August 21, 2018

Looking to update your kitchen or bath cabinets or replace a broken or worn cabinet door? maybe a drawer front? or a drawer box that is coming apart at the seams and won't open or close correctly.

replacement cabinet door and drawer fronts

You've looked online to see how you can order replacement cabinet doors or other components but are still confused about how to start. Cabinet Doors 'N' More can help you start. Measuring and ordering your cabinet components is easy, but there are a few things you should know that will make your cabinet remodeling project a lot easier.

Measuring for new cabinet doors and drawer fronts

If you know the exact dimensions of the cabinet door or drawer front (replacement for current door or drawer front), take a measurement of the back side of your existing kitchen or bath cabinet door or drawer frontby measuring the width first, followed by the height. Be sure to measure both to the nearest 1/16". Always measure twice as we will build the custom Cabinet Doors or Drawer Fronts to the dimensions you provide.

Watch this short video to see how to measure for custom replacement cabinet door and drawer fronts:

Measuring for new cabinet drawer boxes 

To start, we are going to need the height, width and depth of the drawer box.

Remove your drawer box first to make measuring easier. If you want to replace the exact same size drawer box and plan on using your existing drawer glides, we need you to measure the outside dimensions of the drawer box (width and depth). Then turn the drawer box on its side and measure the height. Only measure the drawer box dimensions and do not add the dimension of the drawer front or drawer glides. You'll need to measure to the nearest 1/16" for both width and depth and 1/2" for the height of the drawer box.

Watch this video to see how to measure for new cabinet drawer boxes:

If you need any further information about measuring for you new custom Cabinet DoorsDrawer Fronts or Drawer Boxes please visit our online website and click on the following link:

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