December 07, 2018

Glass-Front Cabinet Doors - A welcome addition to any kitchen

Glass-front cabinet doors (often referred to as "mullions" or "muntins") are a welcome addition to any kitchen whether your remodeling or just updating your existing kitchen. Glass Cabinet Doors bring an unique look to a long line of repetitive solid wood or White RTF cabinet doors. Cabinet doors that are modified to replace your current wood insert panel with decorative mullion options with clear or decorative glass created a real focal point in your kitchen. Glass doors are prefect to show off dishware, collectibles, and seasonal decor. Additionally, glass cabinet doors create an illusion of incremental space in the cabinet which could a huge bonus for smaller kitchens. 

white mullion cabinet doors

white mullion cabinet doors

Glass Cabinet Doors are used most often in upper cabinets but can be used in some base cabinet applications. You can install them in as little as one cabinet, a line of cabinets or a separate desk or bar area. "Mullions" are wood moldings that divide a framed cabinet door that either hold individual panes of glass or more commonly as decorative accents over a single pane of glass. Mullion cabinet doors are a great way to enhance any cabinet remodeling project by combining functionality with a more stylish design. Kitchen cabinets are just one option when considering adding a decorative accent door to your remodeling project.  

glass front cabinet doors

solid wood mullion cabinet doors

Cabinet Doors 'N' More offers 3/4" thick solid wood or White RTF (rigid thermofoil) mullion doors. Our mullion Cabinet Doors are engineered to hold 1/8“ thick glass.  All solid wood mullion cabinet doors come with a clear retaining moulding (rubber retainer. Our "Mullions" are built and assembled in a way which produces a strong and clean mullion joint. Mullion cabinet doors come in an array of different designs including 1 lite/frame only, 4-lite, 6 lite, 8 lite and many other decorative custom made designs. You can enhance your mullion cabinet doors with clear glass, frosted glass or leaded glass. Here are some of the more popular mullion cabinet doors:

Solid Wood Mullion Cabinet Doors:

6 Lite mullion cabinet doors    4-lite mullion cabinet doors  1 lite frame only mullion cabinet doors

White RTF Mullion Cabinet Doors:

6 lite white mullion cabinet doors 4 lite white mullion cabinet doors  1 lite white mullion cabinet doors

So create an exceptional space and showcase beautiful dinnerware or decor items by incorporating mullion Cabinet Doors into your kitchen design. 

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