October 10, 2023


Largely considered the heart of the home, kitchens provide a place to gather with loved ones and enjoy great food. And because you spend so much time in your kitchen, you want its design to fit your unique style and aesthetic, whether you stick to one design or mix themes to get your desired look. Along with exploring different kitchen styles, you can experiment with layout to create a functional space that is both practical and useful.

Explore our list of kitchen designs to inspire your next remodel. As an added bonus, take a look at the different styles of kitchen cabinets that will perfectly match the look of your space.


Traditional kitchens offer a classic style with warmth, sophistication and elegance. Traditional kitchen themes are also versatile — you can add touches of modern and rustic decor to fully personalize the space. Common elements of traditional kitchens include hardwood floors, quartz and marble countertops, and colors such as neutral whites and rich brown tones.

One of the kitchen cabinet door styles that complements traditional kitchens is raised panel cabinet doors. To give your kitchen a more modern look, paint the cabinet doors white or light gray with silver, brass, or white handles and knobs. 


A kitchen design known for its versatility is the contemporary kitchen style. Contemporary kitchens use current trends and themes along with sleek, modern and minimalistic furnishing and finishes. In recent years, contemporary kitchen styles have used a combination of neutral colors, such as light gray and taupe, as well as bold colors, such as black and charcoal. Contemporary kitchens also incorporate gray hardwood floors, modern light fixtures and stainless steel appliances.

Modern cabinet door styles like flat panels or slab doors seamlessly harmonize with contemporary kitchen styles. Paint them dark hue like charcoal or use natural white oak slab panels to complete the look.



Give your classic kitchen a modern twist with a transitional kitchen design. Transitional kitchens use traditional and contemporary design features to create a personalized design. They combine timeless features like rich dark wood and warm neutral hues with sleek modern fixtures such as metal hardware and bold dark colors.

Since traditional kitchen styles use both contemporary and traditional decor and designs, you can use both raised and slab panel cabinet doors. You have many cabinet door options with this kitchen style!


Enjoy country and rustic charm with a farmhouse kitchen. Farmhouse kitchens can be ornate with open shelves, farmhouse sinks, wooden beams and vintage furniture to give it an old-world look. Modern farmhouse kitchens use brass fixtures and fresh flowers alongside hues like white, tan and pastels.

Classic Shaker cabinets painted any color blend well with farmhouse kitchen aesthetics. For those who want an open-shelf look, you can opt for mullion Shaker cabinet doors. These cabinets feature glass panels that will allow you to showcase your beautiful dinnerware. 


From sleek and elegant to bold and artistic, enjoy clean lines and unique fixtures with a modern kitchen. This minimalistic design often uses statement pieces, such as bold light fixtures, that allow you to bring your own style into the space. Both neutral hues and dark colors work well in a modern kitchen. Pair it with a tiled backsplash, metal fixtures and recessed lighting to modernize your kitchen.

Keep with the minimal look using slab or flat panel kitchen cabinets. These will enhance your modern kitchen features and offer a sleek and luxurious look. 


Whether you are on the coast or want to add a beachy aesthetic to your kitchen in the city, beach kitchen designs are calm, fresh and bright. Neutral tones, seafoam green, pastels and dark colors enhance the coastal design in your beach kitchen. Hardwood floors, white countertops and modern lighting are some of the many elements you can use. Take the coastal design a step further with nautical design features such as stripes and nautical ornaments.

Raised and mullion Shaker cabinet doors match beach and coastal kitchen styles well. Mullion cabinet doors open up the space, while raised panels create a classic coastal style. 


Create a warm and inviting space with a Mediterranean-style kitchen. These kitchens are known for earthy tones and natural woods that warm up the space and offer bold and intricate features. Stone-brick walls, dark wood beams and decorative tiles are all unique designs in this space.

Raised panel cabinet doors are a great fit to complement the intricate designs of a Mediterranean kitchen. They add a classic touch that works well with the warm and rustic Mediterranean aesthetic. 


Industrial-style kitchens are versatile, mixing modern designs with raw materials. Here, you'll likely find exposed brick walls, rustic lighting and concrete flooring mixed with dark and muted hues. With an industrial kitchen, you have an opportunity to incorporate modern and contemporary kitchen styles to create an artistic space.

Cabinet door design aesthetics that complement an industrial-style kitchen include Shaker and slab cabinet doors. These cabinet doors will add a modern and contemporary feel to your kitchen. Colors that work well include charcoal, black and gray.


Craftsman kitchen styles focus on wooden furnishings and natural materials that are both classic and rustic. Wooden islands, flooring and tables paired with brown chairs make a craftsman kitchen stand out. Modern craftsman kitchen styles swap brown hues for pastel and neutral tones and incorporate modern appliances and lighting to keep the space feeling updated and fresh.

Since it's all in the details, Shaker-style cabinet doors are an excellent addition to your craftsman kitchen design. These doors work well with both rustic and modern kitchen styles. 


The mid-century period is roughly between the mid-1930s and 1960. Mid-century modern kitchens use polished design styles with wooden furnishings to create a natural yet updated look. These kitchens feature a timeless design with minimalistic decor along with neutral white, green and tan tones.


Both slab panels and recess panel cabinet doors look amazing in mid-century modern kitchens. Wood and tan colors are best suited to classic kitchens. 


Natural wood and clean, minimalist designs are the basis for Scandinavian kitchen styles. Scandinavian kitchens use neutral hues such as white, light taupe and gray, along with black trims and black metal fixtures. Decor and furnishings are modern and contemporary, including live plants that enhance the natural features of the wood.

Recess and slab panel cabinet doors look great in a Scandinavian-style kitchen. They are modern and clean, allowing enough personality to create a unique design. 


For homeowners who want to add their own style, bohemian kitchen styles might be the right fit. This style mixes colors, textures and earthy tones to create a natural and welcoming space. Bohemian kitchen styles can be made contemporary and chic with modern and vintage finishes.

A wide range of cabinet door styles fits bohemian kitchen aesthetics. This includes Shaker, slab, recess and raised cabinet doors. Paint them in bold or pastel colors and add vintage handles and knobs.


Another kitchen design that allows you to express your creativity is eclectic kitchen styles. Bright colors, patterned wallpapers and wooden furnishings are popular choices for this kitchen style. Eclectic kitchen styles can be elegant or ornate, depending on your style preferences.

Recess panels and Shaker cabinet doors are some of the kitchen cabinet styles that look good in this space. They will match well with any bold, pastel or muted colors.


Bring natural textures and tones into your home with a rustic kitchen. Rustic kitchens often feature warm country and farmhouse aesthetics. Vintage furnishings and reclaimed wooden cabinets, tables and beams make up the decor and design of a rustic kitchen. These kitchens also typically feature brown palettes and vintage lighting.

Shaker cabinets and raised panels match the design and decor of a rustic kitchen. The panels and lines will give your kitchen a country cottage look. 


Speaking of cottage-style, this rustic kitchen design will make any space feel cozy and inviting. A classic cottage kitchen features farmhouse and rustic designs, while modern cottage kitchen styles lean toward contemporary interior designs. Cottage kitchens usually feature farmhouse sinks and wooden countertops with both vintage and modern finishes. They blend well with neutral, pastel and muted hues.

Different styles of kitchen cabinets match well with cottage-styled kitchens. This includes mullion Shaker, raised panel and Shaker cabinet doors. Depending on your preferred style, you can add rustic or modern hardware to your cabinets.


The size and layout of your kitchen can elevate your decor while creating a practical space. The types of cabinets you use in these layouts can also impact the style and practicality of your kitchen.

The wrong style and placement of your cabinets can limit functionality and create a cramped space. The right design will give you added storage and use every open space in your kitchen well. Below, you can take a look at the six different kitchen layouts.



Galley kitchens are also known as parallel kitchen layouts. Think of the kitchen as a hallway, with cabinets, cupboards and appliances parallel to each other. Since it has one long passage, you won't be able to add an island or table. However, galley kitchen layouts offer plenty of counter space and storage space via cabinets.

For a smaller galley layout, choose lower cabinets on both sides, with upper cabinets on only one side of the kitchen. This opens and brightens up the space. 


One-wall kitchen layouts are also known as straight kitchen layouts. All your cabinetry, appliances and sink are placed on one straight wall. You can find this layout in smaller homes and apartments or open plan and loft layouts. This kitchen often has a small or large island and table to create a cohesive space.

One-wall kitchen layouts allow you to fill the entire wall with cabinets. You can use every inch of the wall to create ample storage for all your kitchenware. If your kitchen is smaller, long kitchen cabinets will draw the eye up, creating a bigger open space. 


As the name suggests, L-shaped kitchen layouts run along two walls in an L-shape. This works well in big and small homes that are enclosed or open-plan. If you have a table or island, you have ample storage and counter space. If not, you have open space that creates movement, preventing you from bumping into your family or friends.

Lower and upper kitchen cabinets blend well in this space. You can customize this flexible space according to your design choice, even in a smaller kitchen.


U-shaped kitchen layouts follow along three walls within a kitchen. Found in medium to larger homes, this layout offers plenty of counter space and storage. It also takes careful planning to create cabinets that fully utilize the space in the corners of the kitchen. Since U-shaped kitchen layouts are typically larger, you can install upper, lower and floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets.

For smaller U-shaped kitchen layouts, opt for lower cabinets to create an open space. If you want more storage, add a mixture of smaller upper cabinets and open shelves. 


For larger homes, an island kitchen layout is great. It allows versatility by creating a space that acts as a dining area and social space with plenty of counter space and storage. Island layouts are also fluid, as you can use them in one-wall and L-shaped kitchen designs.

The cabinets you choose can be as unique and versatile as the layout. Different kitchen cabinet styles and sizes work well in an island layout kitchen. The island itself also allows you to add even more cabinets with matching kitchen drawers


A peninsula layout is similar to an island layout. However, the island is attached to the wall on the one side of the kitchen. The counter is often used as a breakfast bar or counter. This is excellent for small kitchens where owners can have extra counter space without adding a large island.

Depending on the available space, you can add a range of small and large upper and lower cabinets. For smaller kitchens, mullion cabinets open up the space while adding more storage. You can also add lower cabinets and extra seating to your smaller counter. 


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