Wilmington Mullion Custom Cabinet Doors - 4 lite

Wilmington Mullion Custom Cabinet Doors - 4 lite

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Wilmington mullion custom cabinet doors - 4 lite cabinet doors create an exceptional space and showcase beautiful dinnerware by incorporating timeless mullion custom cabinet doors into your kitchen design. This Wilmington standard profile mullion kitchen cabinet door features a 4-lite design that allows you to hold an individual pane of glass to give your kitchen a more decorative look and design while maintaining functionality for your kitchen. 


  • Standard 3/4" thickness
  • 2 5/16" rails and stiles
  • Wilmington standard edge profile 
  • 5/8" wide mullion width
  • All lites will be evenly spaced no matter the size
  • The back of the cabinet door is slotted for glass 
  • This cabinet door includes clear retainer moulding for easy glass installation
  • Glass sold separately (1/8" thickness recommended)
  • White primer is available for Paint Grade Hard Maple cabinet doors
  • Measure width and height to closest 1/16"
  • Width: Minimum 12" - Maximum 24"
  • Height: Minimum 12" - Maximum: 48"
  • Cabinet doors with a height of 42" or less will receive two hinge bores
  • Cabinet doors with a height of 42 1/16" - 48" will receive three hinge bores
  • All hinge bore holes are drilled for any standard European concealed hinges
  • Hinge boring (left or right) is available 3" or 3 3/4" from top and bottom of cabinet doors (no custom hinge boring available)

Edge Profile

Cabinet Doors 'N' More now offers white primer as an option to save time and money for your remodeling project. White primer is available for Paint Grade Hard Maple cabinet doors.

The Wilmington unfinished mullion cabinet door features a solid wood frame with a subtly accented edge and framing bead profile. All of our replacement Cabinet Doors are custom made to your specifications so that your Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kitchen or bath remodeling project turns out as you envisioned. Make sure you measure correctly and visit our "How to measure cabinet door and drawer fronts" page to find out more information.

Price for this product

  • Hard Maple $28.80 per square foot
  • Red Oak $23.04 per square foot
  • Paint Grade Hard Maple $23.04 per square foot
  • Cherry $28.80 per square foot

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Ask a Question
  • Do WILMINGTON MULLION CUSTOM CABINET DOORS - 4 LITE come with glass in the cabinet Door ?

    No our mullion doors DO NOT come with glass. You would need to purchase glass from a local glass supplier or home improvement retailer.

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    CDNM Customer Support

  • I ordered some 6 lite doors from you and need to order some glass for them. how thick of glass should I get

    We recommend 1/8" thickness for glass for the 4-lite mullion Cabinet Doors. This applies to all of our other mullion cabinet doors - both solid wood and white rtf. The solid wood mullion cabinet doors come with a retainer moulding for easy installation of the glass. If buying a white rtf mullion cabinet door you'll need to purchase the retainer moulding.  CDNM Customer Support