Replacement Cabinet Drawer Box - 7" Height

Replacement Cabinet Drawer Box - 7" Height

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If your cabinet drawers are missing or have seen better days, replace them with solid-wood drawer boxes built to your dimensions. Whether you're a contractor performing a remodel or working on your own home, Cabinet Doors 'N' More is your source for customized drawer box replacements built to order and made to last.


  • 5/8" 4-sided solid birch cabinet drawer box
  • All cabinet drawer boxes are assembled - no assembly required
  • Dovetail construction for long term durability
  • 1/4" captured plywood veneer bottom panel for added strength
  • Finished sides, backs, and bottoms with a clear UV finish
  • 1/2" bottom panel reveal on all 4 sides 
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Cabinet Drawer Box options:
    • 1 3/8" Notch & Bore for undermount drawer glides (min width - 6")
    • Scoop hand pull (min width - 8")
Note: When ordering only replacement cabinet drawer boxes, Cabinet Doors 'N' More can ship all drawer box orders in 7 business days.                                             
Height: Minimum: 2" - Maximum: 12" - 1/2" increment available
Width: Minimum: 3" - Maximum: 46" - 1/16" increments available
Depth: Minimum: 3" - Maximum: 31" - 1/16" increments available


At Cabinet Doors 'N' more, we manufacture all our products in the U.S. We have fully equipped production facilities, each capable of quickly producing replacement drawer boxes in any volume. Our processes also reflect years of continuous improvement. All drawer box orders — regardless of cost, size or complexity — are always boxed and shipped within ten business days.

When you choose our products, you get full control over the depth and width to match your existing home cabinetry. On top of that, you get to take advantage of the durability and lasting appeal solid wood provides. All our drawer boxes are made using 5/8"-thick birch wood for the sides and a 1/4"-thick furniture-grade plywood for the base. Beautiful dovetail joinery holds the sides together for years of dependable use.

These drawer boxes all measure 7" tall. When it comes to the depth, width and a few other customization options, you're in control. We build products using your measurements down to the 1/16". Available dimension ranges include:

  • Widths:3" to 46" wide.
  • Depths:3" to 31" deep.

If measuring sounds a little confusing, please refer to our guide for a simple walkthrough. Optional notching and boring services are available for drawers using under-mount glides (minimum of 6" width required). We also offer the choice of including a scooping hand pull if your drawer width measures at least 8". Select these options if desired, and we'll take care of them during production. 


Enter your dimensions to get started. Then, let us know how many drawer boxes you need, add them to your cart and you're ready to check out. An automatic 10% discount is applied at checkout for all orders over $750. Military and veterans always qualify for 10% off regardless of the order amount.

Please message us for assistance with your order and answers to your questions, or call 844-915-1150. We're happy to walk you through it.

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  • where do I input measurements for the drawer

    At the bottom of the drawer box page you first pick the height...all of drawer boxes are available in 2" - 10" heights in 1/2" increments. The site will then take you to the next page where you will see width and depth spaces...enter the width first in inches and any increment (we can build to 1/16") and then enter the depth in inches and any increment (we can build to 1/16")

    We hope this helps...

    CDNM Customer Support

  • For the drawer box width and depth, is that inside or outside measurement?

    When measuring for a new or a replacment drawer box, you measure the outside dimension for both width and depth.

    CDNM Customer Support