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December 18, 2019

Do you have cabinets in your house - kitchen, bathroom, garage, laundry room, basement - that don't work properly whether it's a cracked or chipped cabinet door or drawer front, cabinet doors that don't align properly, drawer glides that stick or loose cabinet door hinges?

We have some quick and easy solutions to help you make these repairs and  adjustments so you can get your cabinets back in working order. 


repalcement cabinet drawer boxes

Here are a few of the simple repairs that will just take minutes to fix:


Add Cabinet Door and Drawer Bumpers

 cabinet doors

Are you tired of your cabinet doors or drawer slamming against the frame of your cabinets? There is a really easy an inexpensive way to fix this: bumpers. There are a wide variety of peel & stick bumpers for Cabinet Doors that are fairly inexpensive. Make sure you probably clean the back of the cabinet door or drawer front before applying the new bumpers.

Adjusting a Cabinet Door Hinge

 adjustable cabinet door hinges

    Sometimes your cabinet doors can get out whack and do not line up properly. The majority of kitchen and bath cabinets today have a "european" concealed style hinge that has multiple adjustments. Euro concealed style hinges are designed for easy adjustment. There are normally 2-3 screws that can be adjusted with a phillips head screwdriver. Each screw has a purpose and will allow you to move the cabinet door in or out, up and down or left and right. Check that each cabinet door lines up with the door next to it. Look for any cabinet doors that look too high or low, have a gap between them, or overlap one another too much.

    How To Fix Drawer Slides 

    drawer boxes

    After many years of opening and closing your kitchen drawers some of the side-mounted drawer glides start to bend a little, rollers stop rolling. You can try bending them back a little or maybe spray some silicon or lubricate the rollers but that is probably not a long-term solution. There will probably come a time when you have to replace your drawer slides so that your drawer boxes function and close properly. If you want to keep it simple, then just buy new drawer slides that are identical to the pair you have today. Make sure you measure the length of your current drawer slides so you can buy the same size. You can find drawer slides on several online retailers or home improvement stores. Quality made drawer slides cost $7-$15 per pair. To take off your old pair and replace with a new pair should just take a phillips head screwdriver. 

    Broken Drawer Boxes

    replacement cabinet drawer box

    Have a drawer with a broken joint? Most drawer boxes are made with 4 sides and assembled with nails, screws or staples and glued together. If a joint starts to break or fall apart you'll want to fix before the entire drawer comes apart. To fix the drawer box remove the drawer box and remove any old fasteners and glue. If you are using nails or screws, please make sure you pre-drill the holes. Then apply some glue (preferably wood glue) and nail/screw the joint back together. If this does not work then check out Cabinet Doors 'N" More website for replacement cabinet drawer boxes. Our drawer boxes are made with dovetail construction which should last the lifetime of the kitchen!

    If you want to learn more about how to measure for replacement cabinet drawer boxes click on the link below:

    Repair Scratches or Small Dents

    replacement kitchen cabinet doors

    Fixing scratches on your cabinet doors or drawer fronts is an easy fix. You can purchase a stain-filled marker and touch up these scratches. Make sure you find a marker that matches or is a little lighter than your finish. Follow the scratch with the marker and then wipe off with an old rag. For deeper scratches, you purchase a use a wood filler pencil that closely matches the stain.

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