Replacement Cabinet Drawer Box - 3 1/2" Height

Replacement Cabinet Drawer Box - 3 1/2" Height

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Please enter a width of at least 3 inches.
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Please enter a depth of at least 3 inches.
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  • 5/8" 4-sided solid birch cabinet drawer box
  • All cabinet drawer boxes are assembled - no assembly required
  • Dovetail construction for long term durability
  • 1/4" captured plywood veneer bottom panel for added strength
  • Finished sides, backs, and bottoms with a clear UV finish
  • 1/2" bottom panel reveal on all 4 sides 
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Cabinet Drawer Box options:
    • Notch & Bore for undermount drawer glides (min width - 6")
    • Scoop hand pull (min width - 8")

Note: When ordering only replacement cabinet drawer boxes, Cabinet Doors 'N' More can ship all drawer box orders in 7 business days.

Height: Minimum: 2" - Maximum: 12" - 1/2" increment available
Width: Minimum: 3" - Maximum: 46" - 1/16" increments available
Depth: Minimum: 3" - Maximum: 31" - 1/16" increments available


Price for this product

  • $0.77 per linear inch

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  • are these drawer boxes 21deep?

    All drawer boxes come in different heights, widths and depths. You can customize your order to meet your needs.

    Height: Available in 2" - 12" (in 1/2" increments)

    Width: Available in 3" - 46" (in 1/16" increments)

    Depth: Available in 3" - 31" (in 1/16" increments)

  • is 2.50 for 1 or 2 notches for under draw slides on 1 draw box

    The notch and bore charge is for 2 for each side of the drawer box.

  • I have an existing side mount drawer with two rails slides - one on each side. Do you sell new side rails or should i remove and attach the existing rails to the new box?

    Thanks for reaching out to this time we do not drawer glides for our replacement cabinet Drawer Boxes so I would recommend saving these - if they still work - for your new drawer box.

    CDNM Customer Support

  • When typing in the width measurements, you do not get the pop-up window for the 1/16 like you do for the length measurements. So do I put in 8 and you know it\'s 8/16\" for my 1/2\" I need? Won\'t let me enter 1/2\" either. Thank you

    Once you have plugged in the required height, you first type in your width measurement and then hit "tab" to get to the increment and the 1/16" options should appear.

    Thanks for reaching out...

    CDNM Customer Support