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November 19, 2020


In today's world or what we are calling the "new normal" people across the country are looking for things to do as we are still in the middle (hopefully!) of the pandemic. What are people doing with their time? We've heard lots of people are remodeling and updating their homes after putting off remodeling their home for years. 

If you plan on remodeling or taking on a larger project, where do you get the best return on your time and money investment? The easy answer: Kitchens and Baths. Where do you and your family gather for the night - Your Kitchen. But, where do you go when you need some peace and quiet? Your Bathroom. No matter what your budget is, remodeling your kitchen and/or bath is a great place to start.

Today we are going to focus on bathrooms and the cabinet styling trends that are popular today and should be for the next few years. There are so many options today to consider that sometimes it can be overwhelming. As with everything, over time there is a cycle back to the styles, finishes, colors, etc that you are familiar with but we'll talk about some new trends that you might find exciting and interesting that could put a statement on your bathroom(s). 

Here's some of the bathroom cabinetry trends we are seeing in 2020:

Bathroom Cabinetry

Bathroom cabinetry has come a long way since the traditional door/drawer wood vanities that dominated most bathrooms for years. Homebuilders installed traditional oak or maple stained vanities with raised panel or recessed panel styling for years. The bath cabinets matched the kitchen cabinets and could be found in the master bathroom, second bathroom and even the powder room. Then white cabinets became more popular than darker cabinets as white or off-white cabinets gave the room a bigger and cleaner look.  

If remodeling your bath with new cabinets make sure you ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What is my total budget for the bathroom remodel? For each component like cabinetry, countertops, flooring, storage, lighting, faucets, etc.?
  • Depending on the space, do I want a single sink or double sink cabinet?
  • Construction - solid wood, plywood, particle board, MDF options are readily available.
  • Countertops - materials like cultured marble, solid surface, granite, quartz, concrete. Like vanities these materials range in price depending on the material and color.
  • Do I like the hardware that came with the cabinets? Do I need to update? There are thousands of material and color options to choose from.

Today, there are still a significant number of homes with traditional cabinets but you may be surprised about how many style options there are to choose from and consider for your bathroom remodeling project:

  • Flat or "Slab" -¬†Flat or "Slab" style cabinets offer a simple design option with minimal details and hardware. These styles are considered modern or contemporary, and industrial styled bathrooms. Mostly made from laminates or thermofoils and some premium hardwoods, they are normally offered in a wide range of colors with white being the most popular.¬†

slab cabinet doors

  • Shaker -¬†Shaker styling is the most popular style of cabinetry used in kitchens and baths today. The simple look and clean lines of this cabinetry is highly versatile in decorating your entire space and leads to several bathroom types from contemporary to transitional.¬†¬†

shaker cabinet doors

  • Beadboard Shaker -¬†¬†Beadboard shaker cabinetry offers a different look than traditional shaker cabinet doors and drawer fronts with its vertical lines and¬†cottage-style design. Most people are familiar with Beadboard as a decorative wall treatment but in coastal areas it has really grown in popularity.¬†

beadboard shaker cabinet door


There are many other Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts options to choose from including traditional raised square and recess panel options, louvered doors, inset shaker doors and distressed style cabinets. Patterned glass, mosiac tiled and mirrored cabinet doors can really bring a unique look to your bathroom cabinetry if you want to take it to the next level. Cabinetry with open shelving on the bottom of the cabinet is a great opportunity for more storage like towels, soap or other toiletries. 

One option that is very popular in Europe but slowly catching on is floating or wall-hung cabinets (see image below). Floating bathroom cabinets are often viewed as contemporary or modern based on their cabinet door and drawer styling (most often a flat or slab design in laminate or thermofoil). One great advantage of these types of cabinets is you can install at any height your require and fits your needs. Floating cabinets still offer great storage space with multiple drawers but by not going going all the way down to the flooring, gives the room a more open appearance and allows you to highlight other features of the room (paint, lighting, flooring)

Cabinet Materials

Bathroom cabinets come in a myriad of material options including woods like oak, maple, cherry, alder, hickory, pine and many others. Wood cabinets are still the most popular option today as they can be stained or painted in a multitude of stains or paint colors and hold up very well over the long term. Laminated and Thermofoil options are normally a little cheaper but still offer numerous designs and colors to choose from.

Solid Wood

cabinet doors   

The advantages of solid wood cabinets are normally built and constructed very well so they will last for years. Solid woods like oak and maple hold up great, especially if they have been stained, painted and sealed. Consider trying to find cabinets made with plywood sides vs. particle board or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). In a higher humidity setting like a bathroom, plywood does not expand or contract as much as particle board or MDF. Depending on your budget, try and find plywood sided cabinets with solid wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts with solid wood dovetailed drawer boxes for long lasting durability.


thermofoil cabinet doors   thermofoil cabinet doors


Thermofoils or sometimes known as "RTF" (Rigid Thermofoil) are a great option for your bath as they are normally less expensive than solid wood cabinets and are offered in many styles and colors. Thermofoil products feature seamless construction, color consistency, resist staining and are very easy to maintain and clean. In most cases, RTF cabinet doors and drawer fronts are a lower cost remodeling option than buying solid wood components.

If you want to stretch the boundaries a little with your bathroom remodel, then you can look at other woods like bamboo, metal or aluminum cabinets, mirrored cabinets or even some "industrial" designs that might be perfect for a half-bath.



Bathroom cabinets come in every color, sheen and finish imaginable. For wood cabinets, stains range from natural or light finishes to dark reds and browns and every color in between. If looking at cabinets with some color, whether painted or thermofoil, white is still king but greys, beiges and even blacks are very popular. Sheens range from matte to satin to high gloss. Choose the best options for your home.

cabinet finishes

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a increase in the use of grey. From light greys to darker greys, people have moved away from white and beige but for 2020 we're starting to see even darker and stylish finishes.  Navy, black and darker greens are becoming more popular. If you don't want these colors to dominate the bathroom, then consider these colors in accents like storage cabinets, backsplashes, shelving or mirror profiles. There are many ways to provide accent colors to your bathroom project.

bathroom cabinet remodeling


With all of the cabinet options to consider from construction and materials to color and finishes, there are many resources out there to make sure you find the best fit within your budget for your home. Build a plan, do your research and enjoy the ride! 

If your happy with your current bath or kitchen cabinetry but need to update some parts that have become worn or damaged over time like Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts or Drawer Boxes, Cabinet Doors 'N" More can provide you with a solution to help you repair or update your cabinets. Send us a note at for any questions regarding your project and we'll see if we can help.

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