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Naples Thermofoil Raised Square Custom Cabinet Doors

Naples Thermofoil Raised Square Custom Cabinet Doors

Step 1: Choose a Color to Get Started
White Smooth Satin RTF
White Smooth Satin RTF
White Textured Matte RTF
White Textured Matte RTF
Antique White Smooth Satin RTF
Antique White Smooth Satin RTF
Stone Grey Textured Matte RTF
Stone Grey Textured Matte RTF
Smoke Grey Textured Matte RTF
Smoke Grey Textured Matte RTF
MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
Step 2: Enter Your Custom Measurements Here

Please enter a width of at least 7 1/2 inches.
Please enter a width less than 48 inches.
Please enter a height of at least 7 1/2 inches.
Please enter a height less than 83 inches.
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Manufacturing kitchen cabinet doors requires excellent precision and attention to detail. Every home has its own unique characteristics and needs. That's why, at Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we build top-tier white raised panel RTF custom cabinet doors for homeowners and remodeling experts. Our raised square cabinet doors offer a smooth, stylish design that can add a sense of elegance and warmth to your kitchen or bathroom.

  • Standard 3/4" thickness
  • 2 1/8" framing rails and stiles
  • Round corner panel profile
  • Traditional 3/8" outside edge profile
  • Matching Naples drawer fronts are available: Naples Raised Square or Naples Standard Slab
  • Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) finishes available - White Smooth Satin, White Textured Matte, Antique White Smooth Satin, Stone Grey Textured Matte and Smoke Grey Textured Matte 
  • Naples MDF cabinet doors are for priming and painting only
  • White primer option not available on this MDF cabinet door style
  • Back side of MDF cabinet has a white laminate finish
  • Measure width and height closest to 1/16"
  • Width: Minimum: 7 1/2" - Maximum 48"
  • Height: Minimum: 7 1/2" - Maximum 83"
  • Cabinet doors with a height of 36" or less will receive two hinge bores (Doors that are 8" - 13" high have hinge boring 2" from top and bottom of door; all other sizes are 3" standard from top and bottom.) 
  • Cabinet doors with a height of 36" - 60" will receive three hinge bores
  • Cabinet doors with a height of 60" - 83" will receive four hinge bores
  • All hinge bore holes are drilled for any standard European concealed hinges
  • Hinge boring (left or right) is 3" from top and bottom of cabinet doors (no custom hinge boring available)
  • Hinge boring will always be on the height side of the cabinet door
  • Manufactured in the USA

Note: Due to the nature of photography, lighting and screen color settings we cannot guarantee that the color you are seeing on your screen will match the cabinet component exactly. Color swatches are available for all RTF colors so before starting a larger project, please ask us to mail you a color swatch. The backside of all Naples cabinet doors have a white melamine finish.



Our Naples raised panel RTF custom cabinet doors are designed for longevity. Complete with MDF core construction, Rigid Thermofoil finish and a rounded panel edge, these doors are durable despite their soft appearance. We also apply a smooth white laminate finish to the back of these raised panel doors.

These doors are easy to maintain, and our options give you more freedom to choose the design that fits your kitchen's cabinets. 

    Our raised panel doors also come with the option of hinge bore holes located 3 inches from the top and bottom (2 inches for doors between 8 and 13 inches high).


      If you're remodeling your kitchen, we can customize cabinet doors that meet your specific requirements. Whatever size you need, we'll manufacture doors according to your cabinet width and height measurements. You can visit our measuring guide online if you're unsure how to measure cabinet doors.

      For more information about our white raised panel RTF custom cabinet doors, call us at 667-877-8777 or contact us now. All orders ship in approximately 15 business days. 




      Price for this product

      • White Smooth Satin RTF: $37.44 per square foot
      • Antique White Smooth Satin RTF: $37.44 per square foot
      • Stone Grey Textured Matte RTF: $37.44 per square foot
      • Smoke Grey Textured Matte RTF: $37.44 per square foot
      • MDF: $28.80 per square foot
      • White Textured Matte RTF: $37.44 per square foot


      Ask a Question
      • Can you give me the measurements of the routed areas of the Naples cabinet door? I am trying to match to my current kitchen cabinets

        The outside edge profile is 5/16. The rail/stile or flat area of the door is 1 11/16. The grooved inside edge profile is 1 1/2.


        CDNM Customer Support

      • Need 4 doors, 2 hinged left and 2 hinged right,how specify that on an order or will they be interchageable?

        In this case, the Naples door is "square" so the hinge boring can be selected for left or right as the doors can be flipped to be used on either side of the cabinet.


        CDNM Customer Support

      • Are white Naples Thermofoil doors require further painting or are they completely finished?

        The Naples thermofoil cabinet doors are completely finished and require no additional work.

        CDNM Customer Support

      • Is there a return policy?


        When you place your order, Cabinet Doors 'N' More (CDNM) immediately gets to work, sending your specifications straight to our factories. We begin manufacturing your order virtually the instant it is received, preventing our woodworkers from making changes or modifications. This includes physical modifications, changes to order quantities, adding to orders or canceling an order already placed. 

        Please verify all measurements, design choices and material selections before placing your order. Each item we manufacture, including our cabinet doors and cabinet drawer fronts, is built to your precise specifications using the measurements you provide. Due to the custom nature of our products, we are unable to offer exchanges, accept returns or provide refunds for products produced following your instructions. 

        If you would like to add products after submitting an order, start a new one and we'll produce it at the same rapid rate. With our free shipping, you won't pay any transport expenses regardless of how many orders you submit. 

      • We only need to buy 2 RTF doors. Do you accept small orders like this?


        We accept any size orders...from 1 piece to 50+ pieces.

        CDNM Customer Support

      • What does 2 1/8 framing stiles and rails mean?

        The outer part of the cabinet door are referred to as stiles and rails...All cabinet doors have 2 stiles and 2 rails. The stiles refer to the vertical part of the cabinet door and the rails make up the horizontal part. Rail and stile width can vary depending on the cabinet door style. 2 1/8" refers the width of the rail or stile.

        We hope this helps

        CDNM Customer Support

      • I have this door in in a home I bought 2 years ago. Was wondering if you can purchase just one door. 15 1/2 wide 21 7/8 high Thank You can purchase just one cabinet door or any of our producst from CDNM

        We have no minimums and offer free shipping.

        CDNM Customer Support

      • How long does it take to get doors once they are ordered? Naples RTF Raised Square, 9 doors (18 7/16 x 29 7/16)?

        All orders ship in approx. 20 business days. We now offer the option of faster shipping in 10-15 business days for a small surcharge.


        CDNM Customer Support

      • Are doors paintable? I need to match the rest of the cabinet with probably acrylic paint.

        Yes, our wood Cabinet Doors are paintable. We recommend that you order Paint Grade Hard Maple or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for any of the cabinet door styles. Both of these cabinet doors offer your the greatest chance for success when wanting to paint cabinet doors. The proper prep work is the key to the success of this project. There are many considerations: cabinets are made out of a variety of materials, offered in a wide range of finishes, from oil-based paints, stains and laminates. You can tackle this project but you'll need the right tools, the right primer, quality paint, and some patience to do the project right and remodel your kitchen without going over budget. White RTF Cabinet Doors are much harder to can be done but we do not recommend it as you might not be happy with the results.   Thanks

        CDNM Customer Support

      • is there a does it matter what side the boring is done it looks like you could just flip if over for LH or RH hinges

        You are correct for this particular cabinet door...if you want to order a square panel replacement Cabinet Doors (slab, recess or raised) you can use LH or RH boring. If you want to to order an arched or cathedral replacement raised panel cabinet door you do have to determine LH or RH for boring.
        CDNM Customer Support

      • Are your Naples RTF white raised panel doors one solid piece, or 5 piece like the other style Naples raised panel wood doors? Thanks in advance for any advice. Pleasant Garden, NC

        Yes, The Naples RTF raised panel Cabinet Doors are one solid piece...For all of our White RTF cabinet doors we use a piece of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) that is machine-routed to the raised panel design and then finished with a vacuum-formed, seamless rigid thermo-foil (RTF).  Rigid Thermofoil Cabinet Doors are high quality because they feature seamless construction, a smooth finish, and have color consistency throughout as well as being very easy to maintain and clean. 
        CDNM Customer Support 

      • Is it possible to get a small sample of the exterior white on the to verify color match . We need a bunch of cabinets but only if we can match the White RTF Raised Square Cabinet Door to our other cabinets in large kitchen located on Marco Island Florida. Thank You

        Yes...We can send you a color swatch of the of the actual White RTF that we use for all of White RTF Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts.  If you can supply your name and address we can send that out to you.

        CDNM Customer Support

      • NAPLES RTF RAISED SQUARE CABINET DOOR: This door design matches exactly Looking for a refrigerator cabinet measuring 36W X 12H X 24D do you have? Can I get a color swatch my current cabinets are not bright white maybe eggshell white Thank you Sam Edelman 770 880-3971 Atlanta GA

        We're sorry...we do not manufacture actual kitchen cabinets. We just manufacture and supply replacement Cabinet DoorsDrawer FrontsDrawer Boxes and accessories including mouldings, veneers, end panels and cabinet shelving.

        CDNM Customer Support