Replacement Cabinet Drawer Box - 4" Height

Replacement Cabinet Drawer Box - 4" Height

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Most kitchen and bath cabinets are built to last, but the drawers take a lot of abuse. If your cabinet drawers are showing their age, are damaged, or have gone missing, we can build replacements from scratch for an exact fit. Cabinet Doors N' More is your home for 4" replacement drawer boxes made to the depth/length and width you need.

  • 5/8" 4-sided cabinet drawer box
  • Natural Birch or Premium Maple options available
  • All cabinet drawer boxes are assembled - no assembly required
  • Dovetail construction for long term durability
  • 1/4" captured plywood veneer bottom panel for added strength
  • Finished sides, backs, and bottoms with a clear UV finish
  • 1/2" bottom panel reveal on all 4 sides 
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Cabinet Drawer Box options:
    • 1 3/8" Notch & Bore for undermount drawer glides (min width - 6")
    • Scoop hand pull (min width - 8")                   
    • Undermount drawer glides (12", 15", 18", 21" lengths)              

Height: Minimum: 2" - Maximum: 12" - 1/2" increment available
Width: Minimum: 3" - Maximum: 46" - 1/16" increments available
Length/Depth: Minimum: 3" - Maximum: 31" - 1/16" increments available



These drawer boxes match virtually any home décor. We manufacture them at factory locations here in the U.S. using solid natural birch or premium maple. They feature a clear-coat UV finish that protects against damage and from ultraviolet light. You can leave them as-is, or add the option of a scoop hand pull (to drawers at least 8" wide). We can also add notching and boring for under-mount glides for drawer boxes 6" wide or wider.

    We build our 4" drawer box replacements to order using your specifications, so you select the width and depth. 


      We ship our replacement drawer boxes fully assembled and ready to install. We do it fast, too, with drawer box orders shipping within fifteen business days from the time of purchase. To order yours, take your width and length/depth and enter them in the areas provided, down to the nearest 1/16". Then, choose your quantity, select any additional options, and proceed to the checkout. Drawer boxes ship in approximately 15 business days.

      Need help or have questions? Message us through our site for assistance, or call 667-877-8777 to connect over the phone. All orders ship free, and you can take 15% off any order totaling $500 or more (Subject to change). Members of the military and qualified veterans can take 10% off orders of any size in appreciation for your service.


      Price for this product

      • $1.59 per linear inch - Natural Birch
      • $1.79 per linear inch - Premium Maple

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      • I have Merillat particle board stapled drawer boxes. Will the natural birch boxes have the same inside dimensions or a bit less?


        Do you know how wide the drawer boxes are today? 1/2"? 5/8"

        If you plan on using the same drawer glides and just replacing the drawer boxes, we recommend measuring the outside dimensions for height, width and depth.

        Here's some information on how to measure:


        CDNM Customer Support

      • hi, i am going to mount these boxes in a new installation. for undermount glides, do i buy them as the exact size as the depth of the box? also do you have a recommendation on where to buy the glides or any specific specs for them? Thanks!


        Undermount glides come in 3" increments so if you have a 21" depth box, you should order 21" depth glides.

        Undermount glides can be found online at Amazon, Home Depot or Lowe's. We recommend the Blum 563H glides for our drawer boxes.

        CDNM Customer Support

      • Trying to order a box 15 3/8 wide, so I load 15.375 in the order form. It says the nearest valid numbers are 15 and 16. How do I order in 1/16" increments as your website says you can?

        The height of our drawer boxes come in 1/2" increments from 2" to 10". The width and depth of our Drawer Boxes come in 1/16" increments. To put in the measurements you first type in the inches (15") and then tab over to increments and choose your 1/16" increment (3/8"). Our site does not use decimals. We hope this helps CDNM Customer Support

      • How do you specify length of drawer box in your online order form? You describe the outsides of the box as being finished. How about the interior?

        Drawer boxes are measured by height/width/depth (length)...

        Yes...the entire drawer box is finished...the interior and exterior are finished with a clear UV finish. Our replacement cabinet Drawer Boxes feature the following: 5/8" natural, solid birch Dovetail construction 1/4" plywood veneer bottom panel Finished sides, backs, and bottoms with a clear UV finish All drawer boxes are assembled - no assembly required 1/2" bottom panel reveal on all 4 sides  Drawer Box options: Notch & Bore for undermount drawer glides (min width - 6") Scoop hand pull (min width - 8") Thanks for reaching out

        CDNM Customer Support

      • I need a drawer to replace a broken one. All the measurements of the existing box are taken on the outside of the box, not the inside, correct?

        that is correct...for replacement cabinet Drawer Boxes you always measure the outside height, width and depth. Check out our "How to measure drawer boxes" video on our site
        CDNM Customer Support 

      • Are all 4 corners dovetail joints and does bottom plywood panel slide into grooved sides or only attached on bottom? Thank-you

        Yes...all 4 corners of the Drawer Boxesare dovetailed...and the bottom plywood panel does slide into the grooved sides so it is captured within all 4 sides for increased strength and overall integrity. There is a 1/2" reveal between the bottom panel and the bottom of the drawer box. All of our drawer boxes come assembled and are finished entirely with a clear UV finish.
        CDNM Customer Support