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July 12, 2019

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern kitchens often are described as "simple", "clean", "minimal" and "sleek" when describing modern or contemporary kitchen styling and designs. Every element of a modern kitchen design includes simplicity of cabinet styles, colors and designs. Most cabinet door styles are made of materials such as glass, metals, laminates and wood. Frameless cabinetry with full overlay Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts is typically the cabinet style for modern kitchen design. Most people think of white, gray or black as modern options but colors in softer tones , high gloss and two-tone options are becoming more prevalent in today's kitchen. The modern style normally includes clean and sleek lines with a minimum amount of cabinets, accents and storage options.

white slab cabinet doors

Modern design ideas started in the early 1900's and featured flat smooth surfaces, geometric shapes, and minimal ornamentation.The simplicity of a modern kitchen allows for a more spacious and open feel in your kitchen. Modern kitchens have a more sleek, simple appearance without a lots of extras including storage accessories, decorative carvings, mouldings and even windows. More emphasis is placed on the materials, shapes and function more than traditional kitchens. 

Here are a few ideas about on modern kitchen design ideas:

Cabinet Styling

Modern kitchen cabinet styles are characterized by sleek, clean-line options. Slab and shaker slab cabinet door and drawer front designs made from veneers, laminates, solid wood as well as white rigid thermofoil options are the most prevalent. Slab, wood veneer cabinet doors adds warmth and depth to a modern kitchen and often come with either a vertical grain pattern.

Laminates and thermofoils come in matte or high gloss finishes with dozens of color options. Adding colors - blues, reds, greens -  to the natural colors of wood veneer Cabinet Doors are becoming more popular and bring some diversity to your kitchen. Clear or frosted glass is a popular look for modern kitchen cabinets. Replacing old cabinet doors with glass cabinet doors is a simple and cost-effective way to update your kitchen.  

I know its not trend setting but white kitchens are still the most popular color for a kitchen. White kitchens can be used for any style of home. White kitchens come in a multitude of options such as paint, thermofoil, glossy lacquer, melamine, or veneer. Just updating your kitchen with new cabinet doors and drawer fronts can turn your old dark and drab kitchen into the focal point of your house! 

veneer cabinet doors   veneer cabinet doors

Cabinet Hardware

Sleek and modern looking cabinet hardware is a main compliment in a modern kitchen. The right cabinet hardware matched with slab or shaker cabinet doors and drawer fronts brings the entire look together.

Cabinet knobs and pulls for modern designs feature longer, thinner designs than typical cabinet hardware with minimal detail. "Bar Pull" styles are very popular in polished chrome, polished nickel or black finishes. Bar pulls are longer and normally cover the length of the cabinet door or drawer front. These types of cabinet hardware come in varying widths and lengths to suit your needs.

cabinet hardware       cabinet hardware

Natural Materials

While traditional kitchen cabinets tend to be made of one wood type (Oak, Maple, Cherry), modern kitchen cabinets can combine materials like wood, laminates, thermofoils, concrete, glass and metal to achieve a more unique feel. A mix of any and all of these materials are common in modern kitchen design.Veneer slab cabinet doors showcase natural wood grains. Remember, veneers are made from real wood from real trees...each individual cabinet door, drawer front or end panel will be unique and have a different look from the next. 

cabinet door styles


Modern lighting is probably the easiest choice you'll make as the options are abundant. There are so many choices when it comes to modern lighting and the same features normally apply to lighting - sleek, minimal -  as it does with cabinet styling. When choosing lighting, you'll want to make sure the finish matches the cabinet hardware to bring a coordinated look to your kitchen. With thousands of options to choose you can really make some bold lighting choices to bring your unique taste and style to your modern kitchen.   

Floating Shelves 

Want to really change up the look of your kitchen? Taking several or all of your wall cabinets down and replacing them with floating shelves would be a bold and exciting change. A few wooden, glass or metal floating shelves will dramatically change the look of your kitchen. If you don't mind people seeing your kitchen wares, then this simple, clean look could be for you. 
modern kitchen cabinets
Are you tired of your old traditional kitchen with raised panel cabinet doors and drawer fronts, stained wood and crown mouldings? If your looking for a change to update and replace your kitchen cabinet doors, choosing modern options in cabinet styling, hardware, unique materials and lighting are readily available.


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