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December 17, 2018 1 Comment

Shaker style cabinet doors offer multiple design choices

Shaker style cabinets started years ago with furniture design by the Shakers, who were known as skilled craftsmen and laborers and today shaker style cabinetry and design is arguably the most popular style of Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts available. Most shaker cabinet doors and drawer fronts are associated with very clean and simple lines, while others could have a " beadboard" design or decorative edge detailing on the rails and stiles to give you a completely different look and design. Shaker cabinet doors are made as a five-piece door with a recessed center panel.  The drawer fronts of shaker cabinets can also vary as slab shaker drawer fronts are often selected for more modern or contemporary designs, while five-piece drawer fronts are popular for more transitional kitchen designs.

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replacement white shaker cabinet doors

replacement shaker cabinet doors

There are several reasons why shaker cabinetry works with any type of design or look you are trying to achieve:

  1. Shaker Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts take stain or paint or stain very well whether you have chosen a solid wood, paint-grade or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) cabinet door to recreate your kitchen or bath and your desired design style. If painting we recommend priming each shaker cabinet door, sanding the primer to eliminate any brush strokes and then finishing with you final coat. The wide door panels of shaker cabinet doors catch your eye and serve to enhance the wood grains so stains are a popular finish choice as well.
  2. Based on its construction and simplicity of design, the shaker cabinet door style is very reasonably priced. It normally runs 10-20% less than a raised panel door with a solid wood insert panel. 
  3. Shaker cabinet door styling is timeless whether they look modern or transitional. The simplicity of shaker cabinet doors and drawer fronts are a large part of their appeal. It's basic design can take on a unique feel and look with changes to door material, finish and the hardware you choose.
  4. Shaker Cabinet Doors  and Drawer Fronts are very easy to maintain - especially if you choose rigid thermofoil (RTF) cabinet doors as your material. Rigid thermofoil doors  feature seamless construction and a smooth finish so they are very easy to maintain and clean. If you have solid wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts with unique or complex cabinet door edge and framing bead profiles they can trap dust or residue from cooking. With a simple recessed panel design shaker cabinet doors and drawer fronts can be cleaned with minimal effort.
  5. If you considering updating your kitchen or bath cabinets and plan on painting MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) cabinet doors are a perfect option for painting and a lower cost option than traditional solid wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Unlike hardwood and softwood, MDF resists the natural expansion and contraction from changes in humidity, weather, and temperature. Since it is resistant to these fluctuations, it is less likely to become distorted, warped or bow over time. The reliability in the production of MDF results in a dependably smooth and blemish free surface that allows for uniform paint coverage.

replacement shaker cabinet doors

In addition to solid wood or MDF, shaker cabinet door styles are also available in rigid thermofoil (RTF) in traditional shaker door styles as well as "Beadboard" or cottage styling. 

Examples of different kinds of shaker cabinet doors:

White RTF shaker cabinet doors: 

white rtf beadboard shaker cabinet door   white rtf shaker cabinet doors

MDF Shaker Cabinet Door:

replacement MDF shaker cabinet door

Solid wood shaker cabinet doors:

replacement shaker cabinet doors   

Shaker kitchen and bath Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts designs offer the ultimate in flexibility. This classic collection pays tribute to basic styling with clean lines and square corners lending itself to nearly any décor. 

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Chris Kolbeck
Chris Kolbeck

May 06, 2019

Just received my cabinet door. The dimensions are perfect and the construction is phenomenal. I am extremely satisfied with your product.

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