April 25, 2019

How to replace bathroom vanity cabinet doors

Are you wanting to remodel your bathroom? Is your bathroom vanity looks a little outdated? The vanity cabinet in your bathroom is certainly one of the focal points of the bathroom (along with you tub/shower). If your bathroom vanity is still in good condition but you just want to update the styling of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts then this is a very simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project that can be done easily in an weekend. Depending how large your vanity is and how many cabinet doors and drawer fronts you have, following these steps will make your remodeling project easier. 

replacement cabinet doors

Suggested Tools/Materials:

  • Safety googles
  • Notepad
  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint/Stain (your choice)
  • Paint brush
  • Paint tray

Step 1

You'll want to remove your old cabinet doors and drawer fronts as you'll want to use them as a template to measure for your new replacement Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts. If you plan on using the same cabinet hinges then you can remove just the cabinet door and leave the cabinet hinge attached to the vanity cabinet (unless you plan on painting the cabinet). 

Step 2

Once you have removed the old cabinet doors and drawer fronts from the drawer box you will want to measure each one and make note of each size. You'll want to measure the width first and then the height. Measure to the closest 1/16" for a proper measurement. Hint: Measure the back side of each cabinet door and drawer front to get the best measurement.

Step 3

Now the fun part...you get to choose a brand new style for your bathroom! Maybe you had a basic builder cabinet with an oak recess door style and want to do something completely different. There are a wide variety of cabinet door and drawer styles to choose from: a modern contemporary slab design, the very popular shaker transitional style with clean lines, traditional raised panel designs including square, arch or cathedral options. All of these cabinet door styles come with matching drawer fronts. If your remodeling a white vanity cabinet there are many white rigid thermofoil cabinet door and drawer front options to update your look and style. Slab, shaker and raised panel designs are all options to update your white vanity cabinet. Recommendation: We recommend buying unfinished cabinet components and finding a matching stain vs. trying to find a finished product that will match your cabinet 100%. Wood and stain ages and changes color over time.

Solid Wood/Veneer Options:

unfinished replacement shaker cabinet doors    replacement cabinet doors  replacement cabinet doors

replacement cabinet drawer fronts   replacement cabinet drawers

White RTF Options:

white slab rtf replacement cabinet door  white shaker replacement cabinet door  white raised panel replacement cabinet door

  white replacement drawer fronts  white raised panel drawer fronts

Step 4

Next, what is your current vanity material? Oak? Maple? If you're just replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts you'll want to determine and match the current vanity material. There are several types of materials available for the style you've chosen. For example, if you have chosen the very popular shaker style, these come in a multitude of materials including the most popular like hard maple, red oak, cherry and paint grade hard maple. If your painting to match the current vanity color, paint grade hard maple is the best option but also consider the lower cost option of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) which is an easy option to work with for priming and painting. If you plan on staining any of the wood components then you'll need to follow the instructions supplied by those manufacturers or research the best methods to stain or paint your cabinet components.    

replacement oak cabinet components replacement paint grade hard maple cabinet components replacement maple cabinet components replacement cherry cabinet components medium density fiberboard cabinet components 

Step 5

Once you've completed all of the measurements, selected your new style of Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts and selected the right material you'll be ready to place your order. There are several online companies that you can order from directly or you can order from several home improvement stores. Find the one that offers the highest quality product, the exact cabinet door and drawer front styles who want and has a reasonable lead time. Keep in mind, replacement cabinet components are custom made and might take a couple of weeks to ship so plan accordingly. You're probably only going to do this once, so make sure you do it right! Note: When ordering new cabinet doors make sure you plan for and order hinge boring for each cabinet door. You'll need to determine if the cabinet door hangs on the left of right side. Make sure whether the hinge is for framed (hinge attaches to side of cabinet frame) or frameless cabinets (hinge attaches to side of cabinet). 

cabinet door hinge boring

Step 6

Once all of your products arrive, please make sure you inspect the items right away for quality and measure each one to make sure they are built to the exact measurements you ordered. If all are good and to specifications, you'll need to decide how you'll want to finish...stain or paint. Please follow the stain or paint instructions provided by the manufacturer in regards to prepping including sanding, priming or finishing.

Step 7

Once the components have properly dried to the color or finish you have chosen, it's now time to attach the cabinet doors to the cabinet hinges and align the cabinet doors (if you have 2 side by side). Most european cabinet door hinges have adjustability to align the cabinet doors. Cabinet drawer fronts can be re-attached to the cabinet drawer box utilizing the same holes from the old cabinet drawer fronts. We suggest drilling the new holes from the front of the drawer front to the back in case some of wood tears out. Note: If your cabinet Drawer Boxes are old, worn out or starting to fall apart this might be the opportune time to replace. If you decide to upgrade these as well, then make sure you measure the outside dimension of the drawer box. You'll need to measure the height, width and depth. 

Is everything back in place? Everything aligned? Cabinet hardware back on? Congratulations!! Make sure you show all of your friends your handy work.

Consider other small DIY projects to enhance the look of your bathroom as well:

  • New cabinet hardware
  • New vanity top (cultured marble, solid surface, granite, quartz)  
  • New faucet (make sure the finish matches your cabinet hardware)
  • New towel bar or accessories (again you'll want to match the finishes throughout your bathroom)
  • New wall mirror
  • New lighting

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