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November 09, 2017

Cabinet Terminology

Cabinet Door:

replacement cabinet doors

  • Center Panel:The raised or flat panel in the middle of a cabinet door enclosed by stiles and rails.
  • Rail:A horizontal framing member of a cabinet face frame or cabinet door.
  • Stile:The vertical-framing members of a cabinet face frame or cabinet door.
  • Edge Profile:The detail on the outside edge of a cabinet door or drawer front.
  • Framing Bead:The detail of the inside edge of a cabinet door or drawer front.
  • Panel Raise:This can be either a recessed or raised panel option.
  • Prepped for Glass:Cabinet door can be built without inside center panel

Cabinet Doors may feature a variety of materials such as Solid Wood, RTF (Rigid Thermofoil), MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), metal or glass.

  • Cabinet Door Frames:Solid wood frames feature one of two construction methods: mortise and tenon or cope and stick. Mortise and tenon frames, with their greater strength and stability, are more costly to produce and less commonly used as compared to cope-and-stick door frames.
  • Cabinet Door Panels:Cabinet door panels may be either solid wood (plywood) or veneered engineered wood (either particle board or medium density fiberboard). The panels are typically not fastened with glue or nails but rather "float" within the frame to accommodate moisture, seasonal expansion or contraction of the wood frame.
  • Solid-door construction. Solid wood panels are typically formed of multiple boards of the selected wood species, jointed together using glue and may either be painted or finished.
  • Decorative panels. Cabinet doors can be used as a decorative feature on exposed wall or base cabinets for a more finished appearance.


Recess Panel Kitchen or Bath Cabinet Doors:

Recess Panel Cabinet Doors  Wilmington Unfinished Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Door   Naples White RTF Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Door  white rtf beaded shaker cabinet door

cabinet door replacement   cabinet door replacement

Raised Panel Kitchen or Bath Cabinet Doors

cabinet door replacement  Raised Arched Panel Kitchen Cabinet Door  custom made replacement cabinet doors  Replacement White RTF Raised Square Kitchen Cabinet Door 

cabinet door replacement replacement cabinet doors  replacement cabinet doors

Slab Kitchen or Bath Cabinet Doors

replacement cabinet doors   white rtf slab cabinet door   replacement MDF slab cabinet door

Mullion Kitchen Cabinet Doors (1-4-6 Lite Options)

white rtf mullion cabinet doors  solid wood mullion cabinet doors  solid wood 1 lite mullion cabinet door


Cabinet Door Profiles:

cabinet door edge profiles   cabinet door framing bead    cabinet door panel raise

Edge Profile          Framing Bead      Panel Raise


Matching kitchen and bath cabinet Drawer Fronts feature the same materials, construction, species as Cabinet Doors:

replacement cabinet drawer fronts   replacement cabinet drawer fronts

replacement cabinet drawer fronts   replacement cabinet drawer fronts

 white shaker drawer front  mdf cabinet drawer front

Cabinet Overlays:


  • Partial overlay cabinet doors:A modern upgrade from inset, partial overlay Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts are mounted over the face of the box, covering the opening completely and partially covering the finished face frame. This construction also makes it possible to install more functional hardware, though the face frame still reduces the amount of accessible space inside the cabinet.

cabinet door replacement

  • Full overlay cabinet doors:The most modern iteration is a full overlay, meaning that the Cabinet Doors or Drawer Fronts completely "overlays" the box — it covers not just the opening but the entire face of the box. There is no visible face frame with these cabinets when the doors are closed, which means hinges are utilized that allow the doors to open without hitting adjacent doors and drawers.

cabinet door replacement


Drawer Boxes:

replacement cabinet drawer boxes replacement cabinet drawer boxes

  • Materials:Natural Birch, Maple, Oak, Alder
  • Sides:3 sided or 4-sided (recommended)
  • Thickness:Most feature 1/2" or 5/8" (recommended) sides
  • Bottom Panel:Most feature 3/8" or 1/4" (recommended) plywood veneer panel. 1/2" can be used for bigger size drawers or pullouts.
  • Dovetail Joint:An interlocking corner joint where pins on one piece fit into sockets on a second piece and dovetail together. For great strength and long-lasting durability Drawer Boxes with dovetails are recommended (vs. pinned or stapled).

We hope this gives you a better understanding of the cabinet terminology of cabinetry and how the professionals refer to each component.

Update 7/31/2019

Here's a great article I found of the spruce, written by Lee Wallender on 10/23/17 called "Guide to remodeling with kitchen cabinets". It cover a broad array of topics from cabinet materials, styles, installation and more.

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