November 09, 2018

Kitchen Cabinet Mouldings - The finishing touch

Kitchen cabinet Mouldings (or molding depending on how you want to spell) offer the perfect finishing touch for your kitchen cabinets. There are various types of cabinet mouldings - crown, scribe, light rails - to help you finish off your kitchen with an upgraded look and feel. Mouldings can be used to cover the space between cabinets or installed above or below a cabinet. You'll want to make sure that the mouldings you choose will match the cabinet door style so they complement each other. Cabinet mouldings come in traditional or shaker style designs. Choose your moulding design to create the look that reflects your personal style. 

kitchen cabinet mouldings   kitchen cabinet mouldings

Although there are several types of cabinet moulding available, here are a few varieties commonly found in kitchen remodeling projects:


Crown MouldingShaker Crown Molding

Crown moulding creates an decorative customized look for your kitchen cabinets that is applied to the top of your cabinets. It's an easy kitchen remodeling project you can install yourself is very inexpensive. Crown moldings made of solid wood  come in hundreds of profiles and can be stained or painted. White RTF mouldings are available as well to match your white kitchen cabinets.


Light Rail Moulding   White RTF Light Rail Moulding

Light rail moulding is used at the base of cabinets to help conceal the lighting and reduce glare from under your kitchen cabinets. Light rail moulding creates a Make sure to choose a light rail molding that matches your crown molding to create a cohesive look.


Scribe Moulding White Scribe Moulding  

Scribe Moulding is a thin piece of trim that finishes any gaps between your cabinets and the wall. This is an easy and affordable way to solve any visible inconsistencies once your installation is complete. It's common for the walls and ceilings to be inconsistent or out-of-square if you're remodeling a kitchen in an older home. 

Kitchen cabinet Mouldings provide personal detail and a finishing touch for kitchen cabinetry and creates a custom and polished look.

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