring relief to frustrated homeowners in any size kitchen, but in small kitchens organization and maximizing space matters even more. Smaller kitchens must do just as much in less space so storage optimizers and improvements to accessibility are even more valuable.

There’s more to ease of use than just the moments that you’re using the item. If an item is easy to reach and use, you’re more likely to use it. How many times have you left something out on the counter simply because you’ll need it again and it’s a hassle to get it out? Or skipped using a particular tool or ingredient because you didn’t want to dig it out? When your storage is convenient, keeping a clear work space is easy and you get more utility from your kitchen.

Whether you need a 'pullout' or a 'rollout' storage option they will make your kitchen more organized and efficient and the time spent in the kitchen will be a much better experience.

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