Shelby Raised Arched Custom Cabinet Doors

Shelby Raised Arched Custom Cabinet Doors

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The Shelby raised arched cabinet door is an attractive and versatile design, adding dimension and lasting appeal to any cabinets. These cabinet doors have a traditional style, stylized with a raised arch design, using solid wood frames and insert panel. Choose from a variety of natural hardwoods or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to create Shelby arched cabinet doors in the sizes you need with the right look for your remodel. 


  • 3/4 inches thick with 2 5/16 inch framing rails and stiles 
  • Hardwood cabinet doors feature a solid wood frame and insert panel 
  • MDF cabinet doors feature an MDF frame and insert panel 
  • MDF cabinet doors are priming and painting only
  • White primer is now available for our MDF and Paint Grade Hard Maple cabinet doors
  • Width: Minimum 8 1/4" - Maximum 48"
  • Height: Minimum: 11 1/2" - Maximum: 83"
  • Hinge boring for European concealed hinges is available
  • Hinge boring (left or right) is available 3" or 3 3/4" from top and bottom of cabinet doors (no custom hinge boring available)
  • Doors up to 42 inches receive two hinge bores
  • Doors between 42 1/16 and 72 inches receive three bores
  • Doors between 72 1/16  and 83 inches will receive four bores
  • Made in the USA


We have all the steps you need for taking accurate measurements with or without an existing door available. For replacing existing cabinet doors in the same size, open the cabinet so you can access the flat side on the back. Run your tape measure to get the width and height to the nearest 1/16 of an inch, then measure again to be sure. If all you have is the opening of the cabinetry, taking measurements is simple. Follow our step-by-step guide, and you'll be all set. 


When ordering your cabinet doors, your material selection plays a significant role in how they'll look once installed. Our Shelby arched cabinet doors are available in MDF, a durable and affordable composite you can paint, and several attractive hardwoods including oak, maple and cherry. Choosing the right wood depends on your goals, but if you plan to paint, we highly-recommend our paint-grade hard maple, prepared for an even application. Both MDF and paint-grade cabinet doors are available with optional primer.


We build all our products in the USA and ship factory-direct, with most orders on their way within 10 business days. You can order Shelby cabinet doors in sizes ranging between 7 1/2 and 48 inches wide, and between 10 1/2 and 83 inches high. Unless specified in the order notes, we make cabinet doors over 26 inches wide or 48 inches high using two panels.

Match your new Shelby cabinet doors with our Asheville raised square cabinet drawer fronts or slab cabinet drawer fronts for the perfect pairing. For help getting started, contact us online or call 844-915-1150.

Price for this product

  • MDF $27.36 per square foot
  • Hard Maple $41.76 per square foot
  • Paint Grade Hard Maple $36.00 per square foot
  • Red Oak $36.00 per square foot
  • Cherry $41.76 per square foot

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  • What are increments..?

    Increments are the fractional size of the component like 1/2" or 3/4"

    So if you need a cabinet door that is 16 3/4" you plug in 16 in the first section then tab over to see the fractional increment chart and select the increment.

    We hope this helps

    CDNM Customer Support

  • how are your doors put together

    All of our solid wood Cabinet Doors are put together using a "mortese and tenon" method of joining the 2 rails and 2 stiles together and then attaching or "dadoing" the center panel to the frame. Thanks CDNM Customer Support      

  • Are the doors shipped unfinished? I'm matching natural oak doors to cabinets that are 24 years old What sort of lead time would be required on 2 doors? Where would the doors be shipping from?

    Yes. All of our solid wood Cabinet Doors are unfinished. Our lead time to ship, no matter the size of the order, is 10 business days.

    The cabinet doors will ship from the Mid-Atlantic region.

    CDNM Customer Support 

  • How are your measurements? The doors we have now are stated as 12 inch wide doors. However they measure 117/8 inches.

    We can build and ship any Cabinet Doors measured to 1/16" of an inch so you can order a cabinet door at 11 7/8". We recommend measuring the back of the cabinet door to get the best measurement.
    CDNM Customer Support