January 16, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cabinet Doors 'N' More online website is available 7 days a week/24 hours per day so you can place an order at any time of the day. We're always open!

  • Orders placed after 4:00 pm on Fridays will not be processed until the following Monday.
  • Around certain annual holidays, orders might take a few more days to ship based on plant closures.
  • Our customer service representatives are available Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm EST. We also offer "live chat" during business hours or leave us a message and we'll get back to you shortly.
  • Have a question? Call us at 844-915-1150 or email us at info@cabinetdoorsnmore.com

Below are common questions we've received over the years that we've tried to consolidate and answer with helpful articles and blogs to help you with kitchen or bath remodeling project. 


Are there any minimum order quantities to place an order?

No; there are no minimums...order 1 piece or 50 pieces! No matter the size all orders ship for FREE!

free shipping


Can I order replacement cabinet doors, drawer fronts and drawer boxes with a fractional size?

Yes; our replacement Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts can be ordered in 1/16” increments for both the width and height.

Drawer Boxes can be ordered in ½” increments from 2” to 10” heights and 1/16" increments for both width and depth.

replacement cabinet drawers

Minimum and maximum sizes apply to all products. Check each product type for minimum and maximum sizes as they vary by cabinet door and drawer front style.


How to measure for replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts?

If you want new replacement cabinet doors and/or drawer fronts to fit like your current Cabinet Doors or Drawer Fronts, then you can order the exact same size as your existing cabinet doors or drawer fronts. If you cannot measure the existing cabinet doors or drawer fronts, then you will have to measure the "cabinet opening". This is how much your new cabinet doors or drawer fronts overlap the face fame of your kitchen cabinet (referred to as overlay). Once you’ve measured the overlay, you can add this dimension (most common is 1/2") to the size of your cabinet door or drawer front to account for the cabinet hinge size.

To learn more about how to measure and order cabinet doors and drawer, including our videos click below:




What type of wood species and composite materials do you offer for your replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts?

Our unfinished solid wood replacement Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts are offered in the highest quality available materials in hard maple, paint-grade hard maple, cherry, red oak and medium density fiberboard (MDF). Paint grade hard maple and MDF cabinet doors and drawer fronts are perfect lower cost options for priming and painting. 

To learn more about our material options, check out our Cabinet Doors 'N' More blog page:


Our replacement white cabinet doors and drawer fronts are made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) that are vacuum-formed with a strong, durable rigid thermofoil (RTF) finish. Rigid Thermofoil cabinet doors are high quality because they feature seamless construction, a smooth finish, and have color consistency throughout as well as being very easy to maintain and clean.

For more information about our white cabinet door and drawer options, check out our Cabinet Doors 'N" More blog page:



Can I seal, stain, prime and/or paint your products?

Yes; all of our unfinished solid wood Cabinet DoorsDrawer FrontsVeneers and End Panels are hand and machine-sanded and ready to seal, stain, prime or paint. Paint-grade hard maple and medium density fiberboard (MDF) cabinet doors and drawer fronts are intended for priming and painting only. We do not recommend trying to paint or finish our rigid thermofoil cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  

Cabinet Doors 'N" More now offers white priming on all paint grade hard maple and MDF (medium density fiberboard) cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Check out some more information and How-to's about finishing our products on the  Cabinet Doors 'N' More blog page:




Are any of your replacement cabinet doors or drawer fronts available with a stain or finish?

No;all our custom made-to-order Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts are built and shipped unfinished...as well our Veneers and End Panels. The reason we only offer unfinished cabinet doors and drawer fronts is we believe it would be impossible to match a current stain or finish you are trying to match. Solid wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts fade and change color over time for various reasons including, type of finish, wood species and even sunlight. Inquire with your local home improvement retailer or paint shop about sealers, stain, primers or stain/paint matching services.

To learn more about finishing your replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts, click on the link below:




Are your raised panel cabinet doors and drawer fronts made of solid wood?

Yes; all of our raised panel Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts are made of solid wood stiles (horizontal parts) and rails (vertical parts) with a solid wood insert panel. Some of our competitors use veneer panels for their raised panel cabinet doors.

The following raised panel cabinet door designs are available in unfinished solid wood frames with solid wood inserts:

  • Asheville raised square, which features a traditional, rectangular panel 
  • Shelby raised arch, which features a rounded panel for a softer look 
  • Concord raised cathedral, which features an elegantly arched panel 

We also offer raised panel cabinet door designs in a durable white Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) finish, including:

  • Naples raised square, which features a rounded-off center panel profile
  • Daytona raised square, which features a squared-off center panel profile

To review all of our replacement raised panel cabinet door options, click below:


Our raised panel cabinet doors can also be paired with matching replacement drawer fronts to keep the design consistent throughout the room.


Our recess flat panel cabinet doors are made of solid wood stiles and rails and includes a ¼” plywood veneer insert panel.


Is hinge boring available for your replacement cabinet doors?

Yes; Cabinet Doors 'N' More offers the option of no hinge boring and hinge boring for all Cabinet Doors styles.

Our hinge drilling procedure is meant for concealed European style hinges. The center of the hinge boring measures 35mm in diameter and is bored into the back of the cabinet door. Your custom made cabinet door will be drilled at the standard placement based on its size. The standard placement for framed cabinets is 3" from the top or bottom of the cabinet door and 3-3/4" for frameless cabinets.

cabinet door hinge boring


  • Cabinet Doors with a height of 42" or less will receive two hinge bores.
  • Cabinet Doors with a height of 42 1/16"-72" will receive three hinge bores,
  • Cabinet Doors with a height of 72 1/16" or larger will receive four hinge bores.


  • Cabinet Doors with a height of 8” up to 13” will receive two hinge bores (Note: placement will be 2” from top and bottom of door).
  • Cabinet Doors with a height of 13” up to 36” will receive two hinge bores
  • Cabinet Doors with a height of 36” up to 60” will receive three hinge bores (Note: middle bore centered on door)
  • Cabinet Doors with a height of 60” up to 84” will receive four hinge bores (Note: equally spaced on door)

See our measuring/ordering page for more details on hinge boring:



How do I measure for replacement cabinet drawer boxes?

If you are going to utilize your current drawer glides then measure the actual outside dimensions of the width, depth and height of your current Drawer Boxes. To learn more about how to measure for replacement drawer boxes click on the below link: 


Cabinet Doors 'N' More available cabinet drawer box size parameters

replacement cabinet drawers

If you don't have your current drawer box to measure here are some helpful hints:

  • Measure the opening width and height of your cabinet opening (measure inside frame to frame) and subtract 1". For height you'll need to round down to nearest available size (if height is 3 3/4" you'll round down to 3 1/2")
  • Measure the depth of your cabinet and subtract 1", being certain to check for obstructions like water or gas pipes. Typical cabinet depth is 24”.


Do you offer the notch and bore option for undermount drawer glides for your cabinet drawer boxes?

Yes; this cabinet drawer box option will allow you to utilize undermount drawer glides vs. using standard side-mounted drawer glides. We recommend Blum 563h undermount drawer glides as the best option. All of our drawer boxes have a 1/2" bottom reveal to allow you to use and install undermount glides. Cabinet Doors 'N' More does not sell drawer glides at this time. 

If measuring for undermount glides for our replacement Drawer Boxes, please keep this in mind: 

  • Opening Width - Deduct 3/8" from the opening width
  • Opening Height - Deduct 3/4" from the opening height then round down to the closest 1/2" (we offer drawer heights in 1/2" increments)
  • If using undermount glides, the depth/length of the drawer box should match the depth/length of the glides. (22" deep drawer box = 22" undermount drawer glide) 

For more information you can reference the Blum installation instructions below:


We also offer a scoop hand pull options for cabinet drawers.


Are your replacement cabinet drawer boxes shipped assembled?

Yes; Unlike a few of our competitors, all of our replacement cabinet Drawer Boxes are shipped assembled with no assembly required. 

When ordering only replacement drawer boxes (no other cabinet components added), Cabinet Doors 'N' More can ship all drawer box only orders in 7 business days.

When measuring for your new replacement cabinet drawers, make sure you measure the outside dimensions of the drawer box for height, width and depth.

To learn more about high-quality replacement cabinet drawers, click on the below Cabinet Doors 'N' More blog:



Can I cancel my order after it is placed?

No; once placed, orders cannot be cancelled. We maintain fast production times by processing your order almost immediately after it has been submitted. Once the order has been processed, the order cannot be modified, canceled, or added to. This includes combining new orders with previous orders to consolidate shipping. Make sure you always measure twice and check your order before you check out!

To learn more about how-to-order, our shipping policies and returns please click on the below link:




How are your products shipped?

All Cabinet Doors 'N' More orders ship in 10 business days, usually via FedEx Ground. Larger orders might have to be shipped via LTL carrier. Please allow 1-4 days for delivery depending on your location. To learn more about our shipping policies and returns please click below:


All Cabinet Doors 'N' More orders are shipped free so the prices quoted are the delivered price to your home or business. If you place an order in the state of Pennsylvania, you will be charged the applicable state sales tax.


What is your product warranty?

All products furnished under the Cabinet Doors 'N' More brand are warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase. The warranty is given to the purchaser of the products furnished by Cabinet Doors 'N' More and is not transferable. This includes all Cabinet DoorsDrawer FrontsDrawer BoxesVeneersEnd Panels and Cabinet Shelving

To learn more about our product warranty click below:



For new, replacement Cabinet DoorsDrawer FrontsDrawer Boxes and all of your cabinet remodeling needs, turn to the leader in the online kitchen cabinetry industry – Cabinet Doors ‘N’ More. You can order as little as one cabinet door front for a quick repair, or a multitude of cabinet components for a large-scale project. Whatever you need, we have the custom, high-quality replacement cabinet components you can count on for your DIY project. Click through our extensive collection, and start our easy-to-use ordering process today!






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