August 02, 2019

What Kind of Paint Should You Use On Kitchen Cabinets?

You may not realize how many varieties of paint exist until you start browsing through the options at your local home improvement store. As you look at paint swatch after paint swatch, you’ll quickly begin to understand that color is only one of the many decisions you’ll need to make when picking paint for your kitchen cabinets. While this selection process may seem headache-inducing, there are a few professional tips that can assist you in confidently making a paint selection.

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Before you start researching paint options for your kitchen cabinets, first take note of your cabinet’s material. The following materials are the best surfaces for DIY (Do-it-Yourself) cabinetry paint projects:

  • Natural wood ( Paint Grade Hard Maple)
  • Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • Faux wood

These materials are easy to sand down and feature a surface that’s ideal for the paint to adhere to. Keep in mind that while you can also paint laminate cabinets, or cabinetry with high-gloss finishes, these surfaces often require a few additional steps before painting can begin.

Primer & Premium Paint

Kitchen cabinets see a lot of action and should be designed to stand up to daily use and damage caused by grease, food stains, and oil splashes. For this reason, paint choices should be practical – featuring a durable, hard-finished surface that is wipeable and easy to clean. Try to avoid all-in-one primer and paint products, as they won’t give you a lasting finish. Instead, opt for two separate products: a primer and, preferably, an interior satin, semi-gloss, or oil-based paint. You’ll also want to choose an angled paintbrush and a mini foam roller to apply your paint, as these tools will give you greater control over your strokes. Throughout this selection process, don’t be afraid to play around with swatches; this will help you make a confident decision.

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