May 29, 2020


If you're looking to spruce up your kitchen and bathroom, consider changing your cabinet doors and drawers. There are many colors and styles you can choose from that allow you to completely change the look and feel of your space without investing in new cabinets.

Whether you want to brighten up a room that doesn't receive enough natural sunlight or add a darker, sleeker look to make your kitchen feel more modern, you can find the combination that works for you. Let's explore some of the best colors for kitchen cabinets and different combinations that will fit your style to give your space the upgraded look you desire.



The short answer — absolutely. You can change the color of your cabinet doors or replace them entirely without having to invest in and install brand new cabinets. If you like the look, storage and function of your current kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you can change them to another color that suits a new style.

Whether you've just moved into a new house or simply want to align your space with current trends, the right combinations will allow you to completely transform your space and highlight its best features simultaneously. There are different ways to use color in your kitchen or bathroom to draw attention to certain areas while downplaying others you don't want to show off as much.

When it comes to design, you can use any variety of color combinations you choose. If you're a fan of crisp, clean and simple color palettes, you can still mix in different shades to give some dimension and depth. If you love bold colors and making a statement, there's a way to coordinate those, too.

If you have lots of cabinet space that spans different walls, it's unnecessary to match them to each other. You can always go for a mismatched look but remain within cohesive color palettes that still look tasteful and tie together to help everything flow in your space.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing bathroom or kitchen cabinet color combinations:

  • Try out swatches of different colors on a small part of a cabinet in the room where you want to make changes to see what they might look.
  • Review different traditional and contemporary styles to see which look best suits your taste.
  • Seek insight from cabinet door professionals and ask their advice on what color combinations would look good in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Remember that the rest of your hardware and decor should also flow with your new cabinet color changes.
  • Embrace new ideas — you might be surprised at a color combination you never thought of and end up loving the way it enhances your space!

With the right design, your cabinet doors will allow you to capture versatile style, pops of color and a timeless look all in one. Your cabinet doors and drawers provide the perfect opportunity to explore colorful, eye-catching themes or monochromatic, uniform looks. Essentially, your kitchen and bathroom cabinets don't have to match their original frames — you can customize them as you please.


As with any trend, popular kitchen cabinet colors change constantly over the years as new styles pop up with every season. Because there are numerous opinions as to what the best shade is for your kitchen and bathroom, it's important to take a look at several hues to decide which will look best on your cabinet doors and drawers.

Additionally, the color you find most popular may not be one that you personally like. For example, if you live in area where the weather is often rainy and cold, you might not want to opt for dark or uniform colors. Instead, you may want to bring some bold looks into your space to give your home a warmer feel.

There are some other factors you should consider before choosing a paint color, such current and future trends, room size and how the colors will flow with the rest of your home. Let's take a look at some of the most beautiful cabinet paint colors and the different tones that can suit your kitchen or bath.


It's safe to say that white and neutrals are some of the most popular color choices for cabinet doors and drawers — they're easily pairable with just about any other color or shade and bring freshness to any room. These classic and timeless shades have the ability to open up your space while providing endless customization.

Even a standard shade, like white, can completely transform a room with the slightest bit of nuance. There are so many possibilities for white shades and neutral shades., from warm and buttery hues to earthy and cool tones. Other neutral shades include a myriad of grays, browns, creams, taupes and blacks.

These colors allow you to play around with bolder statements without feeling overwhelmed when you want into the room and give you a look you'll love for years to come.


Adding blue to your cabinet doors is a great way to create depth in your space, especially when paired with neutrals like black, smoky gray or white. As with any color, you can opt for lighter shades of blue to make a subtle statement or go bold with navy blue for a bit more intensity. For example, sky blue can help mimic the look of the sea and sky in your room when paired with crisp white tones.

Blue is a popular color for cabinet doors because it provides a traditional style with enough versatility to offer a brilliant accent in your space. Hues of blue will certainly add instant personality to your kitchen or bathroom and pair well with other light and dark complementary colors.


Green shades play well in any space and contribute to a relaxed, creative ambiance.

If you're a nature lover, green cabinet doors and drawers will definitely remind you of the outdoors. Fresh, earthly greens are perfect for any kitchen or bathroom space, like mid-tone greens that enliven the room or muted, mossy hues that infuse a subtle pop of color.

Lighter shades of green can help balance out a dark kitchen if your appliances are black, while darker greens will energize your stainless steel or white appliances or countertops. You can opt for a grayish-green shade if you're unsure which intensity to go with or sage green if you have a lot of natural wood in the room.

For a unique and clean space, you can also try out an avocado green. This shade pairs well with pops of white to create a crisp appearance while still giving you those bursts of vibrancy.



Even if you decide on one color, the options are still endless. To create a cohesive theme or aesthetic in your space, you can choose multiple shades of the same color or different colors to add dimension and depth to your bathroom or kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet color trends have evolved over time, and you can use certain combinations to achieve a look that works with your home's architecture and design. For example, if you want a mid-century modern look, you can opt for matte, muted colors of brown, green and blue. To create a bohemian design, you can choose earthy, fresh and soft shades of orange, yellow, turquoise and light pink.

Let's dive into some bathroom and kitchen cabinet color combination ideas to inspire you.


Another way to create the look of the sea is to add a mix of mint and white to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. This kitchen cabinet color combination will help give your space a modern coastal feel and make you think of the cool seafoam on the nearest shore.


A yellow and pink combination is ideal for those who love to make a statement. These warm, sunny colors will make your home feel mellow and welcoming and keep thoughts of summer on your mind. These colors are great for kitchens or bathrooms that don't get lots of sunlight, as bursts of lemon and pastel pink will create the perfect bright and cheery space you desire.


If you love the look of blue and white cabinets but feel the contrast is too stark, you can opt for a more subtle statement with powder blue and gray cabinets. This color combination will give you the modern designer feel you're looking for without using dark shades. These colors will provide just enough dimension to transform your original space.


A sage and white color combination on your cabinet doors and drawers will tie in both bohemian and traditional styles to add dimension to your space. Sage green cabinets with pops of white can also help create a rustic farmhouse look.


Blues and grays are also a great neutral and bold color combination. If your personal preference drives you to stay away from bright blues and whites, a navy blue or vibrant burst of cobalt paired with a light gray can be the perfect choice for a rich, inviting feeling. These two colors also look fantastic with brass hardware or elements of stained wood in your decor.


If your kitchen or bathroom has gold or brass hardware, emerald green will look stunning among your cabinets. This glossy, deep green will certainly draw the eye to all the right areas. When paired with black, your space will come alive and maintain a chic and moody ambiance.


If you're a fan of color, you can go for a blue and yellow combination to create an urban and nautical feel in your home. These colors complement each other very well. The darker shades of these hues will produce a more modern look while softer, muted blues and yellows will give the room a French countryside appeal.



Now that you know which options are out there, how do you decide which one is right for you? Choosing cabinet door and drawer colors requires further consideration than the latest kitchen trends. Be sure to choose a color or two that interact well with one another and play on the style and texture of your space.

Here are some other things you should consider before choosing your cabinet door colors:

  • Personal preference:Think about what colors you love the most and what you would want to see every day in your home. Get creative and don't be afraid to embrace something different.
  • Interior design:Depending on the color of your doors, countertops, furniture and decor in your space, you might want to pick a color that mixes well with your existing elements. This can prevent your cabinet upgrade from creating an overwhelming space that clashes.
  • Practicality:If you have a lot of foot traffic in your home from children or pets, it's probably a good idea to stick with colors that don't show stains and scratches as easily as a pristine white. You can even choose different colors for your lower and upper cabinets if you're keen on having a light color in the mix.
  • Wood or glass:Consider what wood or glass elements already exist in your space that you can play on for a sleek finish. For example, if you have a kitchen island made of all wood, you might not want to go for brown cabinets, unless you like the matching design.
  • Cabinet style:Though there are no strict rules that prohibit you from mixing colors and styles, the texture of your cabinet doors can also influence the color you choose. For instance, if your cabinet doors and drawers have more details, you might opt for a bolder color to bring out those designs.



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