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April 15, 2020 1 Comment

Budget-Friendly Kitchen and Bath Makeovers

Don't have $10,000 to do a complete kitchen or bath makeover? New cabinets, countertop, backsplash, sink, hardware, flooring. If you've never done a kitchen or bath remodel and start to get quotes from local home improvement stores or kitchen & bath shops, you might be shocked at how much it can cost. Once you add up all of the new materials and pay for the labor you might want to consider some other options...and stay on budget!

replacement cabinet doors

There are multiple ways to upgrade and enhance your kitchen or bath and not break the bank. Whether you do this as a do-it-yourself project or hire a contractor for maybe some of the project, you can save thousands of dollars by selecting and buying the materials yourself. A great way to do this is to shop online and find the best deals on the materials you need to complete your project.

Here are some great ideas how you can make great updates to your home without breaking the bank:

Replace your old cabinet doors and drawer fronts 

Replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts are a very cost effective way to bring an entirely new and updated look to your kitchen and bath and much cheaper than buying all new cabinets. If your cabinet doors are old and worn or you just want to change the style, this is a really simple do-it-yourself project. Shopping and ordering online is a great way to order your new Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts. There are many styles - raised panel, recess panel, shaker and slab - in many different wood, medium density fiberboard (MDF) or rigid thermofoil (RTF) options. Measuring for new cabinet doors and drawer fronts is very simple. If replacing a current door or front, all you need to do is measure the width and height to the nearest 1/16".

replacement cabinet doors     replacement cabinet drawer front


Replace your cabinet doors with glass cabinet doors

Updating your solid panel kitchen cabinet doors with glass cabinet doors or "mullion cabinet doors" will help bring your kitchen to a whole new level. Glass cabinet doors bring a unique style and look to your kitchen and bring a touch of elegance and openness. Glass cabinet doors are just as easy as replacing standard cabinet doors and installing the glass is easier than you might think. There are many glass cabinet door and glass options and configurations so shop online to find the right style for your kitchen. 

glass cabinet doors


Change out your hardware with new pulls or knobs

This is really easy and cheap way to bring an entire new look to your kitchen or  bath cabinets. There are literally thousands of cabinet hardware styles and finishes available. Changing the hardware is really simple as you just have take off the old knob and pull and replace with the new one. If your replacing a pull, make sure you measure the width of your current pull as they come in different widths.

cabinet door hardware


Paint your kitchen and bath cabinets

Painting your current kitchen and bath cabinets is another way to bring an entirely new look to your home. Though more labor intensive if your do-it-yourself, painting your cabinet doors, drawer fronts and frames is very popular today. Imagine taking your old oak or maple cabinet doors and drawer fronts and bringing them back to life with a white, creme or light or dark gray finish. If you want to change the style or finish then ordering unfinished Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts is an option. Paint grade hard maple and medium density fiberboard are great materials to use when priming and/or painting. Make sure before you start this project that you read about all of the steps to make sure your project comes out successful. Here's a helpful link to help you with this project:


Upgrade your drawer boxes 

Your drawer boxes get a lot of use and abuse over the years. A large percentage of new homes built years ago were built with particle board drawer boxes that were 1/2" thick and pinned together with braid nails. Today, there are many solid wood options that feature 5/8" sides, dovetail construction and finished completely so that your Drawer Boxes will last for years. 

replacement drawer boxes


Here are some other inexpensive ideas to transform your kitchen and bath:

  • Switch your cabinet door hinges to soft-close hinges
  • Replace cabinets with open shelving
  • Add a cabinet towel bar
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Open shelf end wall cabinet
  • Install a pull-out garbage bin 
  • Add decorative end panels to match your cabinet doors
  • Add mouldings to finish off the look of your cabinets


If you're on a budget but want to make a big splash by remodeling your kitchen or bath, there are some economical ways to really enhance the value of your home.


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Joseph Paciera
Joseph Paciera

March 09, 2021

I have two Kitchen Cabinets 5 foot and 4 foot. Both have doors and I woiuld like them to have pull drawers. The five foot one – I would like pull drawers for pots and Pans. The four foot one – I would like pull drawers for food stuffs such as canned goods and bags of flour and such. Is taht doable without changing the cabinets. I would like to replace the counter tops as well. So I am asking can you pull off the cabinet front and add sliding drawers and a new front. I would like a wood look like a table for the counter tops.

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