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Today's kitchens have a much different role and use than what they did 10 to 20 years ago. Kitchens were another room in the house where you prepared your food for your family, cleaned up the dishes and then went to the family room for the night. Those days have changed. The kitchen is now the focal point of the house where people gather throughout the day for meals or just to hang out with family and friends.

Thankfully, kitchen styling and functionality has changed over the years and people are researching ideas and investing more time and money in terms of how to remodel their kitchen. The kitchen layout now has to incorporate openness to other rooms of the house, adequate and functional storage, islands for more space and for people to gather and spend time together. Technology in the kitchen in terms of lighting and appliances has grown leaps and bounds over the last several years and helping people save time and become more efficient in the kitchen.

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Here are some of the more recent design trends from some experts in kitchen remodels and design:

Cabinet Colors/Finishes

White cabinets still remain at the forefront of kitchen remodeling and remain a classic and clean look in the kitchen. An easy way to break up an all white kitchen is to bring color to a kitchen island or bar area. There are numerous paint colors or darker wood stains that will offset the feel and look of your kitchen. Various paint shades of grays, blues and greens are very popular today with mid to darker stains working as well. If your current island is white, painting your Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts is a fairly simple DIY project that you can take on yourself. Off-setting light finish cabinets with a darker finish kitchen island or bar area can bring a unique and dramatic look to your kitchen.

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Clean Simple Designs and Materials

Keep it simple...this applies to your kitchen as well. Clean lines and simple design now dominate the market...shaker and slab styling bring a modern and contemporary look to your kitchen. Shaker cabinet styling has been around a long time but has really taken off lately and can be bought in a wide variety of paint and stains. Kitchen manufacturers are now producing cabinet doors and drawer fronts in a range of new materials beyond wood and thermofoils. Aluminum, metal and laminates are now available in matte or glossy for accent pieces and to coordinate with appliances.

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Storage Solutions

Have messy and unorganized cabinet drawer boxes or shelving in your kitchen? Can't find something you are looking for or don't have enough space for those large pots and pans? There are lots of ways to get your kitchen more efficient and organized. Drawer tray dividers for utensils and knives, pull-out storage for spices or small appliances, roll-out drawers for pots and pans, waste basket cabinets for garbage and recycled items are some of the more popular items seen today. Designers are now designing kitchens with solid wood Drawer Boxes with soft-close undermount glides. Why not un-clutter your kitchen, get organized and simplify your life!

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This is probably made the most advancements in recent years...you will see all sorts of improvements in lighting, appliances and even faucets. Some kitchen designers are now calling these "smart kitchens". Long-handle faucets now have sensors that by waving your hands underneath will turn on or at a minimum just touch once to turn on. Refrigerators now show when items are going bad, let you start grocery lists on a notes screen and some even have a small TV!!! Kitchen and whole-home lighting can now be controlled by an app on your cell phone.

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Decorative Accessories

Decorative mouldings, mullion or glass cabinet doors or replacing wall cabinets with cabinet shelving are trends that designers are implementing into more cabinet designs. Decorative "stacked" or crown mouldings can add a real flair to complete a kitchen. Mullion or glass cabinet doors brings a more decorative look and accent to your kitchen by breaking up the look of your wall cabinets. These stylish cabinet doors can showcase fine china and valuables behind a glass-paneled door. To free up space but not storage, designers are now incorporating open shelving for dishware and decorative items in place of closed-door wall cabinets. Opening shelving materials can vary from different kinds of antique wood to shiny metals or copper.

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