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In construction and remodeling projects, the tempo often gets high. You can finish one job, bid another and start prepping your next job all in the same day. Partnering with a reliable cabinet component supplier can ensure you get the replacement parts you need quickly, so you can finish your jobs on time.

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If you need replacement cabinet components for a project, spend less time looking for them at Cabinet Doors 'N' More. We offer a wide selection of Cabinet Doors and refacing products built to your dimensions. Transform a kitchen, bath or other interior space with made-to-measure replacement cabinet components for contractors. Whatever your next project looks like, we have the cabinet components to make your vision a reality.


Where do contractors buy kitchen cabinet components? Cabinet Doors 'N' More is the destination for everything you need for your cabinet refacing project. We build and ship orders quickly ‚ÄĒ with most ready to ship factory-direct in approx. 20 business days.¬†We now offer the option of faster shipping in 10-15 business days for a small surcharge.¬†

Our products are crafted from the highest quality materials and made right here in the USA. All orders also receive free shipping, and we offer 10% off for bulk orders of $750 or more.


New cabinet doors can change the look and feel of a kitchen, bathroom or any room with existing cabinetry. Install new cabinet doors to modernize your space or restore a previous look. Our online store includes a wide selection of cabinet doors made from solid wood and composite materials. 



Our solid wood cabinet doors are handcrafted from woods like cherry, hard maple, paint-grade hard maple and red oak. Our custom doors retain their natural characteristics, like the grain pattern and knots, while eliminating unappealing blemishes. Wood cabinet doors also accept stains and varnishes. Choose from these designs to create the exact style you want in your space:

  • Shaker cabinet doors:Shaker-style cabinet doors are among the most popular on the renovation market. Our Belmont Beaded Shaker Custom Cabinet Doors have attractive vertical groove panels that add dimension.
  • Raised panel cabinet doors:Raised panel cabinet doors feature a carved framework surrounding a floating center panel. Consider our Concord Raised Cathedral Custom Cabinet Doors for a simple yet regal design.
  • Recessed panel cabinet doors:Recessed panel cabinet doors have a crisp profile with a recessed center panel. Our Wilmington Recess Panel Cabinet Doors have a classic shape that can blend in or pop with the right accents.
  • Slab cabinet doors:Slab cabinet doors are the minimalist's ultimate¬†choice for cabinetry refacing. The Lancaster Veneer Slab Custom Cabinet Doors offer a streamlined profile for a minimal design.

2. MDF 

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a popular alternative to solid wood. This engineered wood product combines broken wood fibers, resin and wax for a smooth surface free of grain patterns and knots. Our MDF cabinet doors are great for priming and painting your builder-grade cabinet door replacement project. MDF cabinet doors come in these styles:

  • MDF Shaker cabinet doors:Their minimal appearance make Shaker-style cabinets for contractors flexible in nearly any application. Our MDF Marathon Beaded Shaker cabinet doors have sturdy MDF construction and vertical Shaker panels.¬†
  • MDF raised panel cabinet doors:The raised panel design accentuates shadows and light with timeless elegance. Check out the Naples Thermofoil Raised Square Cabinet Doors for a design featuring a rounded panel profile that adds warmth to any room.
  • MDF recess panel cabinet doors:For a recessed panel cabinet door perfect for painting, our Naples Thermofoil Shaker Custom Cabinet Doors feature traditional, defined angles that help your doors blend in with classic or modern styles.¬†
  • MDF slab cabinet doors:Our Lexington MDF Slab Custom Cabinet Doors are excellent for spaces like offices, apartments and businesses that want a modern feel.¬†You can add white primer to your MDF cabinet door order so it'll be ready for painting right when it arrives.

3. RTF 

We also offer cabinet doors made from Rigid Thermofoil (RTF), an engineered wood material with an MDF core. Custom RTF Shaker cabinet doors are soaring in popularity because of their cost-effectiveness and ease of care. RTF cabinet doors come in various finishes and satin colors and can be cleaned without harsh chemicals. Our selection of RTF cabinet doors gives you the desired aesthetic in your cabinet refacing project:

At Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we build cabinet doors to your specifications and measurements. You choose the size, material and style, and we do the rest. We also offer single- and double-paneled doors (depending on the height of the cabinet door) in varying styles in sizes up to 48" wide and 83" high.


New drawer fronts change the appearance of cabinets. They are an affordable way to breathe new life into aging cabinets or achieve a luxury appearance in a few simple steps. Our cabinet drawer fronts come in the same styles and materials as our cabinet doors, letting you match your cabinetry refacing perfectly. 


We manufacture and ship our solid wood drawer fronts unfinished so you can pick the right paint or stain. 

2. MDF 

If you plan to paint your drawer fronts, MDF cabinet drawer fronts are a great option. Our selection of unfinished MDF drawer fronts gives you the flexibility to design the cabinet components you want in your space.

3. RTF

RTF drawer fronts provide versatility and cost-effectiveness to your remodeling project without the hassle of a full renovation. Our RTF drawer fronts are made from the same MDF core and easy-to-clean RTF coating as our cabinet doors. We can custom-build RTF cabinet drawer fronts for your measurements. 

  • RTF Shaker drawer fronts:Shaker-style RTF drawer fronts come in several finishes, from antique white to stone grey. Our Marathon Thermofoil Beaded Shaker Drawer Fronts add a warm touch whatever the finish.
  • RTF raised panel drawer fronts:For a raised panel drawer front that is durable and easy to clean, check out our Naples Thermofoil Raised Square Drawer Fronts. With several white and grey finishing options, matching these components to your existing cabinetry is simple.
  • RTF recess panel drawer fronts:Adaptable design meets simple charm in the Boca Thermofoil Shaker Custom Drawer Front. Modernize this design with minimal hardware, or embellish it for a more traditional aesthetic.
  • RTF slab drawer fronts:The Venice Thermofoil Shaker Slab Drawer Front is a great way to add a sleek design to your room. This flat panel RTF drawer front pairs well with RTF slab cabinet doors and modern hardware.¬†

If you are painting, select optional white primer (for MDF and Paint Grade Hard Maple drawer fronts only). Choose from a selection of attractive styles made to measurement increments down to 1/16". 


In kitchens, bathrooms, storage areas and more, cabinets have a significant impact on the room's overall appearance. If you are looking to remodel and update the look of your kitchen, cabinet refacing provides a low-cost option to transform your space. If your existing kitchen cabinets are in good shape and made from quality materials, changing just the worn, damaged or outdated cabinet doors can save you a lot of time and money. 

Cabinet refacing is more cost-effective and requires less labor than the total replacement of cabinets. Most cabinet refacing projects can be done in just 3-5 days (compared to 6-8 weeks on most major remodeling projects). Full cabinet door refacing includes replacing the existing cabinet doors with new custom-made products in the style of your choice. 


Benefits of cabinet door refacing include: 

  • More affordable:¬†Refacing cabinet doors saves you time and money on both labor and materials.
  • Simple installation:¬†Our custom cabinet doors ship ready for stain or paint, with optional hinge boring.¬†
  • Reduced labor:¬†Refacing upgrades the existing cabinetry, saving the hassle of removal and installation.¬†
  • Environmentally conscious:¬†Refacing is environmentally conscious, requiring less demolition and reducing landfill waste.
  • Less hassle:¬†Less demolition means the client can continue using their kitchen, keeping them happier throughout the project.


Replacing parts like cabinet drawer boxes or shelves can result in a totally refreshed space for a fraction of the cost of installing all-new cabinets. At Cabinet Drawers 'N' More, we provide contractors with everything they need for a job well done. Our custom drawer boxes are made from premium maple or natural birch woods with a sturdy dovetail design and clear UV finish. We can also include a scoop hand pull to eliminate the need for additional hardware or bores for undermount slides.

We offer custom kitchen cabinet shelving too, so you can replace your shelves when they start to bow with time. A plywood core adds strength, while a clear varnish protects the wood.


Having the right cabinet hardware is vital for your renovation project. Whether you need to replace hinges or drawer glides, we have you covered. You can enjoy free shipping on your order and a lead time of 7-10 business days. Check out our selection of cabinet accessories to complete your builder-grade cabinet door replacement:



Our premium cabinet door hinges work with most framed cabinets. The Blum Soft-Close cabinet hinges come in pairs with mounting screws and instructions. These hinges offer two overlay measurements for different cabinet door overlays. Choose between the ¬Ĺ" overlay hinge for cabinet doors with partial overlay and the 1 ¬ľ" overlay hinge for doors with full overlay.

These guidelines will help you determine how many hinge bores ‚ÄĒ which require a pair of hinges ‚ÄĒ your cabinet door needs:¬†

  • Two hinge bores:Solid wood cabinet doors with a height of 42" or less and thermofoil cabinet doors with a height of 36" or less require two hinge bores, which is one pair of hinges.
  • Three hinge bores:Solid wood doors with a height of 42 1/16" to 72" and thermofoil doors with a height of 36" to 60" require three hinge bores, which are two pairs of hinges.
  • Four hinge bores:Solid wood doors with a height of 72 1/16" or larger and thermofoil doors with a height of 60" to 83" require four hinge bores, which are two pairs of hinges.


High-quality undermount drawer glides allow you to smoothly use drawers and prolong their life. At Cabinet Drawers 'N' More, we offer drawer glides for our cabinet drawer boxes. 

Our soft-close drawer glides come in pairs and are available in three different sizes for the optimal fit with your drawer box. It is best to choose drawer glides with a length 3" less than the depth of your drawer box. If you want to use undermount glides in your renovation, you should purchase drawer boxes with the "notch and bore" option.


At Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we know you have multiple projects going on at the same time, and we know that time equals money. We want to make ordering kitchen Cabinet Doors and drawers simple and easy. Here's how you can do it:

  • Measure your cabinet doors anddrawer fronts:¬†Find your dimensions¬†using our guide for measuring cabinet doors.¬†
  • Select a product: We make ordering easy with simple site navigation. Find the styles you need fast.
  • Enter your measurements:¬†Simply type your measurements into our easy-to-use form to get your total delivered price.
  • Place your order:¬†We have a simple checkout process. Place your order, and we will get to work right away.
  • Mark your calendar:¬†Receive instant order confirmation and fast delivery of completed products.



Whether you're looking for a single item or placing a large bulk order, you can get custom cabinet doors made from the highest quality materials. We only accept the best raw lumber, ensuring our cabinet doors and drawer fronts will always exceed your expectations. If you are refacing cabinets for a customer's remodeling project, choose our quality products and deliver a better result. 

Our cabinet refacing products change the way rooms look, feel and function. Shipping is always free within the continental United States.¬†Give us a call at 667-877-8777 or¬†send a message¬†to place an order or learn more about our products. Our experts will help you find the right styles and designs ‚ÄĒ made to your specifications ‚ÄĒ for your remodeling project.¬†

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