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April 23, 2024

When choosing cabinetry for a project, you should consider how many cabinets fit in the space, how you plan on using them, their longevity and the full range of cabinet door styles that will suit your tastes and decor. Cabinet construction influences the appearance and functionality of your kitchen or bath. There are two styles that are most common, framed and frameless cabinetry, that result in distinctive features and overall appearance. 


Understanding the differences between framed and frameless cabinets, will help you make a sound decision for your remodeling project.  

What Is a Framed Cabinet?

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Framed cabinets are by far the most common type of cabinetry. Framed cabinets have a solid wood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) face frame attached to the front of the cabinet box. The frame features two horizontal wood pieces, or rails, that are often an inch and a half wide and three-quarter inches thick, plus two vertical wood pieces, called stiles, with identical dimensions. 

The face frame covers the front of the cabinet box and serves both decorative and functional purposes. For instance, it provides structural support for the Cabinet Doors because they attach to the inside part of the frame. The cabinet door style also determines whether the hinges are visible or hidden. Doors and drawers attach differently to the frame to create distinct looks. The overlays define how much of the frame shows when you open and close the doors and drawers. Standard overlay cabinets feature a 1/2" overlay and full overlay cabinets feature a 1 1/4" overlay.

There are three primary types of framed cabinet overlays:

  1. Partial overlay: In this traditional design, the doors and drawers only partially cover the face frame. It’s a perfect fit for traditional style kitchens.
  2. Full overlay: The cabinet doors and drawers cover most of the frame with only 1/4" of the frame revealed, and it’s only visible when you open them. It works well with modern and contemporary style cabinet doors and drawers. 
  3. Inset: This look is exclusive to framed cabinets. The cabinet doors and drawers fit into the frame for a smooth, flat surface that looks stunning in transitional and farmhouse styles. 

Advantages of Framed Cabinets 

Framed cabinets combine a classic look with the practical ability to support heavy countertops. 

  • Attaching the cabinet doors to the face frame creates sturdy, stable cabinet boxes.
  • The face frame adds to the drawers’ strength and stability.
  • They offer more flexible size and modification options than frameless cabinets.
  • These cabinets are easy to install, even for less experienced contractors and DIYers.

What Is a Frameless Cabinet?

Frameless cabinets, or full-access cabinets, are a modern construction style that does not include the face frame. This European construction style has rapidly gained worldwide popularity. The doors or drawers create the face of the cabinet for a smooth, contemporary finish. The doors cover the entire front of the cabinet box and attach to the cabinet sides with concealed hinges.

Full-access cabinets adopt a full-overlay style with minimal space between doors and drawers and no horizontal rails or vertical stiles. They often use heavier wood materials like MDF (medium density fiberboard) to compensate for the lack of the face frame, ensuring more stability. Frameless cabinetry is ideal for several styles, including modern, transitional, contemporary decor. 

Advantages of Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets offer a seamless appearance and easier access to stored items.

  • Frameless cabinets provide more storage because they are at least one inch deeper than framed cabinets.
  • They fit wider and larger Drawer Boxes than the same-width framed cabinets.
  • These cabinets offer extra space for large appliances like blenders, juicers and food processors.
  • They allow unobstructed access to the cabinet’s interior.
  • They are versatile enough to complement multiple style preferences. 
  • Frameless cabinets offer more customization and positioning flexibility.
  • They seamlessly accommodate different organization options, including roll-out shelves. 

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