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January 23, 2018

Unfinished Cabinet Doors: A Stripped-Down Style Guide for 2018

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There’s so much beauty out there in nature. Rustic style evokes those comforting feelings of outdoor living and natural elements. Wood logs, branches and twigs can have so much interest. No longer is "rustic" associated with "country" style. For 2018, we're seeing modernized contrast. People tend to incorporate sleek elements with rustic elements. Pairing natural cabinetry with modern and sleek design is very chic. A tip: unfinished pine is a gorgeous option, but unfinished maple is more durable.

Interior design is all about creativity. With imagination, you can get some very intricate and unique designs happening. Try knotty pine or wormy maple. Or, white finishes can introduce an unfinished flat panel as a feature style element. Use a stain that adds a sheen and brings out more of the natural tones in the cabinetry. That’s another low-maintenance alternative that you can choose to go with. Our replacement Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts are ready to install right out of the box. They go up fast if you’ve got some extra hands around to help out.

So, here are some of our ideas for incorporating rusticity into your home. With this guide, let your imagination run a little bit. Picture your own home, and how these ideas could work for you. We hope you'll agree: the stripped-down look is far from boring.

Ideas for the Kitchen or Bath:

Natural unfinished kitchen Cabinet Doors or Drawer Fronts on your cupboards is beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with leaving cabinets unfinished. Making the decision to leave that rustic edge of the unfinished style is very cool and modern.

For modern style, imagine pale, organic cabinetry against stainless steel. Tiny homes and eco homes have popularized this style. Mixing and matching rustic elements with modern elements is not as hard as it looks. As long as you have something that ties the room together, your home will look great. This could be a pop of color that appears on the window ledge as well as the kitchen island or coffee table. Mark our words: pairing denim blues and rust oranges are the style trend for 2018. So, a little blue vase or an orange centerpiece will bring your rustic modern style to life.

Unfinished Kitchen and Amish Furniture

Another idea for you; Pairing unfinished kitchen cupboards with Amish furniture creates a flow through your home. This is more of a traditional country look. Little known fact: antiques are coming back. We've seen more and more traditional harvest tables appearing in design magazines. Of course, it's an updated version of an old classic. You'll need to play off of the traditional look with some white washed table linens or faded prints. This is the organic, natural style that is continuing to trend into 2018.

Try unfinished oak or unfinished pine for your kitchen island base. These types of wood, when incorporated into the center of your room, are going to express nature. Everyone in your kitchen will pick up on that sense and feel a sense of bliss or ease.

Ideas for the Living Room:

In the living room, you could have white furniture with rustic cabinets. This, again, is a very organic and modern style. If you have hardwood floors, be sure to match your cabinets in accordance. Ask an interior designer for advice if you're feeling lost. A general rule of thumb: either have an exact match or have a strong contrast. If there are similar, but not exact, stains, it will look messy.

Hinges that stand out against the unfinished wood is another great way to make a bold style. For 2018, mixing metals is chic. So, you don't have to stick to all gold or all silver or all copper; blend them all together throughout your home. Try bright silver hinges on unfinished cabinet doors. Then, try copper or gold handles. As long as they all have the same level of shininess, you're safe. Likewise, brushed metals or antiqued metals create a vintage feel, but you can mix the color of the metals.

In a similar way, gray and beige are no longer enemies. They can work together in harmony. Cabinetry is a great way to ground the two together in your home. Say you have gray walls and a beige or cream sofa. Unfinished, rustic cabinets will mediate those colors, because of the wood itself. You see, the wood has elements of both gray and beige within its fibers. We're loving hearty and durable antique oak with mixed neutrals.

More Home Decor Ideas: Use Unfinished Cabinets Doors

When it comes to “doing it yourself”, this trend has been all over the place in the last decade or so. You can D.I.Y all kinds of things today: including your own home interior design projects. Kitchen and bath remodeling projects are great. There are so many simple tasks that can be undertaken by someone with no experience. Sometimes, a simple YouTube tutorial is all you need to get started. The rustic trend has been popular lately.

A wild way that we’ve seen kitchen cupboard doors or Cabinet Doors used is as a D.I.Y “succulent display tray”. Any plant collector or cultivator of succulents would love to have a dedicated spot. So, the cabinet door could serve as a tray that holds quite a nice size collection of plants of any nature. Draping a small cloth across the “tray” can add even more interest. This could serve as its own conversation piece if it sat on top of a very large coffee table or end table.

Final Thoughts:

Unfinished kitchen and bath Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts aren't for everyone, but they are definitely in style. 2018 style trends will continue to include this organic, natural feel in home design. Mixing and matching rustic with modern elements will bring your home up to date. Light and natural style is a stunning way of showing off your home. We hope that these ideas inspire you, and we'll continue to show you beautiful options. Cabinetry is a wonderful way to express this stripped-down style.

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