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Concord Raised Cathedral Custom Cabinet Doors

Concord Raised Cathedral Custom Cabinet Doors

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Paint Grade Hard Maple
Red Oak
Hard Maple
MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

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Our Concord raised cathedral style cabinet doors feature a solid wood frame and a traditional raised cathedral arch design. These cabinet doors are versatile, adding dimension and visual appeal to a bath, kitchen or any other room. Customize our Concord doors to match your current cabinets or a new theme with products made to measure. We manufacture using your measurements to produce new cabinet doors using a variety of attractive hardwoods or if wanting to paint, Cabinet Doors 'N' More offers medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or paint grade hard maple as an lower cost options.


Taking measurements is simple, and we'll help make sure yours are accurate. If you're remodeling and have a cabinet door available, measure the backside of the door for both width and height to the nearest 1/16 of an inch. For help, or to measure off a cabinet opening, follow the steps in our online guide to get precise numbers. 


From Oak to MDF, the right material for your cabinets for your remodel depends on your preference as well as the nature of the  project. Choose from red oak, hard maple and cherry for hardwood cabinets you can stain or clear coat. If you'd like to paint your cabinet doors, please select paint-grade hard maple or MDF. For paint-grade maple and MDF cabinets, add our optional white primer to ensure your final coat comes out beautifully. 


Our Concord cabinet doors are available in sizes from 8 1/4 to 48 inches wide and 12 1/4 to 83 inches high. Unless requested otherwise in the ordering notes, we produce doors over 26 inches wide or 48 inches tall using two panels. Complete your remodel using our slab cabinet drawer fronts or Asheville raised square cabinet drawer fronts, both excellent matches for this cabinet door style. If you'd like help placing an order, please send us a message or call 844-915-1150 and we'll be happy to assist you. 


  • Made in the USA with responsibly sourced materials
  • 3/4 inches thick with 2 5/16 inch framing rails and stiles 
  • Width: Minimum 8 1/4" - Maximum 48"
  • Height: Minimum: 12 1/4" - Maximum: 83"
  • MDF cabinet doors feature an MDF frame and insert panel 
  • MDF cabinet doors are priming and painting only
  • Hardwood cabinets feature a solid wood frame and insert panel 
  • Hinge boring for European concealed hinges is available
  • Hinge boring (left or right) is available 3" or 3 3/4" from top and bottom of cabinet doors (no custom hinge boring available)
  • Doors up to 42 inches receive two hinge bores
  • Doors between 42 1/16 and 72 inches receive three bores
  • Doors between 72 1/16  and 83 inches will receive four bores
  • Manufactured in the USA

Price for this product

  • MDF $27.36 per square foot
  • Hard Maple $41.76 per square foot
  • Paint Grade Hard Maple $36.00 per square foot
  • Red Oak $36.00 per square foot
  • Cherry $41.76 per square foot

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  • I kdo not see anything about pricing???? please help

    To get pricing for any of our items you need to plug in dimensions for each product...for instance we would need you plug in the exact width and height of this Cabinet Doors and the delivered price will show up as the base cost.
    We hope this helps...

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